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New Laura Donnelly interview with Access Hollywood


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Jenny was seen briefly in flashback moments, which aired earlier in Season 1, Part 1, of the Starz series, but in Saturday’s episode, named after the Frasers’ ancestral home, viewers will really get to know Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) older sister on screen.

“She’s very fun to play and I think that it’s because she is a real fighter,” Laura told Access Hollywood.

Laura said she loved the feistiness of Jenny, and being able to play a character with flaws.

“I always look to play flawed characters. I’m not very interested in playing somebody that’s just, you know, the very nice one or the attractive one, or whatever, which a lot of female parts can just be written that way. And with Jenny, she fights very hard for what she believes in and for what she loves and sometimes she goes about it the wrong way and other times, she doesn’t and she’s very, very right,” Laura said. “And I like that those things come from the same place, which is just a sense that she really knows herself and that she is very headstrong. … It’s fun to play somebody that just goes kind of hell-for-leather for one direction, whether she’s right or wrong, and she’ll later find out which of those it is.”

“I’d like to think that I have some of her courage in fighting for what she really believes in and what she really loves, but I don’t think — I maybe don’t have the same level of bravery or the same level of being headstrong as she does, so I don’t tend to get myself into as much trouble,” Laura said.

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  1. Laura Donnelly is so perfect for the role of Jenny!!! Just luv her!!!

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