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Here’s a new interview of Laura Donnelly with Wall Street Journal


What drew you to the role of Jenny Fraser?

Her strength, really. It’s not often that you get to play a woman who can absolutely fend for herself, who’s feisty, who’s capable. And, for that to happen in the 1700s, you know, you rarely get to have those qualities in a female character, full stop, never mind in a corset! And, of course, when I discovered afterward that we would be shooting in Scotland – and the fact that I have an ongoing love affair with Scotland, because I studied there – it was the perfect job.

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One of the many things I love about “Outlander” is, even though Jamie is always swooping in and saving the day, if push really came to shove, your character and Caitriona’s character are such strong women that you don’t necessarily need him. Have you two bonded over that fact?

Absolutely. We have a great time on set. You’re right, Jenny, for example, has been running Lallybroch for four years. It’s not something a woman back then would’ve been used to doing. And she’s taken it all on herself, and it’s a big task! Then, of course, as the episodes go on, then Jenny and Claire have to essentially go on a “Thelma and Louise” mission, and so Cait and I got to go and be in the woods doing all this stuff and riding horses and gun-slinging, and it was such fun! We had a long time where it was just the two of us doing scene after scene out in the wilderness and we had an absolutely lovely time. Cait is such a nice person to work with.

Jenny is very protective of Jamie – what is it that she fears the most about Claire?

I would say that she’s worried that Claire may be a usurper. That she is coming to Lallybroch with a naiveté about how these things are run, and that she’s really going to mess that job up. And also, there’s the knowledge that she’s English and, with those old rivalries, it’s in her blood to distrust the English. So it takes her a little while to come around – and I also don’t think she really trusts her brother’s judgment very much, with fairly good cause. He’s not had a history of making all the right choices [laughs]. She’s just being the protective older sister. And, she comes around, not very quickly, but soon enough.

Because Jenny has been running for Lallybroch for four years, and because she’s such a strong character, what should Claire try to learn from her?  

Well, I think that Claire learns that she’s not the only woman that’s able to stand up to Jamie, and I think that’s really good for Claire, to see somebody else that can take on that role, and to see another female that he listens to. That gives Claire a bit more confidence. And then she also just has to go about learning how to be the lady of an estate. There are the practical things that she learns – the day-to-day running of the household, sewing, mending, washing, cooking, all that stuff. And then she and Jenny also have a bond over the fact that when we first meet Jenny, she’s very heavily pregnant. And as the series goes on then obviously she goes into labor and Claire is able to be there to help. She learns a lot about her womanhood, I guess, at that time. So they’re able to bond over that. She learns quite a lot from Jenny over that.

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