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*New* Laura Donnelly’s Interview With Vulture   1 comment


From Vulture

One of the things that happens in this episode is we get the story about what happened between Black Jack Randall and Jenny, the attempted rape, which must have been pretty harrowing to shoot.
Well, we shot the previous flashback at the time when episode one and two was being shot, but shooting both of them were quite difficult. It’s never an easy day on set to do something like that. It’s certainly as tough for Tobias [Menzies] as it was for me, because he doesn’t enjoy being violent. We had a closed set that day, and our director was fantastic. It had to be very clearly choreographed, in a very safe way, so we had a lot of rehearsal and a lot of time to discuss it. And then you form trust, and you just go for it. And you try to tell the story as best as you can.

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