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LAURA 1From Yahoo TV:

Jenny Fraser is no frivolous Highlands honey. In the wake of her brother getting himself added to Black Jack’s most wanted list, baby sis had to fend off Jamie’s tormentor, step up to keep the Fraser family home Lallybroch afloat, sate the surly watchmen, and tend to her husband and child. And she did it all while pregnant and wearing a corset. The Irish actress who portrays her, Laura Donnelly, is no slacker herself either, having, in addition to Outlander, recently starred in a Broadway run opposite Hugh Jackman, The Fall with Jamie Dornan, and a Lance Armstrong biopic.

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As you were murdered by Jamie Dornan’s Paul Spector and manhandled and almost raped by Tobias Menzies’ Black Jack, I think it is fair to say your characters aren’t having the greatest luck with men?
That is putting it mildly. The irony is that they were both very evil characters played expertly by very nice and lovely men.

Had you read the Outlander books?
Not before the audition came up. But since I got the role, I read the first one to be familiar with the story, the underlying subtext, anything that wasn’t in the script itself, and just to inform me more about the character. But I didn’t read beyond the first book because I didn’t want to know what happens to her next. I just wanted to know what was relevant to me right now. I’ll be reading the second one before I begin the second season.

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  1. Jenny is not the baby sis. She’s older than Jamie.

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