*CASTING NEWS* Dominique Piñon Joins the Cast of Outlander Season 2   10 comments

Dominique Piñon has been cast as Master Raymond in the second season of Outlander!


From Entertainment Weekly:

At the end of Outlander’s first season, Jamie and Claire were on their way to France to try to both infiltrate the Jacobite rebellion and prevent the Highland uprising. In other words, they were looking to change history.

And when we pick up with them in season 2, they’ll be learning their way around French society, which we already know will bring them face-to-face with French court and at least one more Fraser: Jamie’s cousin Jared. But considering they’ll need all the help they can find on their mission, it’s no surprise that another new face will into play as well.

Starz has announcd that Dominique Piñon will join season 2 as Master Raymond, a mysterious healer who seems to have a vast knowledge when it comes to secret matters (think the political and the occult). Raymond is looked upon with suspicion by outsiders, which can only mean one thing: He’s going to bond with Claire.

Outlander will return for its second season in 2016.

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From TV Line:

Is there an apothecary in the house?

Outlander on Wednesday announced that French actor Dominique Piñon will portray the mysterious Master Raymond in the second season of the Starz drama, currently in production in Scotland.

In addition to being a “healer with a great deal of knowledge regarding secret matters, both political and occult,” Master Raymond will develop a unique bond with Claire following his introduction next season.

Piñon might be best recognized by American audiences as John Vriess, the paraplegic engineer in 1997’s Alien: Resurrection.

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10 responses to “*CASTING NEWS* Dominique Piñon Joins the Cast of Outlander Season 2

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  1. I am a tough Irish Scottish Lass
    natural red head , 51 I could play
    anything or anyone , would love
    the chance ! if any redheads are
    needed I am a New Yorker my family
    is in Clydebank Scotland . if need
    any extra”s I am here for you !
    Deborah Gallagher Morales

  2. i’m a lil disappointed, he doesn’t look like the raymond i had in mind, i wanted Wallace Shawn to be MR!!

  3. So very excited , for season 3
    I just hope u need many natural
    red heads we wait with baited
    breath. Also “Thank You” for 1 of
    the best shows , in a very long
    time , Debbie

  4. Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.

  5. Extremely talented actor! I’m so excited to see what he’ll do with Master Raymond!

  6. I can’t wait to see this actor in costume & makeup. What a great choice!

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    crucial that you conduct some type of dwelling test.

  8. With a face like that for a canvas, the make-up artists are going to have great fun making this actor look frog-like. So far I am excited about the casting.

  9. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

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