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Here’s a new interview of Anne Kenney with Design & Trend


“A lot of the stuff that’s so creepy with Tobias, where he was touching her mouth and all that stuff, wasn’t scripted. They just did that on the day,” writer Anne Kenney revealed.

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“It’s very intense, but you need to know what happened to her and it gives you another picture of Black Jack. But we were a little concerned about that scene because we wanted to make sure at the end that you believed he had not done anything, that he did not rape her but left her alone. A lot of that happened on the set in the moment, and it is a really intense scene.”

“Lallybroch” also saw fans meet Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) sister Jenny (Laura Donnelly), who, like Claire (Caitriona Balfe), is no pushover. According to Kenney, the show’s writers “wanted to portray almost all of our women characters with a lot of muscle.”

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