*VIDEO* Sam Heughan’s Interview with DP/30   9 comments

Here is Sam Heughan’s full interview with DP/30

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9 responses to “*VIDEO* Sam Heughan’s Interview with DP/30

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  2. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for giving us 40 minutes of facetime with Sam! Great interview!

    Kathy Heldenbrand
  3. One of Sam’s best interviews in that he shares his insights into acting Jamie and seems so relaxed and at ease with the interview. It felt like I was getting to know him as a person not just an actor. Also appreciated his opinions on the rape and torture scenes since they appear so challenging. I still don’t know how he and Tobias did it!

  4. Wonderful interview, he is so young, has a promising future.

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    While some of the questions were sophomoric and showed a complete lack of knowledge of the book the show is based on, there were some very good questions about Sam’s take on acting, and Hollywood that were awesome.

    This sort of thing is an absolute gift to Outlander fans everywhere, and going from how some folks have responded to earlier interviews they just don’t appreciate how lucky they should feel about it.

    I mean, I wrote Smallville episode reviews for a fan site years ago and I would have KILLED for the Tom Welling to give as many interviews as Sam Heughan is giving now.

    As a former actor, I find his answers to questions about acting, theatre, the Hollywood ‘scene,’ and the process fascinating… It shows how smart Sam is about his choices and how he approaches the work. It’s an excellent interview.

  6. What a wonderful interview…totally love Sam’s responses and he was so relaxed and casual.
    More interviews like this would be good.
    Some personal life details would be an added bonus to fans.

  7. This is just so wonderful to see Sam talk without typical time constraints and talk so honestly. There is no false modesty or ego tainting his replies to the questions. You see what he is thinking and know it is simply his earnest desire to be honest and be happy to share his experiences. Sam Heughan is thankfully incredibly talented combined with a humanity that touches us all. It is Sam’s journey now as Jamie Fraser that we are so lucky to share from afar and live this adventure of Outlander. And I hope Sam is recognized with an Emmy nomination for his outstanding performance in the Outlander Season 1 finale….. I don’t think any other actor this year had to play that great a range of emotion and then deliver it with such bravery.

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  9. Fabulous interview! I love how humble Sam is & how grounded he remains despite the explosion of his fandom. I was very impressed with his passion for philanthropy as well as his love of theater!! He is so relaxed & jovial but took the time to really put thought into his answers. I was fascinated to learn that he enjoys the “quiet” life where he can walk or sit & people-watch without being recognized. I’ve also seen him be very gracious when he was surrounded by rabid fans & I have an even greater respect for this behavior now knowing that it is not his forte. Bravo, Sam & best of luck to you!! The sky’s the limit & hopefully, the next decade or so of your life will be spent (at least partially) as embodying the “King of Men”, James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser ❤️

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