Casting News: Robert Cavanah and Stanley Weber Cast in Outlander Season 2   13 comments

Casting news! Robert Cavanah and Stanley Weber has been cast in the second season of Outlander

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Robert Cavanah has been cast as Jared Fraser


From Access Hollywood:

Robert Cavanah has been cast as Jared, Jamie’s Scottish cousin who lives in Paris, France.

Jared is a successful wine merchant (and strong Jacobite). Jamie and Claire will live in his mansion in Paris in Season 2. They will also manage his business while he travels to the West Indies.

In Diana Gabaldon’s “Dragonfly in Amber,” Claire meets Jamie’s cousin at his warehouse on the docks of Le Havre, before he shows the couple around.

Robert was born in Edinburgh and does it all – acting, writing, directing and producing.

He played Heathcliff to Orla Brady’s Cathy in 1998’s “Wuthering Heights,” and MI6 agent Stevens in “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” in 2003. He’s also appeared on US shows, including Showtime’s “The Borgias,” and History’s “Hatfields & McCoys,” and UK dramas “The Bill,” “Doctors” and “Eastenders.”

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Stanley Weber has been cast as Le Comte St. Germain


From E! Online:

E! News has learned that Stanley Weber, pictured above in all his hideousness (in opposite land), has been cast in an integral role of Le Comte St. Germain, a wine merchant and member of the French Court, who has a reputation for ruthlessness, as well as for dabbling in the occult. Book fans know that although he doesn’t come close to the treachery of Black Jack Randall, he’s also a bit of a villain. Weber will appear in most of the episodes that take place in Paris.

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  1. That’s cool but was hoping for Roger/Brianna news!!! WHEN????

  2. Ron keeps saying they haven’t cast them yet, because they aren’t filming “their” storyline. but who knows He may be saving them for a “Big reveal” 🙂

    • Simon Kassinades has been confirmed. Thought he would be Le Compte but they have now announced Stanley Weber.

      Lindsay Prothero
      • I bet they will reveal Brianna and Roger at the San Diego Comicon in July. If Simon Kassinades is indeed going to be Roger they got it right. The casting has been amazing. Can’t wait to find out who they are going to cast as Raymond and Young Fergus.

  3. Wow! Both actors look good. You can see in the casting of the Comte that Fergus may indeed be related to him. I never really pictured the Comte dark like that because we don’t know about his possible connection to Fergus until many years later. This is cool.

  4. Welcome to the Outlander Family–Robert and Stanley….

  5. He’s got to be Roger…..He is exactly who I see in my mind for Roger……:)

  6. He is exactly who I see in my mind as Roger…..Gosh, their Casting is great!!!

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  9. Great addition to the cast of Outlander! 😀😀

  10. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  11. I really liked Stanley Weber’s acting. He’s very handsome and a very good actor. The look in his eyes said it all..he didn’t have to say anything..we knew exactly what he’s was thinking. He was perfect in his role as the Comte St. Germain.

    Danielle Levasseur

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