#EmmysForOutlander Worldwide Giveaway: Win an Outlander Notepad, Magnet Set, Mini Poster, T-Shirt and More   102 comments

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We’re giving out 2 prize packs!

Prize pack 1 includes:

A mini Outlander Starz official poster, one Outlander notepad and one Outlander magnet set

Prize pack 2 includes:

A mini Outlander Starz official poster, one XL Outlander blue-grey t-shirt and one Outlander postcard set

Here is what you have to do to enter:

This giveaway is to help promote Outlander for Emmy consideration. So, on Monday June 15th, between 10 and 11 am PDT, use the hashtag #EmmysForOutlander. Once you’ve sent out a tweet using the hashtag, comment on this giveaway post with the url to that tweet. That will be your entry for the giveaway. Because not everyone has Twitter, but we want to encourage all Outlander fans to enter the giveaway, those who tweet the hashtag #EmmysForOutlander can enter the giveaway twice (meaning you can leave a second comment). Those who are unable to tweet can only enter once. Since there are 2 prize packs, one winner will be chosen from our site and another winner will be chosen from Outlander Podcast’s site. The prize pack that you win is completely random, you can not choose. If this is at all unclear, please feel free to contact us through Twitter, Facebook or email for clarification (please do not comment on the giveaway post with questions).

Further information to be entered in the giveaway:

1) Follow our Twitter here and Outlander Podcast’s Twitter here
2) Retweet one of these two tweets here or here
3) Like our page on Facebook here and Outlander Podcast’s Facebook page here
4) Leave a comment below (with the url to your #EmmysForOutlander tweet)

This contest is international!
You have until Sunday, June 28th, 2015 at 8 pm ET to enter
Every comment will be numbered. Do not number the comments yourself, we will do that.
Only one comment allowed for people unable to tweet the hashtag #EmmysForOutlander
The winners will be picked using random.org

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102 responses to “#EmmysForOutlander Worldwide Giveaway: Win an Outlander Notepad, Magnet Set, Mini Poster, T-Shirt and More

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  1. 1) Pick Me!!!:)

  2. 2) @outlanderdream1 @outlanderpod 2015 emmy race #EmmysForOutlander

  3. 3) #EmmyForOutlander i hope to win this time.. even the best victory is to see SAM and Cait awarded to the EMMY https://twitter.com/Alexispetit2/status/609754773311627264

  4. 4) I thank you for doing these contests! Good luck to all😃

  5. Reblogged this on Barabal's Blog and commented:
    5) #EmmysForOutlander contest to help promote Outlander For Your Consideration Emmy efforts

  6. 6) hoping it’s me! and here’s the url for my retweet- https://twitter.com/destyshell/status/609759107449401344?lang=en

  7. 7) https://twitter.com/HafrunAstaHafs/status/609759439239954432 OH I want to make Outlander more noticed in Iceland one person at a time … going well so far

  8. 8) https://twitter.com/lisam724/status/609769890380169216 #EmmysForOutlander Big Winners! Love Outlander! 💋💋💋💋👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  9. 9) Shows deserves it, anyone who follows it already knows

  10. 11) Hello! I discovered Outlander not so long ago. I’m from Chile and it’s been a real challenge to read the books and watch the TV show in English, but it has been totally worth it. Here’s my tweet https://twitter.com/conioportus/status/609794672991576064

  11. 12) Would love to win the Outlander swag. #EmmysForOutlander https://twitter.com/JeanettePaynter

    Jeanette Paynter
  12. 18) https://twitter.com/silvichii Sorry! my twitter with the RT :p

  13. 13) Fan from the beginning….we grew through time together! Would be such a thrill to win! <3

  14. 14) Emmy to all god bless you

  15. 19) OKay, I can’t seem to make a direct link to my retweet, but here’s the link to my twitter account: https://twitter.com/Rogue_M

  16. 15) WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY* We’ve partnered with @outlanderpod for a new #EmmyForOutlander support giveaway: http://wp.me/p57847-ftH i know this probably isnt right sorry

  17. 16) Amazing! Would love to win! 🙂

  18. 17) I don’t have Twitter, but so hoping that Outlander wins a ton of Emmys!! #EmmysForOutlander

