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What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favourite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments! 

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

16 responses to ““The Search” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. My favorite is when Murtaugh admitted his love for Jamie’s mom. The Murtaugh /Clarie bonding moment. I cried my eyes out.

    • I think that was my favorite part too. As soon as he said he had lost someone I knew he meant Jamie’s mom. (I never read the books so I had no clue). I actually was happy to see Dougal. I’ve missed his scowl.

    • I liked that moment too when Claire embraces Murtagh and says she is sorry for what she said. There is more to Murtagh than meets the eye and I am glad he got some significant screen time in this episode. Dougal is shameless. Jamie was competition for being the MacKenzie heir apparent, he has possession of Lallybroch which is a strategic piece of land bordering Fraser and MacKenzie lands, and he has a woman who’s corn Dougal has wanted to grind for some time. He wants the land, he wants to be laird and he wants Claire and he is willing to sacrifice Jamie to get what he wants.

  2. Okay, being a fairly new book reader I’m not picky about the show’s adaptation, but I wished we could have seen a little bit of Jamie tied into this episode. Perhaps when the gypsies performing Claire’s song, him being drawn out by it and getting word to Claire. I LOVE all the landscape scenes but I think some could have been cut back a bit and more dialogue added, like what I just mentioned. Overall, I’m never disappointed every week because I love the book, I love the show and love how the writers and Ron Moore are putting it all together. Things missing here and there, eh… They make it work every week 😉

  3. Good evening. I was si relieved that the really bad things did not begin tonight. I thought it was very different from what I remembered from Book 1, but then I am now in Book 5 and my memory is short. Was the fellow who played the gypsy the man who writes the music for the series? I looked like pictures I have seen of him. I definitely do NOT remember Dougal proposing to Claire in the book! Did Ron Moore stray that much from the book or am I just forgetting much of Book 1? All I know for sure is that I do LOVE this story!!!!!! Long live Jamie and Claire!!!!!

    • Dougal does make a move on Claire in the book trying to convince her that Jamie is as good as dead and she should marry him. The episode was true to the book on that point. In the book Murtach sings and has a lovely tenor voice much to Claire’s surprise. In the TV episode, it was Claire who was made to sing the song that would draw Jamie out. The gypsy’s stealing their act was a fabrication. However, it is the gypsy who tells delivers the message where to meet Dougal.

  4. Murtaugh showing up , I loved the fact that he finely showed how much he cared.

  5. As someone who has to give public presentations … I LOVED Claire’s “F**k” at her first performance.

  6. But my favorite was in the cave, when Murtagh shares his love for Ellen and Jamie. Dear Lord, I hope they diverge from the books as far as this man is concerned!

  7. Claire makes me tired. I’ll probably be stoned for this; I really dislike Claire using foul language. Now, I’m no goody-goody, and I have used some bad language myself, but always in the confines of my home and when I’m alone and frustrated. I would never call a person I’ve met only once a “bastard” (Duke), nor would I say the “f” word on stage before an audience. I know Claire is a feisty “40’s” woman, but her language and stubbornness tire me. I didn’t understand why it was necessary for her to put the knife to Jamie’s throat AFTER he had sworn never to raise his hand to her again. That was in the book (while on the road), but the writer inverted the order which wasn’t necessary. She also makes outrageous statements (cutting BJR’s balls off, cutting Jamie’s heart out and having it for breakfast, slitting BJR’s throat, telling a man she hardly knows that he has never lost someone he loves) that are in direct opposition to her “empathy” and nursing skills (appalled that child could lose hand for stealing, that a child could be left for the fairies, that a child is abused by his father, that Ian should stay with Jenny through the birthing, that she should treat the burned feet of the British soldier Jenny tortured). Her sarcasm and quick judgments usually end up with her saying, “Sorry.” How many times has she said, “Sorry”? Also, her defiant actions usually require Jamie’s saving her, and this always puts him and others in danger (frankly, I was glad he spanked her because she deserved it), i.e., saving her from Ft. William, saving her from witch trial, going to Lallybroch and losing protection of MacKenzie clan, giving himself to set Claire free of Black Jack, and many other examples in following books. I think Caitriona Balfe is an excellent actress; she’s playing the role as it’s written. Somehow, reading the character’s language and actions in the books is not nearly offensive as seeing and hearing it.

    • i get tired of her sometimes too, but in the book, she is going to go trough hell and back for jamie, she deserves a slack!
      plus i would say the same things she’s saying if i was about to be thrown at wolves, or simply losing my man, this being said i fully understand what you’re saying, clair is a lil bit judgy!

  8. Was really surprised there was no Jamie, at all. I have never shed a tear reading any of the book series or watching any of the eps till Murtagh’s monologue about his love lost & Jamie as more son than godson. I loved Claire singing but questioned how she could continue singing such a happy tune while she must be feeling more desperate with each passing day. Absolutely happy to see Jenny & Claire go off together. Of course, the book has a lot more depth in comparison which can’t be captured in an hour; I’ve finally resigned myself to this. (Though premature, I am fretting about the 13 eps allotted to DIA, which could doom the possibility of S3/Voyager; I should be more focused on how to deal w the last two eps instead- lol. I’d like to know how others are going to prepare for the finale & for the next droughtlander.)

  9. “….frankly, I was glad he spanked her because she deserved it….”

    And frankly, I’m tired of people saying ^^this^^.

  10. Just a some random thoughts on Claire’s behavior – for lack of a better word – lets not forget she was brought up from age 5 by an Uncle living a ‘nomad’ life so she was probably surrounded by all men and then became a front-line Army nurse, a stressful and pretty uncensored atmosphere. Now add her stubborn streak and independent attitude and we have our Claire 🙂 A ‘tough cookie’ for sure. So not surprised at her unfiltered mouth and ‘act before thinking’ approach to life. LOL wait til next week ! Now about this show it was nice to have a little comic relief before the really tough stuff. And the best line in the whole show was Claire’s ‘Oh F**k’ before singing followed closely by Murtagh’s ‘jazzed up’ desription of her outfit.

  11. i liked last episode, yeah there was no jamie, but we’re gonna see plenty of him next episode, i liked clair and jenny’s journey together, and gosh i know jenny is strongheaded, but this!!!! the actrice is excellent in the role! she’s got some rage!

    i remember that chapter was more intense in the books, i felt the loss ans despair through clair’s feelings, there was more depth -her feelings, her bonding with murtagh, repulsion of dougal’s move- i also liked the humour, but i thought it was a lil unnecessary due to current circumstances, also i hope for some changes in next episode’s script (the way they hadled jamie’s escape was a lil bit too much for me )

  12. I love the total reversals of roles that Diana has conjured up. Contrary to most fiction, Claire is older than Jamie; Jamie is the virgin, not Claire; Jamie is articulate and expressive of his feelings, not Claire; and Jamie “never takes the name of the Lord in vain,” (except for a very well-placed “oh God!”), and Claire is the one who cusses like a soldier. It’s all very well thought out, and the tv show has done a great job of adhering to Diana’s characters.

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