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Here is a new interview with Tobias Menzies from Yahoo TV

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From Yahoo TV:

“How I rationalized it for myself was obviously taking the event of the flogging as the beginning,” Menzies told Yahoo TV. “In that event, he encountered someone who was able to match him unlike anyone else had before.

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Jamie was able to endure the physical pain in a way that no one else had before, so obviously for someone who is interested in administering pain to people, it intrigues him. If we are to believe that sadomasochism is his kink, then Jamie represents someone who cannot be mastered and that is a challenge. He wants to break and dominate him to prove he can. I also think at some level he is struck by Jamie as a human being. Jack is not without his small moments of humanity. He has admiration for people. The weird thing is then his admiration is manifested and communicated by wanting to take it apart and find out how it works. That’s where the brutality comes in.”

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