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Here’s a new interview of Sam Heughan with The Daily Beast


From The Daily Beast:

The star of the Starz series is garnering major Emmy buzz for his performance as the embattled Jamie. He dishes on his horrifying season finale, Game of Thrones, and more.

Sam Heughan’s nuanced performance as Jamie throughout each torturous scene—and especially in their aftermath, as Jamie deals with the trauma, confusion, and death wish Randall leaves him with—has earned the Scottish actor praise from both critics and audiences. (#EmmyforSamHeughan and #EmmyforOutlander are both active hashtags on Twitter now.)

Production for Season 2 of the Starz series is in full swing, but Heughan took a day off from night shoots (“it’s like The Walking Dead out here, we’re all zombies,” he jokes) to discuss the finale, what to expect next season, and his thoughts on Game of Thrones’ rape of Sansa Stark.

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So that was a hell of a season finale! You’ve read the Outlander books, so I assume you saw Jamie’s rape scene coming a long way off.

Oh yeah, absolutely. You never know quite to what extent [we’ll go], but I knew it was coming and I was excited by it. I was also scared, but I think that’s exactly the reason why we do this job, to do those kinds of scenes. It really was a kind of gift for an actor, to play a moment with such large emotions and such big boundaries and big issues to deal with. I think that’s quite rare on TV.

Those scenes looked grueling to shoot, especially on a physical level.

Oh, yeah. It was pretty horrific. (Laughs.) It was probably around 10 days of shooting those scenes, and every day I had around four hours of prosthetic work in the morning and an hour in the evening, and we shot for like 12 to 14 hours. So they were really, really long days and very difficult, not only with the subject matter but with the patience and dexterity to keep going every day. But it was all part of getting into Jamie’s mindset. I think certainly all the prosthetic work was a way to sort of build up into Jamie’s mind. Then at the end of the day, taking it all off was really a good way of relieving myself of the day’s work.

But yeah, we rehearsed the scenes and discussed them with the writers and directors, so we knew kind of what we wanted from it and what we were going to do with it, and that was very important. And then on the day [of shooting], it was pretty much just being locked in a dark room. (Laughs.) I think that all helps toward getting the performances, but it’s also about trust in the writers and director and your fellow actor. Tobias [Menzies, who plays Randall] does a terrific job and it was great to play against him; he’s terrifying and that really helps. It was a challenge and rewarding to get to the end of it.

What can you tell us about next season? I know you guys are in the middle of shooting at the moment.

Yeah, we’ve already shot a lot, almost three episodes now! There are a lot of new characters and it feels almost like a new world. I would say that our show is always changing and always surprising. You never know where it’s going to go next. At the end of Season 1, Jamie and Claire set off to France to stop the rebelling of the Jacobites and the uprising. We’re now in the French court, which is very different from the Highlands of Scotland. It’s about them finding their place in that world, in that sort of alien environment, and learning to deal with the court and the characters there. It’s really all building up to the end of the book, this great Battle of Culloden, where the whole Highland culture is wiped out.

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  2. There are no words to express the absolute joy that these books and this Starz Network Series has brought into my life. THANK YOU!

  3. All the work & preparation showed. All 3 of the main actors did a stupendous job of portraying their characters… Champagne & confetti for an unbelievable ending… Thank you! 😉

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