“To Ransom a Man’s Soul” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   58 comments


What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favourite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments! 

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

58 responses to ““To Ransom a Man’s Soul” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. I watched with my husband as we have all season. Truly impacted, amazed and moved by all of the performances. My husband was so impressed with Sam’s performance , Tobas and as always with Cait. I knew going in that there was a lot of ground to be covered but I think they did a really great job covering the most important things. It was truly moving to see the love of these two characters. True Love does conquer all.

    • My boyfriend was very hesitant to watch this show & I slowly drew him in. He watched this episode & was gobsmacked. He’s a working actor & was blown away. I was pleased 😊 coincidently, he said how amazing he felt Tobias was and would randomly say “damn I want to play Black Jack…” Eek! 😳😨😟 I knew what he meant….but still! Lol…

  2. My favorite scene I have two actually: 1st when Claire told Jamie it’d he died then she would die with him. That’s the unconditional love they both have for each other. He didn’t believe she could forgive him but she would always forgive him. 2nd scene it’s probably everyone else’s also when she told Jamie shade was pregnant, her is whee his hope returns and hits desires to live and reason for living it’s given back to him. Oh and I loved everything Murtagh tonight😁

  3. I just sent the following to my friend:

    Jack broke Jamie because he used his honor/word, and love for Claire to his advantage. Jamie agreed not to fight, to save Claire. Jack abused this. Used Jamie’s love for Claire to inflict the most damage and shame.

    I feel Ron should have played up the fever and delirium a bit more. He allowed us to see that CLAIRE save Jamie with her _love_….instead of showing what “really” happened: Claire saved Jamie by getting him to fight back. The Claire/Randall-hallucination told Jamie to “FIGHT ME.” He got permission and HE took back his life.

    I appreciate the way we’re getting a true female heroine in this show…..but I sometimes feels it’s at the expense of showing just.how.well-rounded.powerful.smart.and.sensitive.Jamie.is.

    I won’t mourn. I have the books. It’s not a whiney “the book was better” complaint. It’s a genuine, “I think they could have told the story better” issue. I’m curious what NONbook fans make of all of that.

    Don’t get me wrong though. I dearly love the show. It is phenomenal. I merely think that what the writers viewed as most important to portray is not what I found most powerful about the chapter.

    I’ve heard Diana was disappointed about some things being left out. I _do_ hope she feels free to voice her opinion when something happens that she isn’t pleased with.

    I was a tinge disappointed with Anselm, no mention of bigotry, and the omission of the Perpetual Adoration.

    We can show violence, rape and nudity on television, but heaven forbid we show the moment she communed with (???) and received inspiration for how to save Jamie.

    I think I missed hearing Jamie’s thoughts, most of all. I appreciated how he told Claire what happened to him, and the scene cutting to what actually happened. That was how I envisioned it in the book too…..but I think Ron wasted valuable time and dialogue by NOT injecting Jamie in a voice-over, describing his feelings. If Ron had employed this tactic, I might have had my “I could no more stop myself from rising to his touch than I could stop myself from bleeding when he cut me.”

    I sorely missed the delirium and the “fight me.” I want to blame the writers….but ultimately Ron makes the decisions, so he’s in my sights.

    I reread Outlander when the show was first announced. So, what? 2 years ago? I purposely didn’t brush up on the chapters before the show so that I could avoid _too_ many book comparisons. Even then, I think it missed an opportunity to be EVEN more powerful than it was. Even MORE impactful.

    Ahhh! I know. We still have the book. But, damn it all, I’m beginning to agree more and more with that negative open letter to Ron Moore, (read online) critiquing his portrayal of Jamie. Why DOESN’T Ron let the Jamie we met in the books be fully realized? Jealousy? Doesn’t he believe men like Jamie are real? Tired of hearing Terry moon over Jamie? *shrug* I don’t know….but at this point, it almost feels personal. We got a whole episode to “realize” Jack, with Garrison Commander……this was Ron’s last episode to let us fully realize Jamie. This was supposed to be Jamie’s episode…..what makes him tick?…..what is the worth of his soul? I think they fell short. In general.

    I cringed negatively exactly 2 times:

    1. When they played jaunty music while cutting the brand off.

    2. When Angus went for the boob grab. I know he’s comic relief but Jamie is sitting in a boat, broken and bruised, and Angus comically cops a feel?

    I think maybe those moments were in poor taste.

    I’m going to shut up now until I’ve watched it again. For whatever reason, I always experience “first viewing let down.” I’ve spent the entire season wondering why.

    • I agree with you totally!

    • Agreed…the extra time spent on Jack/Tobias could have been spent on really saving his soul.

