“Lallybroch” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   69 comments


What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favourite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments! 

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

69 responses to ““Lallybroch” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  2. Oh my goodness, so excited to see this. Sunday has officially become Jamie day lol

    Love this series. We were not given Scottish history in school. There is so much of our history and identity we should know and while this is a fictional series the love and passion with which the creators, cast and crew keep history in mind (just read blog on costume design) is truly beautiful.

    How fortunate we are when talented people come along to remind us of our heritage and Scottish identity when so much has been done to try to make us forget it.

    Blessed be x

    • Lexie, your revelation here is interesting to me. I am assuming you’re Scottish- Not at any level of school, you’re not taught?

  3. Laura Donnelly was brilliant as Jenny. The scene with Black Jack was so excellently done. The scene between Jenny and Jamie was so well done and very moving.

    Beyond that: Jamie,the character — what is the need of these writers to take him down? I am not wedded to every word being identical to the books. But the character Jamie would never have behaved so arrogantly and thoughtlessly, throwing his weight around.

    • I agree Lexie. Seems they are “taking him down”. Same eps 109 when they showed him married and contemplating Leerys move. Now this. Book jamie wasn’t this jamie in character.

  4. I don’t think Jamie was sooooo pushy to be in charge. Not by the books anyway. Jenny was a bit to bitchy and arrogant. I wish the lines that were said by the stones weren’t cut out.

  5. I was really bummed by the declaration. It was so anticlimactic. I understand it can’t be all verbatim, but I want the feelings evoked to be the same. I didn’t feel that at all. Brilliant performances by Laura and Steven! And Jamie was never THAT keen on being laird.

    • I agree 100%. Jamie wasn’t groomed to be Laird until after his brother’s death. He never looked at it as something he wanted but something he was responsible for which he took his responsibilities very serious. He has a strong sense of wanting to be with clan/family etc and accepted that that was who he was suppose to be but he never was giddy about becoming it.

      I feel the same as BadKitty. Why the character assassination of Jamie? I’m thinking they are applying 21st century views of relationships and who people are now to these people in the 18th century.
      They turned Jamie into a spoiled,rich, power hungry brat who fights with his sister over things like how to run Lallybroch.

      I’m still digesting this episode and so far it isn’t sitting right.

    • I’m reading these and keep saying oh that’s true, n agree with all these comments. Jamie didn’t want to be Laird. N Jenny was kinder to Claire. Much. I don’t know why they are changing character in each. Maybe they didn’t read books deep enough to get essences.

  6. Exactly. The Jamie we know from the books and from the first episodes of the show was willing to be Laird, but not demanding his place. In the books, he was mindful and respectful of Ian and Jenny’s place and role in keeping Lallybroch strong. The man we met in the first episodes would not have thrown his weight around.

  7. I felt like Jamie was trying so hard to be the son he thought his father would be proud of. Jenny was being protective of her brother; she didn’t know if Claire married him for his money. I especially liked Ian and Claire’s interactions. BJR is just too creepy, kudos to Tobias. I did like the end, I think we need more moments of tenderness between Jamie and Claire. Having said that my favorite scene was drunk Jamie.

    • I love it how Jenny questions Claire on her intentions towards Jamie. That would have shown two things 1) how close and protective she was over her brother 2) her beginning admiration of Claire. They become close friends which we didn’t get to see here.

      Tobias sent chills down my spine.

  8. I forgot to say that Jamie rocked his father’s leather jacket.

  9. I thought both Jenny and Ian’s characters were spot on from the books…really great casting and acting. I missed the scene where Claire is playfully chasing Jamie around the parlor while he describes her attributes and the reasons he married her. He ends up on the floor with Claire on top of him when Jenny walks in and says “don’t get splinters in your arse” and walks out. This episode could have used some playfulness; instead they shortened that scene and moved it to the bedroom where their first I love you’s are exchanged. I know, I know…it’s tv vs a book. It’s just this episode seemed heavy and foreboding…some lightness before the audience is thrust into Wentworth would have been nice. Now there’s four episodes to go and I’m starting to dread them already. But I feel like I must watch to keep the viewership numbers up! I’ve never felt so desperate to keep a show on the air.

  10. Love the new actors. Initially I thought they had made Jenny too bitchy but by the end of the episode I loved her and Ian. Agree with everyone that Jaime was more arrogant than in the book but I think it was supposed to show his fear of trying to fill his fathers shoes. Overall I loved the episode but it moved through a lot of the book quickly so I feel a lot of the richness of the story was missing.

