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From Independent:

Winning the role of Jenny in the time-travel fantasy Outlander was another coup, given the cult success of the series, which is based on the novels by Diana Gavaldon. Much of the action takes place in her on-screen husband’s ancestral home, Lallybroch, causing her to be christened ‘Jenny from the Broch’ by adoring fans on Twitter. It gave her what was surely one of the best lines of dialogue of her career, which surely comes in handy in regular life at times: “Do I have to grab you by the bollox and make you stand still to listen to me.” Outlander also reunited her with Sam Heughan, who plays her character’s brother in the series.

Donnelly and Heughan attended drama school together, and she says she was thrilled to be reunited with him for the role. “We always knew he was destined for great things”, she says. “I had also done a film with him in Norway over the summer and I was with him when he found out he was getting the role, so that was amazing.” She says she hasn’t read too far ahead in Gavaldon’s novels because she wants the drama to be fresh in her head as she prepares for each scene. “I’m about to get started on the second book as I’m about to start filming that at the end of this year and I don’t want to know any more beyond that.”

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  2. How about spelling the author’s name correctly?

  3. Laura plays her character so well. I love the feistiness of Jenny!

  4. Whoever wrote this piece needs English lessons and spelling too. I love Laura Donnelly and she is a five star winner in the role of Jenny, but the above article spoiled the entire commentary for me. Do your homework! How hard is it to spell correctly? Look it up if you can’t spell it!

  5. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

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