    • Based on your comments I’m also feeling that Mr. Fraser is getting short shrift here. I miss most some of the clever lines that provide the humor and soul of the story and they seem to come mostly from Jamie. My friend that I discuss the show with refuses to read the books which is his loss, but I did get him to unbend enough to just hear the passages that I really missed. Tonight’s is the one I mentioned in my post about Jack ripping all the protections away from the core of Jamie. My friend will hear that one tomorrow.

    • I completely agree. The suspense was not there and they ended it hastily. I feel they got so wound up in the Wentworth scenes that they forgot to show how damaged Jamie was afterward. The process of his healing had a lot of meaning, and Claire learned a lot at the abbey as well.
      I also feel they are not portraying Jamie as he is in the book. Jamie is the main character, he is “the man”. All the others look up to him, including Claire, although she is still a very strong woman. Jamie is the reason the fans love the books.

    • I totally agree with you- Jamie was given short shrift in this episode. Ron Moore is not doing justice to this character. The rape and torture scenes were done so well, but the aftermath at the abbey sorely disappointed. Claire smacks him a couple times, they talk and she threatens to die as well and that’s it? The scene needed to show Jamie finally being able to fight back, not getting browbeaten by his wife. Maybe this was due to time constraints, I don’t know. There was too much material left in the book to try and cram this into a one hour show. A two hour finale would have better served the material in that case.

    • Agree with you. I wish they’d shown more of the aftermath than the torture.

    • I thought I was being a “whiny book devotee” after my first viewing, but I agree with a lot of what you wrote. They absolutely needed to spend more time on Jamie’s decline and Claire’s fight to heal him physically and emotionally. It was too important to ignore.

    • Totally agree, I have my say further down this page but 100% agree with your comments

    • Rinda, you are so “right on” with your assessment. I snuck away and watched the episode early on StarzPlay and felt let down and disappointed, not by the acting, but by the important parts left out. The time in the Abbey with Claire and Anselm is important to her understanding herself and coming to terms with everything from her time travel to healing Jamie. The writers have been inserting Murtaugh in various scenes (probably to give him a larger role since they have to shift viewing to TV vs. Claire’s musings), however it was Claire through her insights that developed the concept of Saving his Soul by “exorcism”. She was very hidden in her preparations, and allowed Jamie the strength to free himself and move forward. I didn’t feel Jamie’s strength, if anything, it was more an acceptance because she was upset. If this episode was to Save a Man’s Soul it should have gone deeper. What would it have taken–5 minutes of filming? Get rid of the gratuitous good bye scene and they could have put it in.

      ***SPOILER***Please don’t get me wrong, I appreciate how the Producers and Writers have a challenge to modify a HUGE book, huge in so many ways. However, changing fundamentals all season hasn’t made sense to me. Why rewrite what works? Why change the Wedding Ring, Jamie’s knowledge of Leoghaire’s evil, and now this scene? They are fundamental and carry throughout all 8 volumes–heck, the truth of Leoghaire comes out in Firery Cross, it’s just something I don’t understand. I, too, am an avid Book fan, and appreciate your comments.

      This all said, the acting was wonderful, and gave tribute to a victimized situation. I hope they are honored for their craft.

  4. wonderful job it was a hard scene to do to go to that dark place but you had to to follow the story the actors were wonderful as always keep up the great work.

  5. I really feel like this was the culmination of a fantastic season of work by some of the top professionals in their field. Frankly, I’m still so numb from what I just experienced, it’s hard to verbalize my thoughts. This is a good thing….I’ve spoken before about the level of acting on this show & I can now say I don’t think I’ve EVER witnessed this level of commitment from actors. The love, trust, vulnerability, truth, focus, depth, and ability displayed by not only the 3 leads in this episode, but by the whole cast & crew is astonishing to me. I’m a pretty harsh critic & I can’t find a flaw in this episode. I need help processing all this and I hope Outlander knows what a truly magnificent gift they have given us with this season. Bravo a 1000% times…someone help me out here… I’m just at a loss. This is what artistic vision realized is all about!

  6. enjoyed the finale very much. question: how could claire not see the jr brand on jamie when she mended his hand? he was covering it with his right hand but removed it as he drank the whiskey and sedative.

  7. I was very impressed with Sam and Tobias performance in the rape scenes. I know that had to take a lot of guts to do. It was heartbreaking and hard to watch at times but I believe it was necessary to the story. You really feel the love that Claire has for Jamie in the fight scene. Love really does conquer all. My favorite scene was of course the end when Claire tells Jamie she is pregnant. It’s nice to see Jamie smile again and it gives you hope for them in the future. By the way…Murtagh is the best friend a guy can have!! Love him

  8. Superbly acted,intense,emotional,gutwretnching! WOW….certainly the best show ever! BRAVO to all involved in the making of this series. Thank you to all for this emotional rollercoaster of a season.