  19. 20) I won’t win. I never. But… WOW! #EmmysForOutlander

  20. 21) Heres my url for #EmmysForOutlander! https://twitter.com/MarelleHobbs/status/610111127045824513

  21. 22) This show. #EmmysForOutlander

  22. 23) #emmysforoutlander 🙌🎥🎬💏🐎🌄📺👀🎭💯👏👏👍➡ @SamHeughan 🏆🏆 @caitrionambalfe 🏆🏆 @TobiasMenzies 🏆🏆 @Outlander_Starz 🏆🏆=🎆🍷🍸🍺😉

  23. 26) @amyhofmann: Yes please! @SamHeughan #EmmysForOutlander http://t.co/XNEyvqC3Se

  24. 27)

    #EmmysForOutlander 1 class acting … deserves Emmy's https://t.co/xN20YQxksG— Hafrún Á Hafsteinsd (@HafrunAstaHafs) June 15, 2015

  25. 28) Hope everything is ok with the tweet, i don’t use twitter much, so dinna ken how it works. 🙂

  26. 31) Let it rain #EmmysForOutlander! https://twitter.com/Ljubljana_Vel/statuses/610493072045117440

  27. 32) Finally at the right time

    #EmmysForOutlander 200% deserved 1st class acting … https://t.co/CrcA7gEheI— Hafrún Á Hafsteinsd (@HafrunAstaHafs) June 15, 2015

  28. 33) https://twitter.com/a_analucia/status/610493974340575232 good luck everyone! <3

  29. 34) https://twitter.com/conioportus/status/610494414255955968 Here’s my tweet 🙂 I just wanted to say thank you for the chance. Outlander has been really hard to read and to watch, having in mind that I’m not an English native speaker; I’m from Chile, but it’s been totally worth it!! Thank you

  30. 35) https://twitter.com/conioportus/status/610495785751457796 Here is my second tweet, I know it’s the maximum number hahah thank you very much

  31. 38)
    Lynne Brown ‏@LCPrincess 11m11 minutes ago
    #EmmysForOutlander @Caitrionation @OutlanderOnline @FLOutlanderFans @TribeTobias

    I didn’t know how to copy tweet link. Hope this will do.

  32. 39) Here’s the link to my #EmmysForOutlander tweet: https://twitter.com/ayeayerica/status/610498846779535360

  33. 40) If they don’t win it will be a travesty!! https://twitter.com/Jenny_F_Murray/status/610500295722934273/photo/1

  34. 42) Thanks for sponsoring the contest – although I don’t need a bribe to cheer for the Outlander team :)https://twitter.com/skyfiresays/status/610495200260149248

  35. 41) Here’s the link to my #EmmysForOutlander tweet (second comment): https://twitter.com/ayeayerica/status/610500474488262657

  36. 43) Check out @mptour1’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/mptour1/status/610497804641955840?s=09

  37. 44) Multiple tweets @key0fc #emmysforoutlander

    Cynthia Kendall
  38. 45) I hope this gets my tweet’s url! https://twitter.com/LadyKariAnn/status/610500967117664256

  39. 46) Thanks for this amazing giveaway, lassies! Here’s my tweet 😀 https://twitter.com/MissDogSausage/status/610499377602367489

  40. 48) #emmysforoutlander #bestacting https://twitter.com/NellStyle

  41. 51) #EmmysForOutlander. Amen/Aye!!!
    My favorite show!

  42. 54) Outlander FTW!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  43. 55) Here’s the url to my; tweet: https://twitter.com/LadyKariAnn/status/610500576565006337

  44. 56) https://twitter.com/KarenAprilfool/status/610513779487547392/photo/1
    I think this is the link to my #Emmysfor Outlander tweet!!

  45. 59) Thank you for this contest! https://twitter.com/julia_mar/status/610541210931982336

  46. 60) Tweeted about giveaway and trended #EmmysforOutlander https://twitter.com/riasavhga/status/610498626066907137. Thanks for sponsoring/hosting great giveaway!

