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Here’s new Tobias Menzies interview with Zap2It


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Both Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and “Outlander” viewers finally got to learn what went on when Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) supposedly raped Jamie’s sister Jenny (Laura Donnelly). No rape actually took place — but not for the villain’s lack of trying.

When Black Jack swept Jenny into Lallybroch in the flashback, he certainly intended to force sex on her. Instead, when his penis remained flaccid, Jenny laughed in his face.
“It’s obviously the most humiliated Jack is in the story; his weakest and most vulnerable, arguably,” Menzies tells Zap2it.
As for that nude moment where audiences get to see Black Jack’s penis, the actor confirms, “I’m afraid it’s all me.
“You just have to sort of hold your breath and do it, but I suppose in a way I was as much involved in the decision to make it as graphic as that,” he says. “I think it needs to have genuine humiliation in it. We see Jack so often in control. To have a moment when a young girl’s laugh undoes him I think is really interesting.”



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  1. You don’t encounter male frontal nudity that often in t.v., or the movies for that matter, unless it’s x-rated, soooooooo it was a “how the heck are they faking that” moment!!! LOL

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  3. It’s good to know that Tobias seemed (fairly) comfortable with it. If they hadn’t shown it, it would have just looked like “fumbling” and would not have had the same impact. And I suppose they could have used a prosthetic, but why? Anyway, it should be said – it’s a nice penis. (It’s too bad we can only think of it in the context of Black Jack’s member with the intent to rape.)

  4. Well I backuped the DV player as I thought I had seen it wrong. Way to go Outlanders. Give us a true shot of the words from the book. No really we never have full male nudity here and I was surprised it was not censored. But it was such an important part to help explain Black Jacks hatred for the Frasers. 👐

    Theresa Guillemette

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