  9. It was hard to get through, but they had to do it for the books sake. Thought they did an awesome job of getting so much accomplished in the last episode. They had to cut out and regroup a lot of book, otherwise we’d still be in book one. We need to move on. That was an awesome ending giving us all hope. The actors were fantastic! Looking forward to season 2.

  10. I thought episode was a great cap to the season as a whole. The production of Outlander has been beyond my expectations as a book reader (i.e writers,actors,directors,clothing…).

    With that said, the “lingering” focus on BJR has hinder The story of Jamie and Claire. Which is fine, if he was THE MAIN narrative character, but it is Jamie and Claire’s story.

    But ultimately this has been a well adapted piece of writing!
    Looking forward to what they do in season 2!

  11. I am so glad for the writer of this episode. The prison scene in the book was horrifying to read and I just didn’t want to actually see the whole thing. My favorite part of the episode was the sequence of events! Great to have things put in perspective. I have no idea what kind of cattle that was, highland cattle? Actually surprised by Jack Randall crushed under door. How Murtagh carried Jamie? Claire’s confession was surprising for her admittance of guilt. Shocking how much Jack and Claire look alike. One question…Does Christ take away the sins of the world or the Church? Looking forward to season two for more answer’s. I am amazed by all the actors/actress in being able to portray these horrifying scenes.

  12. I just read a negative review (http://www.hitfix.com/harpy/recap-outlander-what-did-i-just-watch). I respectfully disagree, but IT MADE ME THINK.

    Outlander is the first show that I know of that turns the usual “hero to the rescue” scenario completely on its head and challenges the audience to understand the power of a hero who proves his “metal” not by his own violence to save his true love, but by ENDURING violence, humiliation and ultimate horror to save her. In fact, the entire theme and “point” of all this intense drama (that the reviewer roundly missed) is to prove that “great love sometimes requires great sacrifice.” The character Jamie is willing to endure ultimate suffering for the woman he loves, Ron Moore and Starz were willing to “go there” to show just what that suffering would mean, and Sam Heughan gave the performance of a lifetime to show what horror and haunting that ultimate suffering would feel like. I say BRAVO. I hope the reviewer will re-watch Outlander and (to quote BJR) “see the beauty and the truth” and the “masterpiece” that this story really IS and revise their superficial shallow review that can “only see the horror.”

    • Read what I wrote to her…it’s truly one of 3 bad reviews I’ve ever read on this show. I just don’t think it’s her cup of tea & that’s ok, but her arguments collapse on themselves. No worries…

  13. There’s only one word to describe it actually: OUTSTANDING!!!! That’s what I think! My favorite scene was Claire saying that she willl die with Jaime if he dies. Alright, I have more than one favorite scene, it’s hard to pick, but Claire telling Jaime she’s pregnant and that makes him verra happy is another favorite. Wow!! The acting that Caitriona, Sam, and Tobias perform is just amazing to watch…….thank you for making something magical!!! Can’t wait for next season!!!

  14. again. question: how could claire not see the jr brand on jamie when she mended his hand? he was covering it with his right hand but removed it as he drank the whiskey and sedative.

    • My question is why Jamie branded HIMSELF?! BJR did it in the book, right?

      • i think he did it to punish himself, or maybe to just die (infection). or to stop the suffering, it was a portrayal of rendition to me!

  15. Tonight’s episode was gut wrenching for me. As a survivor of a rape I was a little nervous watching Sam and all he had to go through. It was believable that he wanted to die because he didn’t feel worthy but Claire’s love pulled him through. It’s difficult to go through an intense therapy, especially for one so brutal as this in one hour, but the directors and producers pulled it off. And if Sam, Cait and Tobias don’t get a nomination for an Emmy then they are going to have a legion of fans in protest. Great job guys. Love you all.

  16. I have mixed feelings. The actors were magnificent and deserve heaping praise for their superb work in this episode. But the time in the convent when it wasn’t in flashback just seemed rushed like we have to get through this resetting Jamie’s hand part and worrying about if he’s going to live or die part so we can get back to the “boo” part back with Randall. It didn’t live up to the title. You got resolution in 3 minutes. Claire tells Jamie i’ll die without you and 10 seconds later its all ok, he can go on. Nope it wouldn’t work that way with him. That part needed the talk about how Jamie felt like his soul was a little naked thing that had been stripped of all protection because that passage is one of the most powerful things describing that feel in of total devastation I’ve ever read. It would have put things in perspective for Claire and the audience. Then once they had come through the brand removal scene then he could have recovered enough of himself to have built his lean-to for his soul with Claire’s and Murtaugh’s support.

