*Video* New Tobias Menzies Interview with The Anglophile Channel ***1×13 Spoilers***   8 comments

The interview with Tobias Menzies starts at 7:30

8 responses to “*Video* New Tobias Menzies Interview with The Anglophile Channel ***1×13 Spoilers***

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  1. Thank you thank you once again. I look forward to these every week. You ladies are clever, witty and lovingly outrageous. What will you do during the long hiatus between season one and two? I will just have to rewatch each episode and follow up with your comments.

  2. Outlandish has become my new guilty pleasure. It cracks me up but at the same time provides real info. Nice interview with Tobias; he has loosened up considerably lately. Keep up the good work ladies – or should I say, lassies?!

  3. Wow girls, love your improv. I could have done without Tobias meat chopping scene. He’s a great actor and makes the perfect villian. Hats off to him.

  4. Such fun I enjoyed it so much.The BJR nude scene works in that it is so raw.He is naked emotionally as well as physically raw. The finger in the mouth business was more disturbing. Jenny really won that round

  5. You two ladies are so amazing and funny! I just love your recaps. So original.

  6. I fell upon Outlandish by chance and am a faithful follower. Having read the books for over 20 years, I am sometimes frustrated with the show and its deviations that make no sense long term, however your humorous spin and beguiling humor makes me laugh and appreciate Outlander from all approaches. Can’t wait for your next episode!

  7. Have you watched these? They are really funny. >

    Jennie Penfold
  8. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

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