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Here’s a new Caitriona Balfe interview with LA Times



From LA Times:

The Starz hit “Outlander,” based on the books by Diana Gabaldon and adapted for television by Ronald D. Moore, has had a bodice-ripping first season. Caitriona Balfe plays Claire Fraser, a bold British World War II nurse who is thrown back in time, in Scotland, from her 1945 existence to a rough land about 200 years earlier. To complicate matters, she has ended up with a husband in both epochs: Jamie (Sam Heughan) in the 18th century, Frank in the 20th (Tobias Menzies). It’s just your typical time-traveling-historical-romance-fantasy-drama-adventure.

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Even in the 20th century, Claire seems ahead of her time.

She doesn’t feel like she really belongs in the 1940s or the 1700s, and that’s due to Diana, who’s an incredible force of nature. Claire was raised by an uncle who was an atheist and an anthropologist, and she traveled the world, and she’s always been a timeless or placeless character.

The first season took over a year to shoot. What’s your favorite part?

I love the location days. If we’re outside, even if it’s bitterly cold, you feel transported. I never thought of myself doing period. When you’re in your acting classes, and you think about the kind of roles you want to play, it’s always modern relationship drama type things. But this allows you to transport yourself into a different place. It feels magical.

Her ferocious sexuality is a big part of the story, and the way that’s portrayed is surprisingly egalitarian.

That’s the thing about it: It’s not really for women, but it’s not just for men. I think that’s what’s so shocking to most people; we’re used to seeing sex scenes written and directed by and for men. It’s great to play someone who’s so unafraid of being who she is. She has such a capacity for living in the moment and feeling everything with every fiber of her body, and that demonstrates itself not only when she sees someone in pain, that feeling where she has that instinctual rush to heal and help, but it’s the same when she’s in the throes of passion.

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  2. As if it wasn’t clear enough…Cait actually says the words, “we’re not dating.” Can we finally end this ship? They’re lovely together on screen and a bit flirty with each other in interviews, but clearly just friends.

  3. You can’t read the rest of the interview on the Times site unless you have a subscription. 🙁

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