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Here’s a new interview with Ron D. Moore from Access Hollywood talking about the Outlander finale


From Access Hollywood:

Harrowing, dark, challenging, exciting, true, intense, disturbing and powerful.

Those are some of the words the “Outlander” cast and Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore used to describe the show’s Season 1 finale when Access Hollywood spoke to them at the beginning of April, as the second half of the season was about to kick off on Starz.

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Readers of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” novel know about the dark twists the story takes (some of which were shown in Episode 15). But for those audience members who never picked up the book, the show’s writers were mindful of trying to prepare that portion of audience for what’s to come.

“Yeah, absolutely and we kind of tried all season long to sort of drop hints along the way and sort of show you sort of where the show was gonna go and some of its darker elements,” Moore told Access in a new interview. “Certainly in Episode 6, ‘The Garrison Commander’ episode, it’s a big Jack Randall episode. We tell the story of the flogging through his eyes and the flogging’s pretty horrific. I mean, it’s a pretty nasty scene to watch in that flashback, and his description of it, so it sort of felt that was the first big marker to sort of say, ‘Hey, look, this show’s going to go some places that may be very difficult for you to watch. You know, fair warning.'”

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for the brilliance of your series “Outlander”! I am on the 5th novel now, and you are doing a marvelous job of interpreting the author’s characters. Every detail of the production is flawless in my humble opinion. I am not looking forward to the season finale episode, but know what is coming and I also know they survive this dreadful ordeal. Thank you, once again, for your marvelous talent! You have introduced many millions of people to what brilliant writing and casting and producing can be! God bless you.

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