  17. This was as difficult to watch, as it was to read. But like the book, I had to go back and experience it more than once. Like a train wreck, you can’t not watch. My favourite scene… when Murtagh cuts out JR’S brand throws it in fire, and Jamie spits on it. Awesome!!!
    My husband got very upset over the whole thing.

    Kerry Campbell-Dausener
  18. Very hard to watch and sad ending…was hoping for a more cheerful note…
    Sam Heughan is an amazing actor.I honestly don’t know how he was able to perform such a complex role as Jamie Fraser who suffers a sadistic rape from Black Jack Randall , played by a sometimes campy Tobias Menzies who at times reminded my husband of the Joker…Mr. Heughans astonishing acting ability brought the show to the end of its final episode of the first season of Outlander an adaptation of the first in a series of books by famed author Diana Gabaldon ..Leaving off some of the most note worthy and explanatory dialogue in the final chapters. Somewhere the the tight relationship of the lead characters ,Jamie and Claire, gets lost and ends flat. No scenes cementing the survival their epic relationship is to be found. If fact its almost anticlimactic with what seems like a very weak promise of future episodes. Somehow Sam Heughan draws from deep within himself to pull off a performance approaching greatness with lack luster writing and half the story of his redemption missing and healed with a quicky fix..Just when or where is the lean to of his soul built to save him from emotional destruction. Somewhere writers , directors and producers keep taking wrong turns away from the central objects fo the story, the epic love of soul mates Jamie and Claire Randall. I don’t know if I should if I should laugh or cry over the demise of 2 such well loved characters of fiction..Very saddened at their demise. Evidently producer Ron Moore does not know there is not story without Jamie Fraser.Through his podcast we learn that he plans to give us much more of his favored actor Tobias Menzies at the expense of lead characters and storyline…Was hoping for what this production could have been.

    • I have been grappling with this episode all weekend, and I think you’ve said it correctly. “Leaving off some of the most note worthy and explanatory dialogue in the final chapters. Somewhere the the tight relationship of the lead characters ,Jamie and Claire, gets lost and ends flat”. For such a horrific thing to have happened, to have her wave some lavender under his nose, slap him a few times…that was it. A little dialogue and suddenly…poof…Jamie sees he is hurting Claire and all is healed??? Since Ron Moore was able to superimpose the Claire/Jack faces during such a trial–why not during the “exorcism”? I always thought that was such a dramatic and insightful way to have him Fight Back, but Mr. Moore seems to enjoy keeping Jamie’s character weak, which is so opposite of the The Truth. I understand that things need to be modified for TV, have no problem with switching locations for the Abbey. But when (in an interview with Ron Moore) he said that Diana herself pushed back when he wanted to keep out the Confession, I would think he would stop making his own endings and look to what has worked for millions of readers!

      I was onboard with this episode, and truly thought they aced it until the end, then…flat. Dynamic, awesome acting, but the writers really need to read ahead and understand WHY we love BOTH of these characters and HOW they work together.

      • Brilliantly put, totally agree. I felt the chance to reveal the true depth of Claire and Jamie’s faith and feelings for each other was truly lost. The ending of the book was the most passionate, emotionally charged piece of writing I’ve ever read. This episode delivered nothing of the level of spiritual, physical and sexual connection that Jamie and Claire needed to share to truly give meaning to Jamie’s ordeal.

        • I totally agree! Ron Moore is a master of twisting & reversing the true essence of the characters. The acting is wonderful but the connection of Claire & Jamie is lost especially in this episode. Negativity rules.

  19. I watched Episode 116 several times and I was truly amazed at how well done it was. The fact that it deviated from the book didn’t bother me at all because I know, as all of you know, that the physical abuse was excessive as written by Diana. . .remember the hot poker on his neck, the knife slash across his chest, the caning of his back and legs, some strokes which cut to the bone, the bitten lip and, of course, the bruising, the branding and the hand. The choices that Ron and Ira made gave the audience enough torture to understand the brutality that Jamie endured without resorting to total horror. I was actually astounded at the extent of sexual abuse they depicted, but I was not offended. That aspect of the torture was more devastating to Jamie’s psyche than the other physical punishment, and truthfully, that helped me understand why Jamie was so difficult with Claire and why he wanted to die. When reading the book, I never quite grasped why he was so repelled by Claire and her efforts to heal him. . .the scene where Claire’s face faded in and out with BJ’s face really explained why Jamie was totally withdrawn with shame.

