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10From The Hollywood Reporter:

Jamie Fraser’s life is once again in the hands of his enemies. After the arrival of a roving Scottish gang led by Taran McQuarrie (Douglas Henshall), Jamie(Sam Heughan) was once again captured by the Red Coats. But that was only part of the drama, thanks to the arrival of baby Margaret, the newborn daughter of Jamie’s sister Jenny (Laura Donnelly), which ultimately led to the reveal that Claire (Caitriona Balfe) might actually be barren.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with writer Toni Graphia about Jamie’s dark past, how The Sopranos inspired the show, and Jenny’s intimate birthing scene.

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This is an episode that’s actually more of a blend of book and non-book happenings.

Yeah, “The Watch” is the perfect example of blending the stories we [create] with what’s in the book. I don’t think we ever see them in the book, but they’re mentioned as this feared, roving presence in the highland. Horrocks as well. So we decided this was an episode made up out of thin air.

So how did it all come about?

In the book, the Lallybroch section is sort of a lull and in the book you really appreciate it as a sort of breather. But on a TV show you can’t have two breather episodes. You have to keep the tension ratcheted up, which is why we put a lot more conflict between Jenny and Jamie into the first episode. But the second one we decided we’d use a threat from outside.

And if the watch discovers the price on his head, Jamie’s done for, really.

Yeah, so it’s this great tension of him having to hide his identity and act like he’s welcoming these guys when really he hates their guts. What really inspired it was our love of The Sopranos. Everyone on staff is a big Sopranos fan, so we posited this episode as “What if Tony Soprano took up residence in your house?” Which is what the watch would do back then because they were these extortionists. And so Jamie has to grit his teeth and bare it, causing conflicts between him and Jenny. She doesn’t like it anymore than Jamie does, but what choice did she have?

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