    • I agree Summerfield. As Thomas Wolfe says…you can’t go home again. It’s simply never the same. Jamie was fighting a lot of inner demons and trying to prove to his big sister that he knew what he was doing. He’s not perfect. I loved the scene at the grave when they made up. And Claire and Jenny did not hit it off right from the start in the books; there was a lot of tension all around. I thought they got that dynamic right. Claire’s and Jenny’s relationship morphs a lot in the books…

  11. I have been reading the books as well as watching the visual adaptation on Starz. I agree with everyone of the posts so far. We don’t get to see this episode until tonight here in the States, but I am getting the same feelings as each of y’all that they are changing Jamie’s character as he is portrayed in the actual books. I like the tenderness of his character in the books!!!!! I hope and pray Ron Moore does not change Jamie to try to “please” an audience that has not read the books! I love both the books and the series more than I had thought possible. I await each evening’s reading time with great anticipation. Blessings to each of you. . .

    • Actually, we DO get to watch before Saturday night in the U.S. – Starz makes the episodes available OnDemand at midnight (eastern) Friday night . . . 😊

      • Yep. I watch first thing Saturday morning before the fam-fam gets up. Then watch it in the evening while tweeting.

  12. i didn’t like Jenny at all. She was a bitch to Claire and didn’t even see fit to offer some type of apology. I know they had a wary relationship in the book but this seemed a bit too much. I know the show and the books won’t be the same but her character seemed so altered.
    I liked Jamie and Claire’s declaration at the end. And Ian was great. I don’t think I will be able to handle the Wentworth episode.

  13. I couldn’t put my finger on it when I was watching this weeks episode but reading the comments here helped me realize they are changing Jamie, changing or eliminating important parts from the books which results in a lacking or unfulfilled feeling when the show ends. The acting is wonderful for the most part but I think the writing/editing the last several episodes has been off a little. I realize there is only so much you can do in an hour but making Jamie look arrogant just grated on my nerves. They proved their point, hopefully next episode he will be back to regular Jamie. Kudos to Tobias if he didn’t wear a modesty pouch- that took guts. I had seen a pic of Sam at the mill but that was some scene! Really e joyed the last scene but once again, I suppose due to time, we kind of got cheated from what could’ve been a much better scene. It will be interesting to see what my hubby (non book reader) has to say when we watch it tonight

  14. The acting is superb and the production from the clothing design to the sets are stunning!

    Now for the episode I had to sleep on it and watch it again. I am a book reader but a new book reader and yes I have read them all actually on my third re-kilt. I know many are not happy with the way Jamie is portrayed and I do understand and I know Jamie is different than other men but I liked the portrayal.

    I have had to deal with three of my children at the age of 22 and still have one to get there yet and Jamie has wisdom and compassion beyond his years but he still is young. When he gave the money back to the tenant because they had a lean year you see that Jamie we love but when he is arrogant it is upsetting but he does show some youthful arrogance in the book. We also see that like in the books he took his fist to McNaab not much wisdom in that move and we know why but it is accurate for his age.

    I feel they portrayed all the things that Jamie and Jenny were dealing with in a wonderful way and the reconciliation was very sweet. You saw a change in Jamie and Jenny and all the tension and demons they have been carrying for 4 years dissipate.

    Jenny and Jamie both changed after the talk at their father’s grave they released everything they had buried and held on to and the fault was laid at BJR’s feet. I loved it when Jenny finally welcomed Jamie home huge paradigm shift for them both. Jamie should be portrayed from this moment on as we see him in the book. I loved the talk between Ian and Claire so tender and sweet. I also loved all that Jamie shared with Claire direct dialogue from the book. I know the scene was not like the book but I still enjoyed it would have loved it in the library on the floor but oh well.

    I feel everyone knows what is coming and wants to see more tender moments with Jamie and Claire I think we will next week if not I agree they are missing the point which is Jamie and Claire and their relationship. I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Overall the episode I liked not my favorite and thought it would be so a little let down. I know they have a lot to get through but it they spend more time on what is coming in Wentworth than they do on building Jamie and Claire’s precious relationship I will be disappointed and I agree it is not at all the same as the book but I guess we will see. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and eat crow if I am wrong and will sing their praises.

    Just have to wait and see. I will watch it with my husband(non-book reader) tonight and I will see what he thinks, so far he has great respect for Jamie and considers him a good man and wants to sew Claire’s mouth shut his words not mine. I will be back after we watch it together and let you know what he thought. What do other non-book readers think?

  15. Loved the small mini- reprieve for J & C this episode gave us. They hit most of the requisite scenes (yup, missed the iconic ILY scene but IT was refreshing to not know where this episode was going , scene to scene. also more new and fun stuff! After Jamie’s almost kiss with Laoghaire, I see that they want to over-dramatize his youthful faults to show maximum change at the last 2 episodes. Not keen on the chicken choking a la BJR, though !

