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What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favourite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments! 

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

52 responses to ““Wentworth Prison” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. OMG… I’m speechless! Incredible acting by ALL! Entire episode was fantastic! But if I had to choose a scene Jamie kissing Claire & telling her he loves her! So very touching and moving! Bravo to entire cast, director and writing staff! #EmmysForOutlander NO DOUBT! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Stacey MacGowan
  2. Well …. as for me, lots of uproar over nothing. The ‘hand wounds’ were the only graphic part. The most dramatic/heartbreaking scene is Claire’s goodbye. I felt sure they would have ended with getting out and next week would be struggle to heal Jamie as he recalls everything to Claire. So they have an awful lot to cover in a short hour to wrap it up. Can’t wait to see it. Anxious to hear with other ‘book readers’ have to say. 🙂

    • I agree with you. Such hype.

      Thought Caitriona quietly ‘stole the show’! The first scene of Claire at the prison – when she leaves. I thought Caitriona was going to collapse. Her scenes with Jamie were great. But the scene in the hallway with Black Jack, she curses him then whispers in his ear. I thought that scene was awesome.

      Sam was brilliant coveying pain and anguish. Tobias was great – I expected nothing less from him.

      I was very disappointed they eliminated the Wolf scene. It would have demonstrated Claire’s strength and determination. They could have spent less time on the hangings and included the wolves.

      Rosemary (FlyingRabbits_3)
      • Wolf scene wasn’t crucial to the plot, and would have been too expensive to do realistically. The hanging was the true peril as if they didn’t get him out quickly, Jaime would have died.

        I do agree however that it was over hyped and not as bad as I would have thought. Thinking the next episode will be worse as it’s then Jaime tells her what Randall did.

        I think all three actors did a brilliant job, but the scene where Jaime sends Claire away was heart wrenching.

    • Have the same thoughts. Awful lot to cover next episode. Why did they break Jamie’s left hand?

    • The hype was for both eps. More shown in finale. Nothing ever lives up if you picture the worst. But I think it does a pretty good job and will show the horror next ep. Though I thought Jamie’s one look conveyed every bit of horror you could imagine.

  3. It takes alot to make me cry. Sam Heughan made me weep, and that single tear combined with a genuine look of terror, pain, and horror has got to be the most Emmy worthy acting performance EVER, as it seems impossible to top Tobias Menzies delightfully digusting and creepy portrayal of a pathetic, sadistic lost soul.! Before I even watched it, I figured this would be my least favorite episode. Honestly, thanks to the incedibly emotional acting, and mind boggling writing, this single episode of Outlander has set the gold standard for TV drama.

    • The acting in this episode was amazing. But I agree Sam was the shining star in this episode. That final scene with Jamie and BJR and the look of sheer terror across his face has stayed in my mind since I first saw this episode. He doesn’t say a word but conveys so much with his eyes, the tear running down his cheek and horror on his face. Just incredible! That’s definitely Emmy worthy.

  4. Cait is the unsung hero of this episode. she isn’t getting her due. Her face early on, before getting the box. And then later with Jamie. the whole episode was just gut wrenching. Why he ever left Lollybroch!!!

    • Agree completely – Caitriona Balfe stole the show. She really deserves high praise. Every scene was ‘spot on’. She pulled the entire episode together.

      Congratulations – Caitriona – Well Done !!!

      Rosemary (FlyingRabbits_3)
  5. Is the last epi only an hour? or two? anyone know?

  6. There was so much to cover in this episode and it was well done! Sam and Tobias were fantastic!!! I cannot wait for the next episode.

  7. I have not yet read the books and am new to the series (I binged it in a weekend).That being said, I have always been impressed by shows that can handle difficult material. Some of my favorite shows are the most intense (Oz, The Shield, Six Feet Under). Last night’s episode was something rare that I hadn’t yet experienced. These are such well constructed, well written, wholey human that I couldn’t look away. I was invested in what was about to occur & wanted to stop it all from happening, but it played out to my horror. The truth, humanity, horror, vulnerability, lust, and sadism that those 3 (most especially the lads)actors revealed was a gift. Not many people can open themselves up in that way. Last night’s performance was a gift and I truly hope everyone appreciates it. I truly hope this show gets all the awards & accolades it truly deserves.

