New Interview with Steven Cree with Flicks and the City   8 comments

Here is a new interview with Steven Cree


8 responses to “New Interview with Steven Cree with Flicks and the City

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  1. What a wonderful interview with Steven Cree. He seems to be having great fun filming as all the actors do. Love seeing him in the part of Ian Murray, he does a great job balancing out the volatile Jenny (Laura Donnelly) at times. Hope to see more of him in other projects and he has the most wonderful smile, it makes you smile just seeing it. P. S. I understand him just fine, ye ken ?

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  4. He is such a lovely young man. I enjoyed the interview with Steven a lot.

  5. Another delightful, easy in his skin guy, with an obvious great sense of humour.
    Looking forward to seeing more of Ian Murray further on in Series 2.
    …but …next time Steven…ditch the gum !!

  6. Super interview. Could listen to him talk all day. I love how happy they they all are and they are enjoying filming. I think getting along with such a great cast and having fun doing it shows in the quality of the show.

    Theresa MacKinnon
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  8. Steve has a great personality and I agree he has a very engaging smile. He’s also very down-to-earth. Hope to see him again in other roles.

    Danielle Levasseur

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