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Here’s the E! Online article talking about 1×15 of Outlander


From E! Online:

Consider this a friendly little PSA about the series we have repeatedly touted as the best new show of the season: Starz’sOutlander.

You fans may have heard that the next episode will feature a moment from the books that is one of the most disturbing scenes of the entire book series.

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That is true. 

You might also think that if you read the books, you will be somewhat prepared.

That is….not true.

I’m not going to spoil anything for you. But I do feel the need to warn you that whatever you are expecting, prepare yourself for…More.

Not only is it something that has never really been portrayed in this way on television before. But it is raw. It’s detailed. It’s horrifying and it is, at times, even hard to watch. It’s also the kind of thing you cannot stop thinking about after the credits roll.

You may find yourself asking: Why? Why did it have to go down this way? Why were some of the choices made? Really just: Whyyyyyyy?????????

The answer, dear friends, might come for you toward the end of the season one finale, when two characters (I won’t spill who, cause #spoilers) share what is perhaps the most beautifully scene ever to have aired on television. I found myself unable to breathe, uncontrollably sobbing, and experiencing a connection that felt more palpable than anything I’ve seen on TV in recent…oh, who am I kidding?, ever.

The ugliest scene ever on TV.

Followed by the most beautiful scene ever on TV.

All within the span of an hour.

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  1. Now i’m scared what are we going to see? i mean last time we faced BJR full frontal, now what?

  2. Having read the books feel somewhat prepared, but seeing will be very different from reading. Still, I know from the books that there are beautiful scenes to look forward to. I trust Ron, Cait, Sam, (and brave Tobias as well) and the various writers, directors and crew to continue to give us an amazing visual translation of Diana’s story. We are in more than capable hands. I have never felt this way about Any Other Show.

  3. i feel like an idiot cuz i was hoping that TV will make this chapter tolerable but it looks like it is going to be one hell of a creepy mess!
    this being said i look forward to the scene that’s coming in the finale, it was so beautifully written!

  4. I dread this coming episode, but I also welcome it. The acting will likely be off-the-charts awesome, but the journey Claire and Jamie have been on together would have been made less fulfilling if they didn’t play Jamie’s trauma honestly. They’re not pulling their punches and I’m glad… It might be hard to watch, and I anticipate that it will be, but it should be awesome to see, even if I’m sobbing in a corner afterwards.

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    This will probably be very, very hard to watch, but should make for some truly epic TV.

  6. I almost want to keep the good, the bad, and the ugly in my mind’s eye, because it seem’s so pure where it sits from the book’s perspective. But since the they have done such a beautiful with the visual interpretation, I’m hoping that adds dimension to what I believe was already flawless…

  7. I don’t see how it can be worse than the book but I suppose seeing it in reality is much more traumatic than reading it. These actors are so awesome that it is hard for me to separate fiction from reality and I can’t stand to actually see the pain Jamie(Sam) will suffer at the hands of Black Jack (Tobias). I sincerely hope people will realize that Tobias is not BJB. I, for one, will have a hard time liking either Tobias or BJB because I will always connect him with this role. A dram of Whiskey will be at hand to watch this train wreck.

  8. Those of us who are fans of the books know that what happens at Wentworth is not the last bad thing that happens to Jamie and Claire but it is the worst and the most disturbing one because of the cold sinister cruelty with which BJR inflicts physical and emotional pain on Jamie. How Jamie and Claire emerge from this horrific experience does not completely neutralize the trauma but it certainly is an antidote to the sick feeling we will all have by the end of this episode. I think seeing the events graphically presented is what is going to make this episode almost unbearable to watch. We now have real actors who have brought these characters to life for us and we care about them as real people, not just as fictitious characters in a book. It is more personal, more real with Sam, Tobias and Cait bravely going beyond their own boundaries to honor Diana Gabaldon’s detailed account of what happens to Jamie and Claire at the hands of BJR. If they could survive the acting of it, their fans, should honor their efforts and watch these last episodes, eyes open with our hearts breaking and not from behind a pillow. I must put whiskey on my shopping list. I think I will need more than a dram to get through this.

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