  8. Totally agree everyone….I was riveted during the whole thing….I couldn’t even begin to pick who gave the best performance….it was that incredible (better be Emmy nods here for at least some, if not all of them)….the hype made me afraid to watch….now I’m wondering if it will be the last episode that will be hard to watch? This was the whole “Wentworth” chapter from the book. Now I am afraid that they can’t finish this off the way it should be in a 1 hour finale!! How are they going to cram 6 chapters into 1 episode??? It is pretty ambitious…..I am trying to have faith that they will….but I saw an interview with Sam where he said it ends in a grey area….I hope that is not so. Anyway…..kudos on this episode Sam Heughan, Caitrionia Balfe, Tobias Menzies and the creative team behind it….I hope Diana is proud…

  9. I thought it was incredible. Fantastic performances by Sam, Cait, and Tobias. Jamie’s eyes…dilated with fear, and that tear. Claire’s wrenching sobs, and Jamie’s small smile as he tries to get her to go. Randall’s tongue on Jamie’s back…oh God…so awful. Well done all the way through…even loved Rupert & Angus in the tavern, gloating over their intel.

    Brandee Baltzell
  10. Wow! Just wow! I feel completely drained – don’t think I was breathing through most of it!

  11. ***SPOILER RE NEXT EPISODE****I read the blogs and articles in anticipation of Episode 15, and also was expecting the worse. After watching via Starz Play (I couldn’t wait for the airing tonight), I have to say how impressed I was with this episode. So often the writers change the scene or (worse!) add parts and characters that will impact the outcome in future books, although it may not seem so in the specific scene they are working in. The episode with Leoghaire and the ill wish comes to mind, where Jamie doesn’t know it was Leoghaire who planted it under the bed or led Claire to the Trials. The Wedding Ring is the other–why change a wonderful interaction that is constantly referred to throughout all volumes? I digress–I thought 15 was done with honesty and a lack of vulgarity that truly brought out the emotion and underpinnings of each character. I am also curious about how much they are putting into the last episode, because ***SPOILER***Jamie’s despair and Claire’s intervention need to be given the proper amount of attention. We shall see…

    • I totally agree….going to be a LONG two weeks…..

    • I totally agree with your concerns on the 2 chgs you mentioned – Leoghaire & the ring. BJR is so much more evil live on screen as is Jamie’s agony and Claire’s heartbreak. Next week with be overhwelming.

  12. Amazing acting. Emmy to all. Sam was so brilliant. don’t know how they will fit everything into last episode. They have to have hot springs scene.

  13. It was brilliant! Riveting and exactly enough from everyone. BRAVA!

  14. I wonder if having already read the book, and knowing what’s going to happen, ruined the intensity of the episode. While I think the episode was gut-wrenching and very emotional, it wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be. Maybe they are saving that for next week?

  15. I share everyone’s concern that they are going to have to cover too much in the last hour of the series. I suspect that the worst is yet to come when Jamie recounts what BJR did to him. If they are going to end where the book ends, then they are going to have to leave a lot out and only deal with the most essential scenes. Stellar performances by all. Tobias Menzies was superbly menacing and sadistic, Sam Heughan conveyed the terror, the agony and yet found a moment of tenderness when Jamie says farewell to Claire, and Caitroina Balfe’s face expresses so much in every episode. Her anguish was heart breaking. If this show does not get the respect it deserves when the Emmy’s and Globe Awards nominations come out there is no justice in that world. STARZ has got their “golden goose” no matter what awards the show does or does not get. If the quality continues we have many years of viewing ahead. I saw in an interview that Sam is under a 7 year contract so Cait probably is as well. Keep writing Diana Gabaldon.

  16. This episode was brilliant, except I was expecting to see more horror from Jack; but, they must be leaving til last episode. It seems that a lot will need to be shown in that last one hour show! It will be a long two weeks for that! I was a little disappointed after all the hype that went on about this one being the worst thing ever shown on TV! What?? Jamie’s hand mutilation (wrong hand by the way) was the worst thing shown. Now Jack’s implied sexual torture was disgusting but expected! This show deserves SO MUCH recognition for the acting, directing, etc.! I certainly hope and pray they get it when award season comes around!

    • I think they switched hands on purpose as Sam is right handed. The point was that Jack destroyed his non-dominant hand.

