New Photo Collage of Tobias Menzies   15 comments

Here’s a new photo collage of Tobias Menzies.

Great session with @TobiasMenzies handsome extremely funny & happy to make an arse of himself #mostfunivehadallweek

Great session with @TobiasMenzies handsome extremely funny & happy to make an arse of himself #mostfunivehadallweek


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15 responses to “New Photo Collage of Tobias Menzies

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  1. Thought he’d made a dick of himself actually! Sorry, couldn’t resist! I’m sure he’s a lovely man.

  2. I love this! In all the hubbub over Sam and Caitriona, Tobias often gets lost so this is great! Thank you.

  3. Takes a talented actor to evoke so much emotion from his audience, no matter how hateful…;)

  4. I’ll never be able to look him in the eye again without giggling. #sawhisjunk

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  6. You are an awesome actor! We love your charm, and it bleeds through your character. I’ve not seen the ‘Wentworth’ stuff yet, but the human element you bring to both your characters, defines your scope as an actor & ability to act in any role. Thank you!

  7. The many sides of Tobias Menzies in these photos. Charming and funny but capable of bringing two amazingly different characters to life in Frank and Black Jack Randall. What he has done and what we have yet to see in Wentworth Prison shows enormous courage and commitment to bringing to the viewers the dark soul of Black Jack. Bravo Tobias, we love to hate you.

  8. So happy to become acquainted with his work thru Outlander. He is richly talented, handsome, quirky and captivating to watch. I’ll follow him from now on, as I will all the other wonderful actors of Outlander.

  9. Does anybody ever notice & question the hand signs & facial expressions he’s making? It would pay to be in the know.

    • Hand signs as in gang signs lol? He’s pointing in one and I think he might be smoking in another. I don’t see any hand signs. And his facial expressions are just cheeky smiles. Can you elaborate?

  10. Look up occultist signs. The two fingers pointed upwards, one eye closed, crossed arms, finger over the mouth, and L shaped arm signal all send a message.

    • Um, that’s really reaching. So if any of us cross our arms in photos or happen to close one eye in a quasi-wink then we’re part of the occult? And even if he is, so what? It’s his life. He can do what he wants with it.

  11. I think they are fun pictures. It’s nice to see actors who are open in such a way.

  12. He. Is. Adorable!!! =^__^=

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