  47. 61) Thanks for keeping the love for Outlander alive! https://twitter.com/jammffan/status/610506525581406208

  48. 62) Thanks for keeping us informed everyday about Outlander! https://twitter.com/jammffan/status/610504344123899904

  49. 63) I think I left my comment too early so… https://twitter.com/destyshell/status/610577333146288129

    Destiny Collier
  50. 64) https://twitter.com/cubbiecutie1/status/610493457497374720 #EmmysForOutlander here is one of the many tweets I sent today. I took my lunch late (1pm est) at my desk just so I could go tweet crazy lol It was worth missing lunch for a good cause!!! 🙂

  51. 65) My 2nd entry I liked Rt’ed and tweeted for the whole hour! https://twitter.com/cubbiecutie1/status/610498870695473152 another tweet!

  52. 67) https://twitter.com/Nana8863 Great source for everything Outlander. Wish I was closer to events! Live in Alabama.

  53. 70) Whoa! I only started a Twitter account because of Outlander. So, this process just about gave me a migraine! Hey..learning curve 🙂

  54. 73) PIck me,pick me!!!


  55. 74) https://twitter.com/LADoll77/status/610497915694522368
    My favorite books are now my favorite show! Such an amazing production!

  56. 75) My second entry! #EmmysForOutlander

  57. 76) https://mobile.twitter.com/AVolkes/status/610852039032180738
    Outlander deserves to win in numerous categories. So much talent goes into making each memorable episode.

  58. 77) Here’s my first entry: https://twitter.com/josiebuttons/status/610495471744884736 (The time says 6.10pm but that’s only because I’m in the UK. It was definitely between 10-11am PDT!) 😀 Fingers crossed.

  59. 78) And my second entry with another tweet link: https://twitter.com/josiebuttons/status/610498362127831040 🙂 Ooooh – so excited for this competition. Thank you.

  60. 79) Thanks for doing the giveaway! Good luck to all! 🙂

  61. 80) I hope I did this right, here’s the link: https://twitter.com/Orneliz/status/611013755242217472
    I want to win, beautiful giveaway! =) Good luck to everybody!

  62. 81) #EmmyForOutlander not too text savy next #OscarBestForeignDrama next at least show the love ! not lucky enuf but upst8red loves #Outlander Thursday 12:16 Am

  63. 82) I hope they get Emmy’s!!!! Well deserved!

  64. 84) Outlander is hands down one of the best historical and fantasy TV series and it deserves all the winnings. <3 #EmmysForOutlander https://twitter.com/ScottishDarling/status/610694501997252608

  65. 85) great books great show

  66. 86) Fingers and toes crossed!!

  67. 90) my #EmmysForOutlander tweet : https://twitter.com/DeAutumnoO/status/613889184579895296

  68. 91) I tweeted with the hashtag #EmmysForOutlander, so I can make a second comment, right?
    I hope this time I’m lucky to win this beautiful and awesome giveaway! Thanks guys! =)

  69. 92) Here’s my tweet:

    A truly riveting performance and the most terrifying villain on TV. #EmmysForOutlander #TobiasMenzies #Outlander pic.twitter.com/aFGcjZY51q— kreidy (@kreidy_b) June 15, 2015


  70. 93) https://twitter.com/outlanderpod/status/609810216901865472 Would love to be the winner

  71. 94) https://twitter.com/DearieSassenach/status/614548412051161088
    😉 I hope I followed all the rules

  72. 95) This is great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. Melissa Pflueger
  74. 97) Great fun, thank you…………………………..https://twitter.com/manikki2002

  75. 98) Love Outlander, great prizes, this should be my tweet https://twitter.com/TrudyKHancock/status/610500953037516800

  76. 99) https://twitter.com/labyrinthmrob is where you will find my #EmmysForOutlander tweet… not sure where to find the exact URL. June 28 at 7:15 pm.

  77. 100) https://twitter.com/labyrinthmrob/status/615297201225506816 here is the specific url for #EmmysForOutlander

  78. 102) Outlander should have an Emmy runaway. Such a wonderful show with an outstanding cast. I hope that Sam wins best actor and Cait wins for best actress. The directing is first class, as well as, the musical scores. Beautiful costuming, etc.
    I have never been this enthusiastic over a TV series. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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