      • I agree that this was a deliberate choice because Sam is right handed. I don’t think they have mentioned anything in the TV series about Jamie being left-handed. As a matter of practicality, they may not be weaving that thread into the TV Series. It is an interesting notion that left-handedness is a genetic trait of the MacKensies, but not really essential to the story. Imagine trying to find someone as perfect as Sam who is left-handed.

  17. Just watched on Starz this afternoon in US. Awesome. Tobias def worthy of an Emmy. Cait & Sams acting superb. Excellent writing & directing. Music great. Well done, Ron Moore!!!

  18. Have to agree with most everything said. I watched it at midnight and thought Sam was absolutely fabulous. I hurt with him. All of the actors were great, but Sam was exceptional. Without saying a word, he showed his emotions. I am so looking forward to episode 16, but too am wondering how they will cover everything that is supposed to happen. Thanks to Diana, Ron and Starz for bringing this story to us to watch.

  19. I don’t think we will get what we want in the ending of the season. It’s not about born or sex really it’s about the emotion and the truly touching innocence of there relationship everyone wants to feel as well as see. It’s what I want to see and her telling him she has a gift for him.

  20. But this is probably the best episode after the wedding. I’m hoping 16 will top them both it will be emotional one way or the other

  21. About that hand business – go back to the film version where Jamie hands Claire the pen to sign Randall’s complaint — left hand! It was mentioned in an interview. The whole point of the destruction of Jamie’s RIGHT hand was because Black Jack thought he was right hand dominant. He was not out to spare Jamie anything. I do not understand why it was switched for the film version.
    As for performances, each of the leads had their moment, and some spiffy ones there were. Tobias coming to Jamie’s cell all spit shined and wiggling like a new puppy. He was so excited he couldn’t stand himself. Great job! Sam was all eyes. They looked so black I thought someone had been to work with some belladonna. The windows to the soul indeed. Watching Caitriona receiving Jamie’s effects I had the biggest lump in my throat. How brave, how broken she was. Wonderful performances all.
    Performances not withstanding, why did I feel like I was getting the Readers Digest Condensed version? Ah me, and only one more new episode for a year. That stinks. See ya next year Jamie, Claire, Jack, Murtagh, Angus, Rupert, and all the inhabitants of Dragonfly In Amber.

  22. I’m glad it wasn’t as graphic as the novel. I was imagining a direct translation. Still, it was enough and I couldn’t agree more with the compliments for our trio of actors. They are ours, aren’t they?

    • I think the next episode will be much worse. Most of the events of Wentworth aren’t revealed to Claire until after they rescue him. I’m betting that’s where they show most of the rape/torture.

      From Kristin Dos Santos of E-Online

      ” The ugliest scene ever on TV.

      Followed by the most beautiful scene ever on TV.

      All within the span of an hour.”

      So yeah, I think next episode will be rough.

  23. Having read the novels first was probably a good thing. Knowing what was coming was a buffer for the coming trauma. I was truly impressed with all three, Sam, Cait and Tobias. Sam was incredible. He can actually talk with his eyes!! Cait’s grief and anger came through red hot!! Tobias….I mean just WOW!! I find myself wondering how they got over the performance. Getting that deep into character means it must take some time to come back out.

    I have read where some folks are not so happy about the level of violence. However, I’d like to say this: Emmy’s aren’t won by the laughing and dancing scenes. An actor wins an Emmy for scenes like this where the character is tested. It takes beyond “ordinary talent”
    to deliver a scene that is that horrific. Well done lads and lass!! Very well done!!

  24. The violence might not have been as graphic as I thought it was going to be but my god it was horrifically intimate which was so much worse. I feel battered and raw. Bravo Team Outlander… bravo.

  25. Should have watched it. The episode was brilliant but starting have anxiety and panic because of my own abusive past. Think that everyone in the cast and on the crew has done an brilliant job in putting it together though. Absolutely magnificent.

  26. Absolutely a masterpiece. Watched it on StarzPlay and then later with hubby on cable. I think the show has taken the books and raised them one as they say in poker. These guys are pushing the envelope on premium cable and I for one am loving every minute.

  27. Great episode. Not just Cait, Sam and Tobais but the supporting cast were great. Loved Rupert and Angus getting the information from the jailers. Frazer Hines and Douglas Henshall – currently watching it for the second time each scene better than the last.

