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From Access Hollywood:

Duncan Lacroix has delighted “Outlander” fans all season long with his portrayal of Jamie Fraser’s right hand man, Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser.

As a surrogate dad for the all-grown-up lad, Murtagh has not only had Jamie’s back, but he’s offered him support and guidance (memorably sharing a special moment ahead of Jamie’s wedding to Claire).

Duncan told Access Hollywood he originally auditioned for a different role in the show, one that “wasn’t a good fit.” But the people behind the show liked what they saw because they came back to Duncan and asked him to read for Murtagh.

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“I kind of read the description of the character as ‘dark, kind of brooding, hawk-like.’ I thought, ‘Yeah I can do that,'” Duncan laughed, as he spoke with Access over the phone from Scotland. “I did the self-tape in my flat with a friend of mine on his iPhone and sent it away. I didn’t really expect to hear anything back, or if I did, I thought, you know, there’d be kind of rounds of interviews. But yeah, a week later, I got offered the role, which was huge, and [I was] whisked off to Scotland that very week.”

With Duncan’s Murtagh about to join Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jenny (Laura Donnelly) in the search for the missing Jamie Fraser, Access decided it was about time we spoke with the actor playing the marvelous Murtagh.

AccessHollywood.com: Apparently you had a small little role in ‘Game of Thrones’?
Duncan Lacroix: That was – small is an overstatement, I think. Yeah, it was just a day job, I think. I can’t remember – was it Season 2, when Jaime Lannister’s being hauled through the mud… and I think I was in the background somewhere. If you pause it for about one minute, I think you might see my face. That was the extent of that.

Access: It’s a really big show, and you get to say that you were a part of it, just like Tobias Menzies.
Duncan: It was, yeah. It was my first big job when I finally arrived in Dublin and got an agent. It was a great laugh.

Access: What did they have you audition with for Murtagh? Because obviously your character doesn’t actually speak a lot. That’s part of his charm.
Duncan: It was the scene, I think, where I’m explaining to Claire in Castle Leoch when Jamie’s coming in for The Gathering, and I’m explaining kind of the ins and outs to Claire. And I think Ira [Steven Behr], one of the producers — I think he said I got it from my eyebrows within about two seconds apparently, so I didn’t even have to do much acting.

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  1. Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.

  2. I love Murtagh’s face, in the books I did not feel such an attachment with him, but in the series it really brings out the loyalty and bond between Jamie and Murtagh.

  3. I Really liked Murtagh in the books but I absolutely love him the the show. Great interview. Duncan LaCroix is perfect for the role.

  4. Am glad Murtagh is more man than simian on tv bc I had a hard time conjuring what he looks like reading the book. There’s not much info on the actor, but is OL his big break as well? Has he been a stage actor before, does anyone know more?

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