Happy Birthday Sam Heughan!   36 comments

Happy Birthday Sam Heughan! We here at Outlander Online hope you have an amazing day with your loved ones.


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36 responses to “Happy Birthday Sam Heughan!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sam! Hope your day is as amazing as you are!!

  2. Happy birthday to a special guy. Wishing you goodness and health.

  3. A huge happy birthday wish for you Sam, sending you all the very best on your birthday and every day! Thank you for all you do you are so talented and generous of your person, a true Jamie as Graham tells us! (try not to get too plastered with all those wee drams coming your way!) Love and hugs, Ann xxx

  4. Happy Birthday, handsome!

  5. We are the happy ones …. your day will be grand.. you are so loved by so many for so much..and so well deserved. Happy birthday Sam and many many more!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday Sam!!!! Enjoy your day and know that all your fans wish you nothing but happiness, health and success! You have given “us” the gift in your loving portrayal of our dear Jamie, and in the sharing of your time and talent with your fans. Have a wonderful day and year to come! We all love you.

  7. Happy Birthday Sam. May you have a fun and celebratory day.

  8. Happy birthday to you, Sam!!!

  9. HaPpY bIRThdaY…May it be the day you want it to be😊

  10. Happy Birthday, Sam! Hope you have another great year! Absolutely love you as Jamie and love the show!

  11. Happy birthday Sam, I hope you have a wonderful day.

  12. Happy Birthday Sam! Hope all your Birthday wishes come true.

  13. Have a very Happy Birthday Sam !!

  14. Happy Birthday Sam. Have a dram or five today.

  15. Happy Birthday Sam! Kiss from Norway 🙂

  16. happy birthday! god you’re my son’s age!

  17. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s extra special!

  18. For your birthday: peace of mind, good health, and lots of sushi on warm rice. We appreciate your charm, intelligence, and good humour on social media. Best wishes from Canada, Sam H.

  19. Happy Birthday Sam. You were born 10 days before my husband and I married. I could be your mother. (That is a sobering thought). You deserve all of God’s blessings for the future. We love you not only as Jamie but for yourself. It is obvious that you share many of Jamie’s fine qualities which is probably why you embody this role. Have fun working on Season 2.

  20. Many Happy Returns of the Day Sam…Warmest wishes for continued success and thank you
    for brightening so many lives. I’ll be raising a glass here in Canada to your good health.
    Lang mae yer lum reek !!

  21. I’ll raise a glass of Macallan’s to you, tonight, May you enjoy all that life brings you.


  23. Many happy wishes for your birthday Sam. Thank you for being the kind, generous, loving person you are for your charities and your fans. You are loved by more than you could ever know! Next time you come to Canada please come to Vancouver. We have great mountains for hiking!

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  25. so many people around the globe are smiling and hoping you have a marvelous birthday for all the joy you have given us all ♥

  26. May your days be filled with love, contentment, and fun!
    Thanks for making our lives richer !

  27. Happy Birthday!!!
    I love the show; it keeps getting better, unbelievably.
    The kilt is cute, too.

  28. Happy birthday, Sam 🙂 Thinking of you with much joy as you’ve brought our dear Jamie to life! Wishing you the very best as this amazing year continues for you – you so deserve it! Love and hugs… mmmm 🙂

  29. Happy Birthday from Tennessee!

  30. Happy, Happy Birthday, Sam, from Goldsboro, North Carolina, USA. I hope you spend it with those whom you love and those who love you, doing exactly what you want to do. Love ya lots!

  31. Happy Birthday, Sam from Dallas, Ga

  32. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope your day is special, just like you.

  33. Happy Birthday, Sam, from New Jersey USA. You are talented, handsome, and an inspiration to so many. Slainte mhath!

  34. Happy Birthday, Sam from Jacksonville FL! May your day be as blessed as you have been to so many others as Jamie. After reading the books, you do his character amazingly well. May we continue to see you in a verra long run of success! Slainte mhath!

  35. Happy Birthday Sam! Thank you for making my Saturday’s a whole lot more interesting. I love that you are adventurous and charitable. You are the new kind of male that the others need to emulate. Plus you can cook! Well, I hope someone else made you a cake and have a shot for me! Love you! Donna

  36. Happy Birthday from California! May you start your day with loving blessings from family & friends… Followed by a walk in the hills that you love…. A wonderful meal made with love & you in mind followed by a night of loving, peaceful rest & good dreams!

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