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Here is Ron D. Moore and Anna Foerster’s interview with Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

This story contains spoilers from Outlander’s season finale. You’ve been warned—read at your own risk!

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The season finale of Starz’s Scottish drama featured a moment that may have caught new fans by surprise though Outlander book fans saw it coming: In an unbelievably vivid scene, Jamie (Sam Heughan) was brutally raped by Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies). Yes, really.

Though Black Jack was ostensibly killed at the top of the episode, when Claire (Caitrona Balfe) courageously rescued her Highlander husband from Wentworth Prison, the damage had been done. Jamie was left with disturbing emotional and physical scars that couldn’t be healed with Claire’s usual nursing methods—that is, until her heady concoction of lavender oil combined with a bit of role-playing psychology brought him back as the man she first fell in love with.

A surprise pregnancy announcement from Claire as the pair set sail for Paris capped off the final minutes of the time-travel show, but several burning questions remain. Is Black Jack really dead? What went into shaping the finale’s darker tone? Why were certain scenes from the book omitted from the show? Here, EW grills executive producer Ronald D. Moore and episode director Anna Foerster about the gripping scenes that unfolded in Saturday’s jaw-dropping finale.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Ron, what kind of discussion did you have with [Outlander author] Diana Gabbadon about adapting the book’s final moments for “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”? Were there any particular scenes or moments that she fought to keep onscreen?

RONALD D. MOORE: Diana really wanted to keep the scene when Claire has an impromptu confession with Father Anselm. That was actually a piece which I kept cutting from the script, because I was looking at it more analytically—from the perspective of, “How does this scene serve a function in the story?” It’s a nice scene in the book, but do we need it? But it was an important scene to her, so we were like, “Okay, let’s find a way to make it work within the context of what we were doing.” So we shot it and moved it around in editing a coupe of times. It went in and out and shifted positions in the show [laughs], and then finally we got to a place where it seemed to work comfortably with the character.

EW: Fans are up in arms about finale, largely because of the brutality of Jamie’s rape by Black Jack. Ron, what is that scene really about?

MOORE: I think it’s about a lot of different things. I think a lot of it has to do with power. Jack has been with obsessed with this young man for literally years now, beginning when he first saw him at Lallybroch. Then he takes him to Fort William, where Jamie endures incredible flogging not once, but twice. And then Jack walks away from that feeling that he never quite broke him. Jamie was the one he never broke. Jack couldn’t quite let go of that. So the scene is about breaking him and getting pleasure from that act, and forcing him to admit he was broken is at the heart of everything that’s going on in that chamber. Then there’s a sadistic, a literal sadistic aspect to that, which is the subject of Jack’s pleasure. Can he get it? Can he experience it? In what form can he accept it? Can his pleasure ever be associated with someone else’s pleasure? Does his pleasure always have to be associated with someone else’s torment? I think there are a lot of questions swimming around in those scenes.

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