*New* Picture of Caitrona Balfe from NY Post   9 comments

Here’s a picture of Caitriona Balfe from New York Post



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9 responses to “*New* Picture of Caitrona Balfe from NY Post

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  1. She is amazing and gorgeous….I wish I could see more!

  2. her professional modeling background really shows here. she is good.

  3. So much expression in a still face…gorgeous!

    • That face is what makes her such a great Claire. She says so much with her eyes and expressions. What a find for Ronald Moore and STARZ

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  5. I’m surprised there aren’t more models turned actors- There are but not like Cait. She is extraordinary. She better get an Emmy.

  6. @CaitrionaBalfe Quite beautiful and #Hot #Very FemmeFatale

  7. WOW!

  8. She is very beautiful but look at the hand signs please.

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