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Here’s a new interview with Grant O’Rourke and Ron D.Moore from Access Hollywood


From Access Hollywood:

Cows to the resc-moo!

There were a number of dark and disturbing moments in the bold “Outlander” finale on Saturday night, but at Wentworth Prison, there was one memorable light one involving livestock.

A herd of cattle helped save Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). Thanks to Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) leaving a back door to Wentworth Prison unlocked, Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) and the boys – Rupert (Grant O’Rourke) and Angus (Stephen Walters) – were able to use the hairy beasts to rescue Jamie.

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As they made their way down the corridor at Wentworth, the cows knocked down a door, trampled Black Jack Randall, and helped the Highlanders sneak in and get James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser out of there.

“That was actually one of my favorite days on set,” Grant, who plays Rupert, told Access Hollywood of filming with the cows.

“I was slightly worried because, you know… you would be. You think, ‘These giant cows in a studio — this is going to be a terrible day for us. We’re going to get mauled to death,’ but it ended up just being hilarious,” he continued. “It was just one of the funniest, most surreal things I’ve ever done was chasing cows through a set, and me and Duncan and Stephen were just giggling like school girls between every single take. It was so absurd and so much fun to do as well.”

Less fun was trying to remember their lines around their animal kingdom co-stars.

“Trying to shout at cows in Gaelic that you can’t really remember was kind of funny. Yeah it was a great day,” Grant said.

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