    The acting was just incredible,” truly,” as Jamie would say. I was a drama major in college and I have performed in plays in NYC and in community theatre, and I have directed many plays. I know what it takes to submerge yourself in a role to convince the audience of the authenticity of what they see. As good as Tobias Menzies is, it is Sam Heughan who absolutely stunned me. The role of a villain, which controls the scene, is much easier to perform than that of a victim. . .the villain’s problem is controlling the latitude and motivation of his actions so that he doesn’t become a caricature, but the victim has to respond to each quirk of expression and movement, a response that must be reasonable and truthful. Sam’s performance was perfect. . .the torture of his body and his soul was in his eyes, his totally pained facial expression, his gutteral responses, his stillness, his stiff, awkward movement. I know Tobias and Caitriona are both excellent and did a fantastic job, but it is Sam who astounded me. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves from the industry, but if he doesn’t, I hope he knows that he is a stellar actor who doesn’t need a statuette to confirm his excellence in his craft.

    There should be no criticism of the content of this episode, the direction, or the performances. . .it was exceptional in every aspect. Ron, Ira, Anna, Diana and Bear provided us with an unbelievable higher standard of film-making. Kudos to all. . .and take THAT to the Emmys!

    • Thanks, Susan, for the even handed input here. I totally agree we your assessment and great praise of Sam’s performance. I am not a theatrical professional, but how Sam demonstrated his anguish with very little dialogue was brilliant. … Of course it didn’t follow the book to a T but I believe it captured the essence of this pivotal event in Jamie’s life. Perhaps the rescue of Jamie’s soul could have been but more impactful but, again, it captured the essence of what was depicted in the book. … I believe Ron and company did an outstanding job interpreting this bcc very difficult material.

    • I don’t totally agree, without the level of physical torture to make Jamie incapacitated, I don’t think it was clear “as a watcher” why Jamie wouldn’t have overcome Randall and just killed him. I have read the books and so could understand why he didn’t, but my partner, as a non reader, he was not convinced at all at Jamie’s motivation “for just taking it on the chin” so to speak.

      Less imagery and more narration would have worked just as well, as is proved by how we all developed our own images when we read the book, watchers should have been allowed the same chance to develop those images themselves using Jamie’s own shocking and graphic words. The fantastically emotive words that Diana uses throughout to make Jamie the strong, wilful, insightful and eloquent character that book readers will know but I’m worried that watchers are not “getting”

      I have now watched this episode twice, the first time was on my own and I was appalled at how we had missed out on the chance to see the most beautiful, overwhelming, emotionally charged ending to a book I have ever read be visualised for all to enjoy. The Benny Hill meets The Onedin Line style ending was so adverse to the book I was actually really shell shocked, disappointment wasn’t a strong enough word to explain my wrath.

      However, I calmed after a nice lunch and 2 glasses of wine and decided to watch it again with my partner and tried to forget about the books completely.

      It worked, I saw the performances, I felt the drama, the pain and even the humour seemed (a little) more relevant.

      I followed a different story, but a good story none the less.

      I have forgiven the makers …but don’t push it.

      A little less bossy, overwhelming Claire, a lot more powerful Jamie, and please, please, please never an episode again like the hour of my life I will never get back “The Search”. If you are going to pull away from the book do it for a very good reason and not just to fill out an episode.

      I fear I have ranted a little too long but feel better for it!!

      I am currently on book 7 and love that I have the opportunity to re unite with the real Claire and Jamie.

      I shall carry on enjoying the new visual versions too but have learnt to enjoy them fully I have to be prepared to leave the others at home for an hour.

      • Peggy, while I was very comfortable with episode 116, I have to agree with you that certain scenes and aspects of the characters that were omitted throughout the season have disappointed me, but I can recognize that some content had to be ignored to fit the story in a limited time frame. For example, one of my very favorite scenes from ALL eight books occurred in Outlander. . .it was the dinner in the hall at Leoch the night before the Duke of Sandringham arrived. Remember, Rupert reminded everyone that the last time the Duke was a guest, he took a “shine” to young Jamie, age 16. The stories that Jamie told about his close calls with the Duke were hilarious. . .I have re-read that scene a dozen times and laughed so hard and long that I literally cried. . .I’m smiling now as I think of it. Another favorite scene is when young Hamish comes to the stable to take Donas out and Jamie, after leaving Claire in the hayloft, comes down to stop him. Hamish talks to Jamie about his marriage to Claire and what it’s like to sleep with a lady. I just loved that scene and again, I smile thinking of it. If I have any criticism of the season, it is that Jamie’s humor and his funny, awkward situations have been sadly overlooked. . .one of the most endearing qualities of his character is his bonhomie, his acceptance of and admission to the many embarrassing moments in his life. . .those moments make him a “real” person, not just a handsome hunk who can do no wrong.

