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Here’s a new interview with Tobias Menzies from Moviefone about Outlander


From Moviefone:

Is there a nastier character on television than “Outlander‘s” Black Jack Randall?

As cruel a schemer as “Game of Thrones'” Cersei Lannister, as cunningly manipulative as “Gotham’s” Oswald Cobblepot, as homicidally ruthless as “Scandal’s” Rowan Pope and as sexually sadistic as “GoT’s” Ramsay Snow, Black Jack’s may be the blackest hearted Big Bad of them all, played to malicious, all-too-believable perfection by Tobias Menzies.

With the first season of the Starz drama, adapted from novelist Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling series by acclaimed writer-producer Ronald D. Moore, concluding on Saturday, Black Jack has only just begun his brutal, bloody torment of the heroic Highlander Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), who sacrificed himself to her freedom for his time-traveling love Claire (Caitriona Balfe) — and, as readers of the books know, things get far, far uglier.

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In an exclusive conversation with Moviefone, Menzies meditates on the nature and motives behind monstrous Black Jack –- as well as his lookalike ancestor Frank Randall –- with some surprising perspectives.

WARNING: There are a few spoilers ahead for those unfamiliar with the flow of the first and second novels’ storylines.

Moviefone: When “Outlander” first came your way, what was your initial reaction to it?

Tobias Menzies: I did think about it. It’s always a particular type of commitment to sign up for multiple years on a TV show. However, I mean, the thing that initially drew me to it was, obviously, the opportunity to play two different people is an unusual thing for a TV show — and, obviously, interesting. And also Ron [Moore] – I had admired “Battlestar Galactica.” That was a very character-driven – albeit sci-fi, but really that wasn’t the point. It was about the characters and very well-written, sort of psychological, really interesting. I thought it was really great TV.

So I was struck by the fact that he was going to be creating the show. And then, in a way, much later came the awareness of the books and Diana and the sort of global phenomenon that is “Outlander.” But yeah, that was really the things that struck me first.

Which Randall were you most drawn to at first? Black Jack or Frank?

For obvious reasons, I think Black Jack is obviously the flashier and more sort of attention grabbing of the two, but I have really enjoyed having the variety of the two different people. It’s been a really enjoyable job to do for that reason, really. And yeah, I am now, equally as fond of them for their different reasons. And I think they both bring sort of different textures to the overall kind of show. And I think one of Diana’s strengths is she writes very good characters.

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  2. Oh Tobias I sure hope you have thick skin because you will probably start getting some very hateful messages. And as much as I will hate it, you have played one hell of a role. Bravo to all of you.

    Theresa MacKinnon
  3. Interesting takes on the differences between the love stories.

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