New Interview with Ira Steven Behr from The Hollywood Reporter on Outlander Episode 1×15 **SPOILERS**   4 comments

New interview with Ira Steven Behr on Outander 1×15 from The Hollywood Reporter


From THR:

In the penultimate episode of Outlander’s freshman season, darkness overtook all. After being captured by the British and sentenced to hang alongside Taran McQuarrie (Douglas Henshall), Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) is granted a stay of execution … by an all-too-keen Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies).

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It is then that the worst case scenario unfolds: Black Jack Randall has his way with Jamie, ruthlessly torturing him on both a mental and physical level, all while Claire remains helpless despite multiple attempts to save him. Finally able to take control of the man he’s long been fascinated by (and, frankly, attracted to), Black Jack promises Jamie a noble death in exchange for mental and physical control. It’s a sadomasochistic nightmare, and — apparently! — not even the worst of it, judging by Black Jack’s last line of the episode, “Shall we begin?”

The Hollywood Reporterchatted up the episode’s writer, Ira Steven Behr, to discuss Black Jack’s psychology, the episode’s effect on the cast and crew, and the season finale.

What was your plan heading into this episode? 

We had known from the beginning that I was going to write episode 15 and [series creator] Ron Moore, would do 16. At one point it wasn’t clear what we were going to [put into the episode], so I really thought I was going to have my hands full.

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4 responses to “New Interview with Ira Steven Behr from The Hollywood Reporter on Outlander Episode 1×15 **SPOILERS**

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  1. next week “Finale”
    please tell us a wee
    joke sir ! way too soon
    a very short season. I
    need more , I became
    an “Outlander” junkie.
    with a scot on my back !
    We need more,,or come
    back soon..not next spring.
    lol It may help if I win trip
    too Comicon ,,help ,Debbie

    Deborah Morales
  2. Unbelievable episode to see on TV. It was one thing to read it, another to see it!! Kudos to all involved, the actors, especially Cait, Sam and Tobias, you were all amazing and really went “no holds barred”! Thank you so much for your generosity!!!

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