New Still of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser from 1×16 ‘To Ransom a Man’s Soul’   19 comments

Here’s a new still of Jamie Fraser from Outlander episode 1×16



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19 responses to “New Still of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser from 1×16 ‘To Ransom a Man’s Soul’

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  1. Oh, my dear stoic, courageous Jamie!

  2. We have to wait 2 weeks for the finale, but I sort of need that time to get past episode 15 and prepare for the worst. The Ron Moore’s podcast made it clear that the events in the prison cell will be done chronologically from Jamie’s point of view while we see Claire and her gang try to rescue him. It will not be recounted as it is in the book which is from Claire’s point of view. The worst is yet to come and it is going to be graphic. They shot for 6 days in that dungeon and it had a profound effect on actors, writer, director and crew alike. It was a hellish 6 days that will stay with them forever. No joking on set, just a desire to get through the most difficult and disturbing shooting sequence in Season 1.

    • –may contain spoilers–
      do they reallt need to make it this graphic? does TV or starz allow such liberty? i mean we know what’s going to happen, but we don’t it to see it step by step! that’s not gonna give time to other things, the abbey, or jamie rejecting clair several time! i want to see anything else not stuck with the pain and all!
      i feel like every book i a journey, but this one is pretty hard to see!!

  3. I just hope it is not more than needed to get the story across. It is such a fine line.

  4. This picture of JAMMF saddens me to the core….😔😣

  5. Ron has been tasteful so far and I expect no less for 116. He’s doing an extraordinary job bring Outlander to life.

  6. Hope it’s at least 2 hours to give Claire and the kine there due diligence love the movie and the books. And gotta see the Abbey and him being resolved of what he feels were his sins and the leanto he built for his soul

  7. Oh and lets not forget her gift to him as well

  8. This picture breaks my heart!

  9. Oh and lets not forget her gift to Jamie its gotta have its moment as well. Thank you Diana Gabaldon for your insights and your novels. We couldn’t feel these i new experiences without you. Yes some is horrible but bad always has to be with the wonderful, it ain’t always a bed of roses we love you so thank you.0

  10. This picture represents to me the shell of the man that once housed Jamie’s soul…simply disturbing…

  11. OMG, I cannot believe the anguish on Sam/Jamie’s face in this photo. It is heart wrenching to look at. It must have been particularly difficult for Sam to portray Jamie in this Episode knowing how Sam gives his all to the series in each and every scene. Although, I’ve read Outlander several times, the words in the book describing the actions in the scenes at this point of the story cannot aptly describe the visual perspective the emotion and toll it took on the character. This is what the actor gives us in his portrayal as we are acutely aware from Jamie/Sam’s face. A picture tells a thousand words. This Episode will be difficult to get through for all of concerned.

  12. They say a picture says a thousand words, the anguish and loss on Jamie/Sam’s face tells it all. Also I believe Ron and his team will have given quality to this episode 16 as they have the others.

  13. I cannot begin to imagine the depths Sam had to go in order to portray Jamie’s pain. His face gives us but a glimpse into that world. I so pray that Sam has been able to return to us, his loving fans, whole again.

  14. I have a great respect for the books and for all the people making this show, but it is just a TV show and make-believe. I’m sure it was challenging for all the actors, but Sam and Tobias are professional actors and were allowed to make the call on how far to go with these scenes. They didn’t do anything they didn’t want to do. Since they wrapped up the filming for season one they have made countless appearance interviews with their happy, smiling faces.. It is a testament to their talents that their acting is eliciting such emotional responses from their fan base! Nice job on that prosthetic hand, too! Bravo!

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  17. This episode (116) was difficult to watch! I cried during parts of it! Parts of it, were very joyful, like at the end of it! Sam H carried this episode, with kudos Tobias and Cait! But, it was Sam’s responsiblity to bring Jaime’s anguish and dispair from his torture and rape at the hands of BLR! His face dipicted each facet of it all! Those eyes which he used to speak of his sorrow and how empty his soul was afterwards! Sam was magnificent, truly! Tobias became BLJ in every sense of his dispicable and sadistic nature! You truly believed BLJ was ruining Jaime forever after! Tobias, you were fabulous in your part! Cait, you bring out Claire’s deep sorrow and her own dispair at the depth of Jaime’s! You see her anguish to bring her husband out of the darkness! You were absolutely wonderful! And Duncan, you were Murtaugh in every sense of the word! The expressions on your face when you saw what was left of your beloved godson, the son of your heart, was on your face, Duncan! Wonderful, wonderful job! Now to Stephen W and Grant O. ,you were just so funny at the right part to lighten the levity of the darkness of the episode! You made us laughter that broke that darkness to some light! You both were amazing! And, Finn, you were the perfect faithful Willie! You brought him to life perfectly! Such a horrific episode that turned out to be such incredible joy, love and amazing bond between Jaime and Claire that while hurt during all this, will be repaired slowly and carefully by them both! Thank you to Herself for the novels for w/o them we wouldn’t be discussing this! Incredible novels, the best I have ever read! To Ron D Moore for the adaptation from book to series so carefully done with perfessionalism and class! Perfectlly done! The writers, directors, producers, the crew (whose work is just excellence on film) Terry D, the nimble fingers of your department made the mose incredible costumes ever! I truly sometimes felt like a mouse in a corner in 1743! Your vision was certainly achieved! To all these people, including the most incredible actors ever on film, stage or tv screen, you all deserve Emmy’s for your part in making Outlander the best series ever done, in my humble opinion! I am a 66 yr old grandmother of 7 who has 5 bookcases of books, mostly hardbacks, of which my most favorite read ever has been the Outlander series! The tv series is the best compliment to the books that could ever have been done! Ron, you didn’t let us down one iota! Thank you to all of you! Blessings! Grannie of 7!!!

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