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Here’s a new interview with Sam Heughan from TV Line


From TV Line:

The last time Outlander viewers spied Jamie Fraser, he was bloody, broken and likely hoping death would arrive swiftly, if for no other reason than to stop the tongue bath administered by his depraved nemesis, Black Jack Randall.

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No, you didn’t read that wrong. The many indignities Fraser suffered throughout the series’ most recent episode included getting literally licked by his arch enemy — and life will get far, far worse for the strapping Scot before the season finale is over, star Sam Heughan says.

“Jamie’s very much affected by this,” the actor tells TVLine. “If you’ve read the books, you know that.”

If you don’t know what he means by “this,” you likely haven’t read Diana Gabaldon’s series of novels, on which the series is based and which follow Jamie and his time-traveling wife Claire, yet you likely have a dreadful feeling about how Fraser’s extended prison-cell encounter with Randall ends.

Suffice to say: Whatever you’re expecting, it’s probably worse.

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7 responses to “*NEW* Interview with Sam Heughan from TV Line

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  1. I think Sam is absolutely the best choice for Jamie. If they had searched for yrs I don’t see a better choice. Absolutely loved those books.

    Theresa MacKinnon
  2. Wow…Sam is simply spectacular in this role,you believe he is the actual character! Bravo to him and the stellar performance he gives!!

  3. So glad to hear that Sam Heughan didn’t have TOO much trouble getting back from those dark places he portrayed. He is such a great actor, I hope he gets an Emmy for his efforts. Love this show! KUDOS to Sam!

  4. Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.

  5. Sam Heughan has such a fine edge to his acting skills that he deserves no less than an Emmy. It took great mental and probably physical preparation for these last two episodes.

  6. Brilliant acting, as always! I dread this episode as did Scrooge when the third ghost paid him a visit! I have read the book though, so am bracing myself for the pictorial story! (Where is my new bottle of Port?!)

  7. Sam is an amazing actor

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