        Claire’s character has aggravated me for several reasons. .. .she doesn’t listen to advice and ends up in trouble or causing trouble whereupon she says, “Sorry.” Try counting how many times she says that throughout the 16 episodes, . .she makes idle, useless threats in ridiculous situations (“I’ll cut your balls off” to BJR. . .really, Claire?), she has the vocabulary of a sailor as when she’s calling the man who saved her from rape a “fucking bastard” and adds further insults to his character, but then, in the next breath, sweetly tries to thank the men who helped save her like some vulnerable Southern lady. . .I know that she’s the female protagonist and that she is smart, skilled, and courageous, but I really became annoyed with her language in the series. I don’t remember Claire as that foul-mouthed in the book. . .maybe she was, but it wasn’t as startling as when I heard it in the show. Also, I have to say in episode 9 pulling the knife and threatening Jamie while in the “throes of passion” was a ridiculous place to put that bit. . .in the book that dialogue worked while they were traveling, on the screen it was not necessary after his pledge of loyalty in the bedroom. The choices that the screenwriters make in their episodes puzzle/aggravate me sometimes, but I’d rather be watching this gifted cast create our Outlander world than being too literal about the action and dialogue of the book.

        So, I guess the problem for all of us who have read the books is adjusting to what Ron Moore says are the necessary adaptation devices to move the story from the page to the screen and to move the plot “forward.” I think overall this first season has been terrific and like you, I look forward to Season 2.

    • I’m with you completely on the acting. I’ve always thought as an actress I’ve had a BLAST playing a villain because they were SO different from myself, I never had to emotionally immerse myself the same way. It was exhausting to stay separate from myself for so long, but being vulnerable & raw in that way is another level of acting. I too, REALLY REALLY respect what Sam did. Bravo! Great minds think alike.

  20. i’ve mixed feelings about this episode, I both adored and hated it.

    Let us begin with what disappointed me:
    claire, she was too authoritarian, and wans not gratful enough, to the trio of shock that helped her to save Jamie, Murtagh apart! she ordered everyone. she was way more thankful i guess, in the book.
    Her acting, it’s not what i’m used to, she lacked sincerity and justesse i think, the only moment she moved me, was during Jamie’s confession.
    the plot, they did the same thing with the witch-hunt episode, showed us all 50 shades of torture and omitted the cave/clairière scene.
    I expected more scenes and interactions between all the characters, in the abbey.
    Naked BJR, no comment!!!! I do not know how they can feel this natural, naked in front of 30 other people in the same room.

    What I liked,
    Sam’s acting, he surpassed himself and led the episode, i felt his loss, his shame, his pain, suicidal wish , he was perfect.
    The stubbornness of murtagh, and of the trio, they had a good idea to use bisons to distract the red coats .
    Angus’s kiss -whom I adore-, lol he cannot just stop himself from being a flappy fu****.
    The rough scenes, we’ve been prepared for something and we had something else, the apprehension literally made me sick, but in the end despite the discomfort of certain scenes they were relatively soft !!!!
    I hated Jamie, then BJR, and I adored Jamie, i had mixed feelings, about everything but
    The boat scene was awsome; loved Jamie’s smile who learns that he will be father, at least we ended on a positive note.

    Finally I will say that I liked the finale but, with the potential that the plot and the actors offer, we could have had a better ending !!

    • totally agree with your last sentence, but I’m afraid the boat scene left me cold! Jamie and that hat!!!

  21. Wow! Outstanding. So intense and emotional that I am still processing. Bravo to all involved!

    Valorie Hanline
  22. ***Potential Spoiler Alert***
    Personally I thought Wentworth (Ep 15) was exponentially harder to watch than 16. I lost a little something from the Abby scenes. Of course the book had to be adapted, but what I had anticipated for the rape scenes was more gruesome in my imagination.
    For me overall it was anticlimactic. Many series do a 2hr finale. Think that would have given enough time for more brutality, romance, and/or overall intensity to have been shown. Maybe my being a nurse led me to look at the episode more clinically than emotionally. I wanted to be a part of the scenes of the Abby and travel that journey with them. I wanted to experience Jamie taking off the bandages and seeing his hand. I wanted to experience Jamie allowing himself to be intimate with Claire again. The emotional turn around from Jamie wanting to die to planning his future was entirely too quick. Too much was left out. Very well done though and ended on a lovely note. For the entirety of the season and the acting talent, if Outlander is passed up for the Emmy’s, it will be a tragedy and a failure of the persons who select the winners to recognize brilliance at it’s finest. The performances given by the actors were exquisitly given. The internal fortitude it must have taken to film those scenes is beyond my comprehension. To that I say BRAVO from the bottom of my heart.

  23. I am an anomaly in that I read the first book on the recommendation of a friend thought it was just OK, tried to slog through the second, but did not care for it and never finished it, and never went on to the rest of them. I saw the show was to be on last summer and thought I would take a look without much anticipation. I LOVE the show – still no desire to read the books. I have no complaints at all. I think the story flows wonderfully in this TV format. Kudos to Ron and his writers and film crew and of course the actors!

