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What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favourite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments! 

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

11 responses to ““The Watch” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. I didn’t like the plot change with Jamie being captured by Redcoats because he went with the Watch. I also don’t agree at all that Jamie might have potentially sought a life like that of the Watch if he had not had Claire.

    • I actually don’t mind the change so much about Jamie going with the Watch. It took the blame off one of Jamie’s kinsman turning him over and put it on Horrocks, who we, as an audience, aren’t supposed to like anyway. So it kind of makes sense to me. And from my point of view, if Jamie hadn’t had Claire, he wouldn’t have had a reason to go back to Lallybroch in the first place. He would either still be at Castle Leoch or he would have gone out on the road again like before to keep from getting captured.

  2. As a book and show fan, I like the twist with Horrocks and the watch. Even though I basically know whats going to happen, the additional characters & plot changes keep the story fresh for me.

  3. I liked this episode very much but conflicted at times–I sensed something bad ahead for Jamie. I don’t mind the changes I just was more focused on the tonight”s story line. A terrific ensemble cast, but for me it’s the talent of Sam who has taken Jamie’s character into this
    mature man and husband. It’s almost the first time attitude towards Jamie was softer and more supportive.
    I have 2 scenes I liked first Jamie’s reaction to Clair’s news/possible no babies and the last time their saying goodbye before he leaves. These 2 have come a longway.

  4. I thought it was brilliant! From start to finish the dramatic tension was ramped up. Who cares if it strayed from the book when the writer came up with new characters and situations which really stretched the existing ensemble to up their game. So many great moments. Was a wreck when Claire told Jamie she didn’t think she could conceive – so moving and of course when they said their goodbyes – don’t go Jamie! When Jamie and Ian have a heart to heart after Horrocks. Any scene with Dougie Henshall and of course the birthing scene! Can’t wait for next week now!

  5. Love the adaptation but felt a bit lost. I realize they have to make changes to develop characters and keep story moving. It was not my favorite episode.

  6. I’ve finally let go of the book version & just figured its best to go w the flow of Ron&Co with their own twists & turns to the story. This ep felt like a bag of loose nuts & bolts, meaning familiar scenes & lines from the book between the jolts of the new. My favorite parts are always of Jamie & Claire, their love & care for one another, so tender & heartbreaking too. With the capture, I am already bracing myself for the few remaining eps & another droughlander. Happy to have read Cait will be singing soon (not karaoke tho).

  7. I liked this episode a lot! The characters just come to life in each episode. Jamie’s face says so much, not many words are needed. I love Jamie and Claire together, in any scene. The birthing scenes definitely made me twinge! I wanted to cry at the end,when Jamie didn’t come back, knowing what is coming. I am not looking forward to it, but know I will have to watch. I think the adaptation of the story does a good job moving it forward.

  8. Having not read the books I can just watch the episodes without any preconceived ideas. I enjoyed how the non-married couples bonded. (Ie Jenny/Claire, Ian/Jaime.) When Claire asked what it was like to carry a baby, you could just see the longing in her eyes. I felt they bonded. Also you can see that Ian and Jamie were and always will be best friends. Ian will have Jamie’s back always.
    You could also tell that Jamie was upset/heartbroken with what Claire told him about not having children, but he was her rock and showed his support. Their goodbye was bittersweet. As soon as I saw that the bridge was all blocked in and no way out I figured the men were toast.

  9. I found the changes in how Jamie ultimately is captured by the redcoats far more interesting in the adaptation than the circumstances in the book where McNab gives him up as revenge for his interference in his treatment of his son Rabbie. Much more interesting to explore The Watch and Ian’s perspective on the value they provide by protecting Lallybroch and its tenants from the redcoats. Some Watch bands were just bandits taking as much advantage of the Scots as the British, but in this case, they would fight the redcoats if bribes didn’t do the job. The leader would never give Jamie up having experienced first hand what British prisons are like. Honor among warriors. I like that we actually got to meet Horrocks in 109 and get a sense of the kind of many he was and then have him show up at Lallybroch to threaten Jamie and his family and lead The Watch into an ambush. I love that Ian ran him through with a sword, and seeing the effect it had on him. I liked Jamie confessing that he had a price on his head and when Horrocks threatened him and his family he ran him through. Said it in a matter-of- fact way, like this is how any man would respond to such a threat, and he earned respect.

    The bonding between Claire and Jenny was so well done. You could see the longing on Claire’s face as Jenny described what pregnancy was like and when Claire held little Maggie. Heartbreaking when she told Jamie she might not be able to give him children and although you could see the disappointment on Jamie’s face, he saw her anguish and put a positive spin on it. I think it would be extremely difficult for Jamie to bear Claire screaming as Jenny did, especially knowing that it was a dangerous delivery, having lost his mother who died in childbirth. He can bear not having children, but could not bear losing Claire. Very tender and moving moment as what their farewell. Especially for those of us who know what is coming.

    Looking forward to “The Search”. Claire and Jenny like Thelma and Louise on horseback with pistols loaded in search of Jamie and of course the continued search with Murtagh with both of them singing and Claire telling fortunes.

  10. I agree with comments above. The changes made for the episode make more sense. I bet Diana Gabaldon agrees. Remember, when she wrote it, it was her first ever novel. She was creating a very complex, epic story, with multiple characters and a multitude of interweaving twists and turns. She says herself that she doesn’t write in a linear way; she writes scenes and then joins them up. That’s a skill you get better at the more you write. There are a number of clumsy narrative decisions in the first book, but that’s completely forgivable because the central relationship is so strong. The later books show how she develops as a writer. I imagine if Diana Gabaldon rewrote the first book now, she would make a number of changes – just like the Horrocks change in this episode. It must be wonderful for her to collaborate with the TV producers on this serialisation. It will give her the chance to explore what changes she would make if she could travel back in time! I loved this episode. Well done to all involved.

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