*CASTING NEWS* Margaux Chatelier and Marc Duret Join the Cast of Outlander Season 2   11 comments

Margaux Chatelier has been cast in Outlander season 2


From E! Online:

Outlander fans, take a deep breath. Jamie’s ex has been cast.

French actress Margaux Chatelier will appear opposite Sam Heughan in Outlander season two as Jamie’s former love Annalise de Marillac, E! News has confirmed. We know, we know, you will go down with the Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie ship. (And so will we, so make room on that ship, OK?!)

TVLine first reported the news of Chatelier’s casting.

When we chatted with executive producer Ronald D. Moore after that intense finale, he teased the Starz’s hit’s new Parisian setting after Jamie and Clare set off to France.

Read more about the other actor and his character after the jump!

Marc Duret has been cast in Outlander season 2


From E! Online:

In keeping with the French theme, Marc Duret has been tapped to play Monsieur Joseph Duverney, the Minister of Finance to Louis XV.

From TV Line:

Additionally, the Starz series has enlisted another French actor, Marc Duret, to fill an important role in the Frasers’ new Parisian setting. (To maintain authenticity, the show has employed a French tutor to assist with language and pronunciation, as it did with Gaelic last season).

Duret — a vet of the Luc Besson films The Big Blue and La Femme Nikita, as well as the Tom Fontana-created drama Borgia —will portray Monsieur Joseph Duverney, the well-dressed, middle-aged Minister of Finance to Louis XV. Duverney and Jamie become competitors at chess.

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11 responses to “*CASTING NEWS* Margaux Chatelier and Marc Duret Join the Cast of Outlander Season 2

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  1. former love intrest?? i don’t remember her, or reading about her!! gotta say it, team claire here lol

  2. I believe she was Jamie’s love interest when he was in France as a student. Before he returned to Scotland and met up with Dougal and then Claire. I think he fought a duel with a rival for her affections. I’m sorry I can’t recall the exact circumstances, but Annalise is mentioned in DIA.

    • Oh true they do met her in the french court, but i thought she was so secondary that they wouldn’t cast someone to play her!

  3. Good Grief!! Barely remember her. With all that goes on in that book, why even bother?

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  5. Jamie and Claire apparently meet her at some fancy schmancy function. Maybe that’s where she wears the infamous red dress?


    It has to do with the Jacobite rebellion and funding for same.
    Political intrigue and all that.

  6. She’s beautiful and will fit why Jamie was attracted to her. And, yes, this was when he was a university student….which wasn’t the last time he was in France. Jamie actually had several love interests…mentioned in “Virgins” and “The Exile.” Remember, he was a virgin…not a monk. 😉 And, I think knowing these help explain his character…why he’s SO protective of Claire and it also makes his devotion to Claire that much more endearing.

  7. I doubt the beautiful Ms. Chatelier will have much screen time. Perhaps some of the castings are peripheral characters and simply included to get people talking and speculating.
    Thanks OutlanderFan for the reminder of the DG novellas and short stories. Something more to read this summer while enjoying the summer sun at the beach, cottage or on the deck at home.

  8. I agree, don’t even remember her from Outlander or Dragonfly in Amber. What is the big deal, not germaine to the storyline.

  9. She is very beautiful. It will be interesting to see how they develop her character in the next season – only a year away!!!! It will be a fretful year of bingeing Season One, over and over. Enough time to reread Dragonfly in Amber many times. P

  10. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

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