  24. Don’t really have anything additional to add. Wanted to comment on your mention of the hand reveal & Jamie coming into Claire’a bed again …… since his hand is still wrapped thinking they will get to that in season 2 same with them getting back together. Much to look forward to when theyou return.

  25. This was a very powerful production. I am personally still processing and decompressing. I’ve never seen a man raped on film. Even though I’d read the book it was hard to envision the act visually especially to such a beloved character as Jamie.

  26. This is the one episode that should have been two hours, having read the book 3 times to ransom Jamie’s soul much more needed to be seen. This episode was to short I feel robbed of the bath they took in the abby, among others. It was short and to ,to the point.

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  28. I am still shaken by episode 15 & 16. Sam Heughan gave it his all in these scenes. As a longtime fan of the books and the TV series, BRAVO. Tobias was fearless and great, but I don’t want to see his “junk” ever again… In this regard, please follow the story-line. Caitriona Balfe played her role so perfectly, wonderfully. I am glad she took the bull by the horns & was tough with Sam’s character! Desperate, in shock, reeling with morning sickness & in horrific fear of Jamie’s torture & death. If I have one criticism of the last episode it’s this… after “Clair” was able to bring “Jamie” around, I would have loved to have just one moment with Jamie coming to her bed cold and in need of Clair’s warmth, love & security. Everything else was perfect and I fully understand why the ending was changed. Thank you Starz, Diana Gabaldon, the cast of “Outlander”, Ron Moore, all the wonderful directors & the crew! Now I will re-read Dragonfly in Amber! See you all when the series starts up again… Now get some rest!!!

  29. I too felt this final episode was a let down compared to the book in regards to after Jamie was rescued. That part was just as important as the prison scenes maybe even more so because of how Jamie triumphed over the horrible things done to him by Black Jack with the help of Claire.
    So many things were left out that it did have the feeling of being rushed. Two hour finale would be been perfect.

  30. I “truly” think that the adaptation compliments the book. The phenomenal acting, especially by Sam Heughan, was especially astounding. Sam brought to the character of Jamie a stark reality that through facial expression and body language blows your mind. That an actor can encapsulate a role so completely and stay sane with the raw subject matter that was presented is beyond comprehension. All the wonderful actors and writers did a stellar job. That it deviated from the book and left many things out is understandable. I just wish that Jamie’s recovery of “ransoming his soul” had been given a little more attention. It seemed like it was too short and he recovered too fast without more conversation. Dialogue from the book was left out that would have helped the non-reading audience to understand more about what BJR did to him mentally. Or maybe a voice over of Jamie during some parts. Book fans totally “get it.” In all I think the entire series was awesome, well done and we are ready for Season 2.

  31. It was a very hard episode to watch. I had tears for most of it. I was glad the rape was done and talked about..I had been raped when I was 18 and in the Navy. I was very naive then and had no one to talk to me about it. I have been married three times and my last husband has been understanding about what happened to me .Thank you for the show. The actors did a great job portraing the charactors ti the book and I will bee watching next season!

  32. Wow. Just plain WOW. I thought this episode was outstanding. Even Jamie’s voice was different when he was in the cell with BJR or recounting what had happened to him. Murtach’s dedication was heart wrenching, and I love Willie.
    My only complaint is with Showcase in Canada and the *#%&ing commercials. It broke the intensity and momentum of the episode.

  33. I loved it. I do understand that it would have been nice for longer Abby scenes and his soul rescue as that is hugely important. But I think they will continue on with his healing in France. Because the characters will need to truly reconnect at some stage. I think it would have been too soon given the shortness of time at Abby on TV for it to really happen there.

    Sams performance was mesmorising. He really went to the places Jamie goes. I actually feel Catrionas Claire has more warmth than Book Claire who can be quite practical.

    All round it was Brilliant. I think Ron did a great job it would be hard to vondense chapters for eps. I don’t think some get it or that other characters add to the story not take from it.

  34. As a survivor myself, I’m trying to look at the final episode from Jamie’s eyes. It would have been easier if we had seen more from the time at the Abbey than in Wentworth. It seemed that too much time was spent on the torture and less time on the recovery. Maybe if the episode 16 could have been 90 minutes, Ron would have had time to put “the icing on the cake ” instead of rushing the scenes of Jamie’s and Claire’s therapy session.

    That being said, I appreciate the work by everyone involved in putting this episode together. From what I’ve read about the filming on set, it was done with a lot of respect and seriousness, which was reflected in the work by Sam and Tobias. Caitriona did her best work during the Abbey scenes and if these people aren’t given an Emmy, I will be totally aghast!

