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Here’s a new Sam Heughan interview with CarterMatt


From CarterMatt:

The 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards are taking place this year on September 20, but before that happens the nominations are going to be officially announced come July 16.

As an extension of our current Emmy Preview series we had a chance to speak with Sam, who is currently filming the show’s second season in Scotland. We chatted briefly about the filming progress, but for the most part we focused on his experiences filming the first season, some of the more difficult moments, what he learned about his craft through the process, and the Emmy campaign both for his show and for a category that is an extremely competitive year: Outstanding Lead actor in a drama series.

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CarterMatt – So how are things going? I know that [you’ve at least started] season 2 filming.

Sam Heughan – We’ve been doing night shoots, so we’re still walking around like zombies. We’re actually almost finished the first three episodes. We’ve sort of done a super-block across [these] three episodes. At some point we’re doing location work, which we’re doing in Prague and elsewhere. It’s going really well; it’s good to be back! It’s almost like we haven’t left.

I want to jump back in a time machine for a minute to when you were auditioning for the show. Obviously you knew that there was this book series and there was a popularity there [with the source material], but could you predict in advance the sort of success or praise that the series has received?

I guess you can never really imagine it. You try not to (laughs). You do everything in your power to think ‘oh my god, this is nothing, nobody’s going to see this!’. Obviously I knew it was based on this series, and everyone around me was very excited for me, and saying that this has potential to do great things. I guess you always dream a little smaller because you don’t want your expectations to be smashed. But also you can’t think about that; you just have to concentrate on the work and the job at hand, and there is very little time to think about that stuff, just with the schedule that we’ve got.

But yeah, I would love to go back in time just to tell myself to enjoy the moment, which I have been, but it’s been a real roller-coaster and I’ve been very busy and it’s been great.

You mentioned this earlier, the notion of just concentrating on the work. As you’re filming some of these scenes, and there are extremely difficult scenes from this past season, is the notion of the Emmys or any awards show really on your mind?

I don’t think so. I think we’re quite removed over here in Scotland. I think that’s one of the joys of the job, we’re removed from that vibe. The shows these days [that do really well], it seems to come from word of mouth. They become hit shows. Your friends and family talk about it, and they recommend it for you to watch. I just hope that our show goes that way. Even if people do mention our show in conversation about Emmys or awards, that’s fantastic.

It seems to be the fans really [offering tremendous support], and their response is more than enough.

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