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 Here’s a new interview with the cast of Outlander from Zap2it


From Zap2It:

“Outlander” created a monster of a character in Black Jack Randall. When he returns to the series for the final two episodes of Season 1, viewers will see Tobias Menzies’ character sink to even deeper levels of depravity and come to be repulsed and horrified by him in new ways.

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But with that warning in mind, it’s worth offering clarification on the character’s sexuality. After the season’s twelfth episode, when Black Jack tries but fails to get aroused enough to rape Jamie’s sister Jenny (Laura Donnelly), some members of the audience jumped to assuming he is gay because he wanted to penetrate her from behind. When the final two episodes of the season revisit his obsession with Jamie (Sam Heughan), the question will be raised again.

Except Black Jack isn’t gay, Menzies, Heughan and author Diana Gabaldon attest. Instead he’s a sadist who gets sexual pleasure from inflicting pain, be it on a man or a woman.

“I made a decision early on that I wanted it to be a study of sadism and not a study of sexuality,” Menzies explains to Zap2it. “When he does commit sexual violence, that is the tactic rather than the end. He uses these things in order to break people down, in order to get what he wants. His interest in Jamie I think is not just about sexually drawn to him — though that might be in there somewhere — it is about being fascinated by someone who is as remarkable as Jamie is.

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  1. Confused over the Fergus issue than? He raped a male child. He was in the brothel as explained, looking for that sort of thing when the madam ask Fergus if he wanted money….

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