    I hope that I am around to witness Dragonfly in Amber next Spring. Ron Moore has said that it should be ready by the first half of 2016. With the 270th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden coming in April, it would be appropriate to show it then. I’m just crossing my fingers that season 2 doesn’t stray too far from the book, considering that there will be only 13 episodes. It would be great to see the developing relationship Jamie and Claire without so many sidesteps to new material.

    Thanks again to Diana Gabaldon for starting us on this amazing journey and Ron Moore for allowing us to see her vision on screen. Also, Terry Dresbach for the spectacular costume designs. Hope it gives you many awards. To the entire Outlander cast and crew… May there be many more seasons to share this story with the world!

  35. Overall, I thought this was an an excellent episode. Both 115 and 116 are episodes that stay with me well after the show is over. The acting was superb by everyone, but especially Sam! He was very believable in his portrayal as a victim/survivor…very haunting!

    1. The light music of the band outside the prison contrasted against the haunted eyes of Jamie on the inside. His face broke my heart! That was a brilliant contrast.

    2. The entire portrayal of the prison scene was disturbing, but the way it was meant to be. I also liked the flashback method used. It eerily echoes the
    format of the wedding, which is both brilliant (because both are such important moments in Jamie’s life) and creepy.

    3. The pregnancy announcement/final visual of the boat leaving really gave a much needed breather after Wentworth. It also gave us the “I can’t wait for next season” moment.

    4. The goodbye scene with Willie and Rupert. (not including Angus here)

    5. I’m ok with the way the Abbey was cut short; I don’t think it would have played well on tv to keep it going. I think it would have dragged the show down.

    6. Unlike others, I like the way Claire’s attempt to get Jamie out of his head space was written. It’s much more practical/realistic. I never felt the scene in the book made sense (read book 3 times). Either way, neither the tv show nor the book methodology is what a therapist today would recommend.

    7. I also don’t mind that the wolf scene was ommitted. Again, I felt like in the book that scene dragged a bit and is probably unnecessary. While it does show us Claire’s strength (both for self-preservation and commitment to save Jamie), we already know this from other scenes in the book. Also, when I read that the 1st time, I thought to myself it was 1 too many things to overcome. There’s a point where a story goes from the fantastical to the absurd and this was one of those places. (I know it sounds like I don’t love the book. I do, I just think it needed some editing, lol).

    8. Sam’s acting! OMG, the man can act. I saw every single emotion on his face. Tobias, Caitriona, and Duncan’s acting were also stellar. But, SAM was amazing.

    9. Looking back, I like that they gave us clues in 115 and 116 about Claire’s pregnancy. In the book, she got pregnant at the Abbey. But, in the show, it would have had to happen back at Lallybroch right before Jamie left (I’m hoping it was the night they finally declared they love each other). The clues are great. We see her vomit and almost faint after meeting with the prison warden, vomit after stitching Jamie’s hand, and faint after talking to Murtagh about Jamie being suicidal. And, looking back at ep 114 toward the end…she uncharacteristically falls apart when talking with Murtagh about loving Jamie and looks like she’s almost going to faint and vomit a few times when she talks with Dougal in the cave. Very well played, because all of these could be her emotions/nerves or pregnancy. I love how the show gives us little clues here and there.

    1. I feel like there needed to be more time between when Claire sees the brand/finds out what happened and when they are leaving at the beach. As it is, it felt a bit too simplistic. I understand that there isn’t a lot of time to stay at the abbey because of the redcoats, but I still felt like “something” was missing. A simple 60 sec montage of Jamie sitting up holding Claire’s hand, Jamie eating on his own, and Jamie starting to walk around while Claire narrates about Jamie finding strength to move forward and heal physically and emotionally would have helped. This would have given a more straight-forward implication that it was taking a few more days for him to heal and that all wasn’t “magically” better by the bedroom scene and removal of brand. It would also balance the narration we heard from Claire earlier One during the hand surgery, one while at the Abbey, and one near the end would have provided balance to her narration and his flashbacks.

    2. I think the Angus kiss/boob grab was funny, but maybe a bit misplaced after the previous scene of the removal of the brand. The Willie goodbye wasn’t enough of a buffer. It also felt a bit disrespectful to both Claire and Jamie given what they had just been through.

    3. On the ship, I didn’t like most of the dialogue. The “it will be all right, we’ll be all right?” question to Jamie felt weird. The man had just gone thru hell and he had to say “I’ll see to it.” No, let him be. And, the question about their future. I know she’s worried, but again..timing! Give the man a break! I also felt the line “I believe we can do anything we want as long as we’re together” felt a bit cheesy. I know all of this was to set up for next season and reassure the audience, but it wasn’t right without something showing us Jamie was healing more before this type of discussion.

    • #5 in the positives, I meant the time in the chapel with Father Anselm. I think what they showed was enough of that.

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