  28. Kudos the the cast and crew, and especially for the brilliant job done by Caitriona, Sam and Tobias! It was a heartbreaking episode and it was obvious the actors gave their all! Can’t recall ever seeing something more realistically portrayed that had such an impact on my emotions at a gut level….yet made me think about the psychological side of their actions. Interesting to see the deviations from book to screen. Well done and unbelievable!!!

  29. I read a lot of the comments before watching the show at 8:00 CST last night. Also, I must qualify my remarks by saying I am an avid Outlander book fan. Having discovered the series about 3 years ago, I have read all of the novels at least twice, and some three times. I have watched all of the episodes over and over and over again, and am a fan of the series as well.
    The acting was stellar and Emmy worth by all! The cinematography, the location and sets, the musical score, all were beyond excellent, Bravo to all! After watching the show last night, 3 times! I went back and read the chapter “Wentworth Prison” in the book, because as great as the show was, I found it somewhat lacking. Here are my impressions of the episode:
    1 – To Showrunner Ron Moore and writer Ira ¬¬¬Steven Behr. I will never for the life of me understand why you think your version of this is better than what Diana Galbaldon wrote.
    There is really no reason I can see to have changed so much of it, and I find that you have really “watered down” the content and the characters, especially Jamie’s. Specifically: the scene in the dungeon when Claire and Jamie fight Randall and Marley, and Jamie “surrenders” to bargain for Claire’s release.
    It was a great fight! But you have diminished Jamie’s inner strength, his will, his “cool, calm and collected” demeanor, and his control over the situation by changing this up.
    For those who haven’t read the book, this is what went down as written by Herself:
    (Randall was knocked out, Jamie was fighting Marley – sorry I can’t provide a page #)
    “….Intent on the scene before me, I had paid no attention to Randall’s prone body on the floor near the door. But as the orderly tottered, eyes glazing, I heard the scraping sounds of boots on stone, and a labored breathing rasped in my ear.
    “Nicely fought, Fraser”…..Cost you a few ribs, though, didn’t it?” Jamie leaned against the wall, breathing in sobbing gasps, still holding the club, elbow pressed hard to his side. His eyes dropped to the floor, measuring the distance.
    “Don’t try it, Fraser.” The light voice was bland. “She’ll be dead before you get two steps.” The thin cool knife blade slid past my ear; I could feel the point gently pricking the corner of my jaw.
    (Jamie was not chained to the wall in the book at this point)
    Jamie surveyed the scene with dispassionate eyes for a moment, still braced by the wall. With a sudden effort, he straightened painfully and stood swaying. The club clanked hollowly on the stone floor. The knifepoint pricked infinitesimally harder, but otherwise Randall stood motionless as Jamie slowly crossed the few feet to the table, stooping carefully on the way to pick up the twine-wrapped mallet. He held it dangling in the two fingers in front of him, his nonoffensive intent apparent.
    The mallet clattered on the table in front of me, ……With an effort I could only guess at, he lowered himself slowly into a chair and deliberately spread both hands flat before him on the scarred wood surface, the mallet within easy reach.
    His gaze had been locked with Randall’s during the painful trip across the room and did not waver now. He nodded briefly in my direction without looking at me and said, “Let her go.”
    The knife-hand seemed to relax a trifle. Randall’s voice was amused and curious. “Why should I?”
    Jamie seemed now in complete command of himself, despite his white face and the sweat that ran unregarded down his face like tears.
    “You cannot hold a knife on two people at once. Kill the woman or leave her side, and I’ll kill you.” He spoke softly, a steely thread beneath the quiet Scots accent.
    “And what’s to stop me killing both of you, one at a time?”
    I would have called the expression on Jamie’s face a smile only because his teeth were showing. “What, and cheat the hangsman? Bit hard to explain, come morning, no?”
    (In the book, Randall didn’t show up to stay the execution, Jamie was sentenced to hang the following morning) (Jamie) nodded briefly at the unconscious hulk on the floor. “You’ll recall that ye had to have your wee helper bind me wi’ rope before ye broke my hand.”
    “So?” The knife stayed steady at my ear.
    “Your helper is no going to be much good to ye awhile yet”. …..
    “You can’t take me alone, one-handed or no.” Jamie shook his head slowly, appraising Randall’s size and strength. “No. I’m bigger, and far the better fighter, hand to hand. Did ye not have the woman there, I would take that wee knife from ye and cram it down your throat. And you know it, which is why you’ve not harmed her.”
    “So we seem to be at an impasse.” Randall’s well-bred English tones were casual. “Unless you have a suggestion?”
    “I have. You want me.” The cool Scottish voice was matter-of-fact. “Let the woman go, and ye can have me.”……..”Do what ye wish to me. I’ll not struggle, though I’ll allow you to bind me if ye think it needful. And I’ll not speak of it, come tomorrow. But first you’ll see the woman safe from the prison.”
    Randall had relaxed completely; the knife lay carelessly on my right shoulder….
    “You’ll give me your word?”
    Jamie’s eyes were like blue matchflames in the parchment of his face. After a moment, he nodded slowly. “In return for yours.”
    “Done.” The knife left my shoulder…… Randall walked slowly past me, around the table, picking up the mallet as he went. He held it up, ironically questioning. “You’ll allow me a brief test of your sincerity?”
    “Aye.” Jamie’s voice was as steady as his hands, flat and motionless on the table.

