Outlander Finale Scoop from EW’s Spoiler Room   5 comments

From EW Spoiler Room:

Are we going to see Jamie outside of Wentworth prison in the Outlander finale? – Sara

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Fear not, Murtagh’s plan to rescue Jamie is successful! But it isn’t Jamie’s survival that you should be worried about. Rather, it’s the emotional effects from the trauma he endured while with Black Jack. The question is: Can he ever move on and once again be the husband that Claire deserves? Final tip for the finale: Have plenty of tissues handy.


5 responses to “Outlander Finale Scoop from EW’s Spoiler Room

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  1. the way it was portrayed
    I believe for 1st time men
    may understand .

  2. I know just to have to watch Jamie will bring me to tears, it is funny We know it is a show on a book but it has been done so good you actually feel your there with them. Also knowing I have to wait now for Season 2 is heartbreaking 😢

    Theresa MacKinnon
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  4. I know the finale hasn’t aired yet but does anyone know when the series will be back? 🙂 I need my Outlander!

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