BTS Video from Outlander’s Extras ‘Authentic in Design’   3 comments

Here’s a BTS video from Outlander’s Extras ‘Authentic in Design’


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3 responses to “BTS Video from Outlander’s Extras ‘Authentic in Design’

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  1. The costumes for Outlander are what MAKE the show so incredible. They are works of art deserving to be cherished in the Smithsonian. My hat’s off to each & everyone of the makers, designers and imagineers of this glorious series, especially Terry. Thank you for your in-depth quality and exquisite results. Every time I read Diana’s books or get online to see more I’m encased in the glorious renditions of your creations. Fabulous!

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  3. I was at a meeting of NW Pennsylvania Spinner and Weaver guild and they announced that they would have a workshop on Waulking Wool at the Highland Games in Sept at the University.

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