    Writers – you have stripped Jamie of his strength, resolve, mental fortitude, and handed it over to Randall, and this is wrong, wrong, wrong! Your version is not better. It changes the balance of power in Randall’s favor, and therefore diminishes Jamie’s. You said you made this story for the fans, please don’t take away the things about Jamie that we most love. I think that writers may feel compelled to change things up just because they can. That doesn’t always make it better. Please keep that in mind in the future.
    While I’m at it, why did you take out the part about Claire letting the prisoners go and killing the guard? I thought that was very brave of her and showed her tenacity.

    2 – To Director Anna Foerster: Claire should have been in much more of a hurry, rushing through the prison. Also, after Randall took her out into the hall, her face should have been very red and puffy after the hysteria of having to leave Jamie. That she appeared so “fresh” just wasn’t believable. Also it was most unlikely that she didn’t break a leg after that fall through the trap door. That far of a drop would have caused major injury, it just wasn’t believable that she got up after that.
    I also thought that Claire showed much more strength and determination, and also more stress and worry in the book than she portrayed here, don’t know if that is the writer’s or director’s influence.

    3 – To casting director: McRannoch was a huge, burly, warrior type of man, not the barely taller than Claire genteel soul that appeared here. Very different, so why?
    (this is probably nit picky – but we do love our characters as conceived by Herself).

  30. Next week is where you will see it all. That was just the appetiser. The hype is for both episodes. It won’t be done with retelling to Claire but shown as they try to rescue. Some things have to be experienced to be known. That is the whole point. You then understand why she has to go to the darkness with him.

    Remember books have the luxury of time which TV shows don’t. This show will have many heartbreaking times and many heart mending times. You just gotta buckle up baby it is a bumpy ride.

    I trust them.

    • Just to amend my post above I had read it was shown as they were rescuing the flashbacks to Jamie/blackjack then I read it was through telling Claire. I think they make a few changes to set up for season2. I can’t wait.

  31. I saw this on DG’s face book, and loved that she loved those moments that I found to be the perfect representation of J & C. The relationship that I fell in love with in the books.

    Diana Gabaldon – “One of my very favorite–heart-breaking–moments was when Jamie reaches out his hand toward Claire, and after an instant’s hesitation, Randall shrugs and pushes her toward him. They just _snap_ together like a clam-shell closing, and there’s this moment when they’re both facing him _together_, Jamie suddenly fierce in spite of the pain and his knowledge that something terrible is about to happen; he has his wife with him. And she then _stays_ with him, holding him tight through the nailing of his hand, holding his head to keep him from having to see it, trying so hard to take his pain.
    All three of those actors truly Get their characters, and the relationships among them.”

    so to the point.

  32. I have been meaning to watch it a second time, but I can’t bring myself to do it yet. The three actors’ work all were stellar, very worthy of awards. Sam’s made the most impact for me, just struck me w terror. My most fav scene had to be when Claire terrorized BJR w her knowledge/curse. The fact that we couldn’t hear exactly what she said was made the more powerful. Like I said, I think unspoken expression had greater impact. #EmmysForOutlander

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