*VIDEO* New Sam Heughan Interview with Gold Derby   11 comments

Here’s another new interview of Sam Heughan with Gold Derby

11 responses to “*VIDEO* New Sam Heughan Interview with Gold Derby

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  1. Awesome interview!

  2. Absolutely a fantastic interview, great questions and such in depth responses. Well done.

  3. Very interesting interview.

  4. Great interview! Sam was lovely, humble and genuine. What a treat.

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  6. It is always a joy to hear from this wonderful actor! He is so very talented and so very nice in person that he is simply a wonderful human being. A big “Thank You!” to Sam Heughan for giving us this marvelous character on screen that we have grown to love in the novels!

  7. Has this video been taken down? I started watching it yesterday but when I went back later to finish I keep getting a message that it’s private.

  8. Love

    Karla Peterson
  9. Good interview, and thoughtful responses. Enjoyed it. I sure hope this show and the actors get the rewards and honors they so richly deserve. It’s also nice to see them so humble and genuine about their success. What beautiful spirits………

  10. I was wondering when we would get a live interview with Sam. Because he has been on set filming Season 2 most of the interviews have been with Tobias Menzies who had some down time. I love how genuinely humble and kind Sam is. His answers to the questions were very thoughtful and interesting. I like that we are seeing more from Jamie’s POV and that Frank’s character was amplified to make the attachment Claire has to both men credible. I have no issues with the new characters and stories they have integrated other than the fact that it left them insufficient time for the finale to balance the attention paid to the breaking down of Jamie by Black Jack. Claire was not given equal time and the viewers were left wanting. I am hoping that they will give the reclaiming of Jamie’s soul, and his emotional recovery. Those of us who have read the books know that this will be an ongoing process for years to come.

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