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Diana Gabaldon discusses the move to TV with Assigment X


AX: The television adaptation of OUTLANDER is fairly faithful, but are there bits in the show where you go, “That’s a surprising way of depicting that?”

GABALDON: Sometimes, yeah.

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AX: What did you think of Jack Randall’s monologue about flogging, a speech that was not in the book?

GABALDON: Well, when I read it in script form, I was sort of thinking, this seems really melodramatic and I’m not sure he would say that, but things change, and you can’t tell from the script how it will work in action. And Tobias is such a good actor, in his hands, it’s just fabulous.

AX: Are there things in the show that they’ve added or subtracted that you’ve thought were good, bad or indifferent?

GABALDON: Not very often. Every once in awhile. Mostly, I can see why they did it and I don’t say anything. Occasionally, I’ll say, “You know, I did it the way I did it because of this, and if you do it the way you’re doing it, that doesn’t work any more, so you might want to bear that in mind,” and sometimes they change it, sometimes they don’t.

AX: And are there scenes in the TV version that are exactly as you envisioned?

GABALDON: Oh, yes. Many of them.

AX: Can you name a favorite?

GABALDON: [laughs] That would probably be the spanking scene, which they took directly out of the book, and they handled it exactly as it is in the book. I was very impressed with that, because it took a lot of work on everyone’s part to make that work.

AX: Do you like the way they’ve turned your sex prose scenes into sex TV scenes?

GABALDON: Yes. I think they do a very good job of it. They do use a lot of the original dialogue, and a good sex scene, as I was telling someone earlier today, is a scene that could only have happened between these two people. What it is, is a dialogue scene with physical cues. A bad sex scene, you can have any two people doing it and it’s just physical action – therefore it has no impact. But if it has [good] dialogue, these are lines that can only have been spoken by this particular person to this particular other person, and that makes it unique.

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2 responses to “New Diana Gabaldon Interview with Assigment X

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  1. Wonderful Contest!

  2. Reblogged this on rockigraziano and commented:
    Diana, I see the scenes on screen as based from your books, and yes they are different when our eyes are actually seeing it played out as opposed from reading it, so what I’m trying to say is people should not be offended, if they are your fan readers, for a better lack of words, because in the book, at least with me, I become one with the main characters and all said and done was in private, as it should be.
    I also did acting and can understand the great and powerful impact that can come to life as a character in a book. Our world today has media galore where as many years ago they only had stage production, so it was not viewed by so many, however not in the least powerful and vivid to ones imagination.
    These actors have a rough job, with so many around them not making it a private matter (only to us viewers) to film these explicit scenes played out from your minds eye. KUDOS to ALL

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