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From Access Hollywood:

Murtagh hit the road with Claire Fraser in an attempt to find Jamie in Starz’s “Outlander” on Saturday night.

The characters, played by Duncan Lacroix and Caitriona Balfe, traveled across the Scottish countryside in “The Search” episode, using the only 18th century method of communication available to get a message to an outlaw – fame. To try and let Jamie know their whereabouts, they became a traveling performance troupe — a singing Sassenach and a Highland dancing Fraser.

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“He’s just like a frustrated showman,” Duncan told Access Hollywood of Murtagh’s stage moves. “He’s really bad at it, but won’t admit to himself that he’s terrible.”

While Duncan learned how to do some Highland dancing, he actually learned a little too much.

“I was actually getting quite good at it, but then, when the script arrived, he’s actually quite terrible, so I suppose you have to learn something to be bad at it,” Duncan laughed.

Much of the episode followed Murtagh and Claire on their tour, performing and then squaring off with the gypsies who borrowed their routine. Duncan said he had fun working with Caitriona on “The Search.”

“She’s so funny behind the scenes as well. It was lots of laughs and it’s just an odd dynamic between those two characters, really,” he said. “They make such an unlikely duo, but it kind of works… and… you get to see a lot of what makes Murtagh tick all of a sudden. He suddenly kind of blossoms as a character in that episode, so it was great to explore.”

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