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Production designer Jon Gary Steele on the finer points of creating Jamie’s ancestral manor

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From EW:

In the ”Lallybroch” episode of Outlander, fans saw Jamie (Sam Heughan) travel to his childhood home for the very first time, following his traumatic arrest by Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies). Located in the lush Scottish highlands, the country manor—which Jamie affectionately calls Broch Turach—is where the redheaded Scot hopes to return to normalcy as he assumes his rightful place as laird of Lallybroch. The estate is far more than just a brick-and-mortar manor. It’s also where Jamie’s relationships with his new wife Claire (Caitrona Balfe) and sister Jenny (Laura Donnelly), as well as his painful memories of the past, are challenged, which made setting the scene all the more important. With Outlanders eagerly counting down the days until this week’s episode—in which Lallybroch will play an even bigger part—EW spoke to production designer Jon Gary Steele about bringing Jamie’s home to life.

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Steele began scouting for Lallybroch locations nearly two years ago. “From day one, it was in our minds,” he recalls. He eventually settled on a rundown property located in Hopetoun, near the Scottish capital city of Edinburgh. “It was a much smaller scale than Castle Leoch, because that’s a real castle with surrounding walls and overlooks,” he says of the structure, which dates back to the 15th century. “Lallybroch is much more of a home farm, and I think the location helped tell that story.”

In Jamie’s absence, his sister Jenny has taken on the responsibility of running Lallybroch. To portray her feminine touch, Steele’s team adorned the set with rosebushes and assorted plants. “Everything looks more colorful than in the scenes when Jamie had been beaten,” says Steele. “We wanted people to feel that she had taken care of things while he was gone.”

Lallybroch isn’t just Jamie’s ancestral home. As a working farm, it also supports a local village and dozens of tenants. “There would be people doing steel work or working on horses, all kinds of stuff,” shares Steele. “It wasn’t just a pretty little place—we tried to make it look a little more utilitarian.”

Steele worked with set designer Gina Cromwell (whose previous work includesDownton Abbey) to create a working manor kitchen straight out of the 18th century. Showrunner Ronald D. Moore “is a stickler for detail,” says Steele, who notes that custom flatware and glassware were ordered specifically for scenes set in Lallybroch. “He wants everything to be factually correct, so that’s why we get so much made for the show.” Even the hearth was constructed from scratch: “It had an arch dome bolted ceiling and was like a pizza oven,” Steele explains.

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