Videos of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe at the Edinburgh International Film Festival   27 comments

Here are videos of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe at EIFF 2015

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Cait & Sam can be seen around 5:06

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27 responses to “Videos of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe at the Edinburgh International Film Festival

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  1. Did the man say “your mother in law is one of my costumers” or “your mother”?

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  3. what’s with the creepy music??? LOL

  4. He said “Your mother knows one of my customers” Sam’s mum was with him and Sam said “She’s here the night actually-I’ll tell her yer here!” My phone beeps when I record videos x

    • the guy was my brother,,we are postman,,,one of grahams customers knows sams mum, and knew we loved outlander, so after talking to sams mum, she told him to hand in some photos which she would give to her for sam to sign, which she did and sam signed them all. they were posted back to him thus did u get them comment from sam. last week graham was told sams mum said a big thank you for asking about her at the film festival,, so sam had passed on the message.

      stewart malcolm
  5. This video left me with a weird feeling. Between the eerie music and the fact that Cait and Sam were walking separately with no interaction was a bit hard to watch. A far cry from what we are used to seeing. They both looked beautiful though, thank you for posting. x

    Barbara Del Regino
  6. Catriona”s boyfriend looks like “DEAD WARMED UP”” He is so white…YUKS! rather weird looking.

  7. which one is her boyfriend? In which video?

    • Donna , hard to pick him out in that ” going in video” he was in some photos with Cait, Sam talking with the fans , in the background. He worn big glasses, skinny and looked kinda old. Not what you would pick out for beautiful Cait. In the ” going in video” he was standing at the entrance and Cait took his arm to walk in. He looked shorter than Cait.
      Another note, when he was in the photo with Sam and Cait, Sam did not seemed to be friends with him, Sam was looking away as when standing with a stranger. 2 photos showed that.
      Now Cait is out and Sam is out with their BF/gf , doubt that we will see that wonderful banter and closeness that was previously. Big loss to fans. Apparently, Cait’ s boyfriend lives in London but would travel the world for Cait.

      • Your probably right about it not being the same, except we have to remember they are GOOD actors. Is SAMs gf Amy schiel. Thought he grew out of the LA scene.

        • I guess gf doesn’t really matter. Diana G has given us the best Jamie in her books and our imagination.

        • No. His latest is a British actress Abbey Salt. Pretty girl, lot younger than him. Frankly, she looks a bit like Cait to me. Brunette , slim and according to their tweets , seemed to share similar interests.
          Who knows if this is “the one”. With Cait n BF, it I s good Sam is not alone. But for selfish reasons, I like him being unattached a bit longer.

          • Who is Caits bf n where pic of abbey salt.

            • Google actress Abbie Salt. Cait BF name is Tony McGill, owns a bar The Reading Room in Islington, London. You won’t find anything on him. You can google his bar.
              Cait seems to have penchant for weird looking men. She is so beautiful but her men do not enhance her. She may bring T out anytime now. Watch out in the Emmys.

  8. You r spot n with your observations on Sam,s gf. Younger version of cait. Just found the pic at mone Carlo festival

    • I still hold that Sam has a spot for Cait. His earlier tweets to her suggested more to him. But recently, there is not much of such banter. Funny, Cait boyfriend was a old friend about 10 years back and now they “found each other again” and (I hope not) these romances usually are keepers. Sam GF was also around that time when he met her thru her older sister and supposedly dated her but she would be about 16 years then . Anyway he caught up with her again. So both SO were old friends around 10 years. I wondered should Cait breaks off with her BF (please G) , would Sam do the same ? Sorry just my imagination going wide.😏

      • You are so full of good info. I think murtaugh said it best, that he needs a woman n not a girl.

        • Well, we’ll see.
          My first impression of Cait’s BF was an unbelievable SHOCK. How could Cait pick an imbecile like that for a boyfriend. She looked so beautiful in the photo and “he” well, simply too ridiculous for words.
          Even if he had a good personality, and I guess that is what attracted Cait, I just cannot imagine.

          • Well, let’s hope it doesn’t affect their ACTING in the show. All the publicity is for attracting n keeping an audience. Diana does it best.

            • They are exceptional actors. Don’t think it will effect their acting. They are still very affectionate with each other on the set and Cait’s “fascination ” has been going on for over a year. Sam knows about him earlier on.
              I have no problem with them not together. Just wish Cait has better taste in men. Oh well, …

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