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From Yahoo

First and foremost, we’re guessing the couple was happy to have put some major miles between them and the fiery stake that had Claire’s name on it, and they likely were thrilled to finally get off that horse. But Jamie’s ancestral home symbolizes far more in this romantic, revolutionary, time-traveling journey than four walls and a place to lay their heads.

For Sam Heughan’s Jamie, it was about returning to a beloved abode he had to flee (thanks to that ill-fated first meeting with Black Jack) to take his rightful place as laird, reunite with his beloved sister Jenny, and commence normal life with Claire as the lady of the house. Obviously his connections to his castle run deep. After all, he used the key to Lallybroch to make Claire’s wedding ring. (We know, we know, in the TV series. Not the novels.) But as happy as Jamie was to make his way back to his childhood crib, Heughan tells Yahoo TV that it also meant he had to face a few demons. “Lallybroch is where we begin to see a lot more of what and who made Jamie the man he is, like his close relationship with his father. You see a lot more of the chinks in his armor. His relationship to his sister is challenged by his guilt over what happened with Black Jack and just by his returning when she has been essentially doing his job for years. He has come to terms with his father’s death and his new responsibilities as a new husband, the man of the house, the laird. There’s a lot of pressure.”

The pressure is not his alone to bear. Although Caitriona Balfe’s Claire is riding high from coming clean about her past (no, future, um, future past?), choosing to stay, and making strides toward clearing Jamie’s name, everyday life at Lallybroch fills the stringently independent nurse with trepidation. “She’s in love. She’s chosen to stay and make this marriage work, and he has made it perfectly clear that Lallybroch is an integral part of his plan for the future,” Balfe says. “But it isn’t that simple. I love that she has such complicated ideas about going back, because for her that is not the life she envisioned — just being someone’s wife, just being the lady of the house. We see that play out more. Jamie goes back, and we see him get comfortable and revert to what he knew as a child and becoming the laird that he was always supposed to be. It is very hard for Claire because she’s a career woman. That work ethic, that desire to be self-sufficient and to fulfill her needs in another way, never goes away. But she also hasn’t had a permanent home since she was very young, and there is appeal in that, too. She starts to settle and allows herself to start thinking about the long term there. Of course, it all goes to hell again very quickly.”

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