*AUDIO* New Sam Heughan Interview with Awards Circuit   3 comments

Here’s a new Sam Heughan interview with Awards Circuit


3 responses to “*AUDIO* New Sam Heughan Interview with Awards Circuit

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  1. Really a good interview. It may actually have been easier to really hear what Sam Heughan’s thoughts are about his acting, as he is so gorgeous, when you watch him talk, his looks kind of distract from what he is saying. Not saying I would not want to see more of Sam, I do, but just for getting the information out there, maybe audio works better. Sam is just a nice man inside and out. Here’s to a long stable career with lots of happiness for him along the way.

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  3. That was a very good interview, love hearing all of Sam’s thoughts on filming and all the BTS bit’s. I have to agree, Epi 9 the fight by the river between Jamie & Claire is also one of my fav. moment too. That part of the story always felt like the true turning point in their relationship.

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