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Here’s a new interview of Ron D. Moore with TV Insider


From TV Insider

We talked to executive producer Ronald D. Moore about crafting such a simultaneously cruel and tender episode and where he will take the series in Season 2.

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How did you approach shooting the scenes between Jack and Jamie?
There were big things we did that were outside the usual. We carved out extra time for the actors to work with the director Anna Foerster in rehearsals. It was important that they have the time and the space to work through all those scenes in [the final two] episodes. Because of the nature of what we were doing we wanted to give them space and freedom, and to create a zone where they could really do their best work. We built the prison set on our soundstages and then we shot in story order chronologically, as opposed shooting it out of sequence. This was to help the actors maintain where they were in the story and give them the whole story arc.

What conversations did you have with Menzies and Heughan?
We talked about: What does Jack want in this moment? What does Jamie want? Where are they trying to go? What’s driving them? What are their fears and hopes? Where is the moment of quiet in the scene? The moment of horror? Where do we move to violence and what is the transition between these elements? It’s very specific to each scene. Then we’d rehearse. They’d have suggestions and come up with ideas we’d put in the script.

What changes did the actors suggest?
There’s a scene where Jack kind of pulls Jamie up into his lap and Jamie is spread out a little bit and Jack says, “Oh, you’re going to submit like Christ on the cross. And he kind of holds out his hands in that shot. With their body positions it kind of reminds you of Michelangelo’s Pieta, the sculpture. It’s Christ. And it’s affecting, transgressive, powerful and moving all at the same time.  The director really liked it. So we added that line and kept it in the show.

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  2. Excellent episode , outstanding acting by Tobias Menzies

  3. Excellent episode ,strangely erotic at the same time it was horrific , Tobias Menzies was excellent in his acting and Sam Heughan was courageous in his acting opposite such a sensitive subject, well done by both

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