  16. This was not an episode I will watch over and over(except for the near end). I am one who cannot watch the flashbacks with BJR and don’t care to see any of that stuff . This is where Claire’s naration will come in handy so not to see any of that first-hand. I also did not like how they portrayed Jamie and the hostility building rather than breaking between Claire and Jenny. I wished they would have gone into Jamie’s feelings of how he felt leaving her to go through the stones. Also, when Jamie poured his heart out to Claire about how much he loves her and why he married her and how his love keeps building and all she said is “I love you,” do you think Jamie was disappointed that she didn’t tell him something equal to his building feelings?

    • I think Jamie was happy she said she loved him. He has always known that he loved her from the beginning and she didn’t share the same feeling.

  17. While I agree that this episode shows a different Jamie at first, I think having Claire call him out on his behavior at the end of the epi cleared that up for me. That was pivotal. I expect we’ll see the Jamie we’re familiar with again next episode.

    Overall, I liked it very much. Tobias plays the creepiest Mofo! I didn’t know I could hate a character as much as I hate BJR! lol Wentworth is going to kill me. I expected Jenny to be tough, and I think we’ll see her come around to Claire next epi. She is being the protective big sister. Loved scenes between Jenny/Jamie. Laura Donnelly is fantastic. Ian was great! Looking forward to seeing more of him. The mill scene, well, damn! Love Jamie telling Jenny to leave before his cock froze!

    Drunk Jamie scene was hilarious! The levity was very good and needed. I did expected more from the declaration scene. It was very sweet and tender but I wanted to see a bigger reaction on Claire’s part to Jamie revealing just when he fell in love with her. I felt it lacked the impact it deserved.

    This epi covered a lot of ground as they all have. We all have scenes or lines we want to see/hear in the show. I love the books so much but I’ve been extremely happy with the TV show. I’m able to enjoy the show on its own merits. I also discuss each epi with a coworker who had not read the books. She and her husband LOVE the show. Hearing their reaction to the show has been fantastic. I fill in a few details if they ask, but I encouraged them to read the book. They have taken my advice and started reading it. They are totally hooked!

    • Agree completely with your assessment of Jamie’s character in the episode. Jamie is “checked” by Claire, though the lallybroch narrative in the book is more light-hearted, they needed to deal with the BJR incident. I enjoyed the conversation between Ian and Claire, then the conversation between Jamie and Jenny resolved his” out-of-character” moments in the ep.

      For me book one and for the most part book two has always been about Jamie’s growth into the man he becomes by book three and on!

  18. Also looks like big bro Willie is getting downplayed….

  19. And Ellen…. Because they want to super shock us when Bree shows up, Season 2?

  20. I just loved season one, watched them over and over again, and read all the books. Season two? meh. You are straying too far away from the book and leaving important eleme nts out that are vital as to how this story proceeds. Granted, Jamie has to punish Claire and that was fine, almost humorous at times, but did you have to stick Leery into the scene to tempt him.st the stream ?That was very bad for him, for me.And stop showing so much of her; she shows up at Lallybroch when Jamie comes in with Clair. Too many bad changes, bad choices. I watched the new season and watch it on Saturdays but am so disturbed by these twists and cuts
    that the writers have interjected that I cannot watch then more than once
    Instead I return to the book and read the real story so as not to get too turned off. Please it is a beautiful story by itself. Many people have followed these series over the years. I love the devotion Jamie and Claire have throughout these books. leave it or its going to sour..

  21. I was a little leery (small “l” hah) after reading some of the comments. But I actually enjoyed it. Personally, the only scene that bothered me was Jamie demanding the laird’s bedroom. I don’t remember that from the book. But I’ve decided to enjoy the episodes for themselves and not compare them to the books. But then, I’m not as huge of fan of the books as most.

    Jamie didn’t bother me at all (other than kicking Jenny and Ian out of the bedroom). He was trying to be what he thought he should be, what he thought his father was or expected of him. The episode was about Jamie’s growth as a leader. Remember, he’s only 23, and has been responsible only for himself for the past several years. Being a natural leader is one thing, but it’s more interesting (IMO) to watch him grow into the man he is to become.

    The small scene with his father was heartbreaking. I loved the scene with Claire and Ian. Ian expressed so much love for the Frasers. Actually lots and lots of great scenes. If I were to list them all, I’d likely list 95% of the entire episode.

  22. I love the aerial view of the landscape, the conversation about airplanes. Hope Ron sees to more conversations like that. Tobias stepped up, for which I got to credit his guts but increases my dread of Wentworth. I want to revisit the paintings (Willie & Ellen) in the hallway & loved the exchange between Claire & Ian about dealing w Frasers. Found Jenny to be more abrasive than I remember. And Sam is playing up Jamie’s weaknesses. I know changes had to be made but… The declaration scene at the window, tho loving, didn’t reflect classic Jamie & Claire, which kinda disappointed me.

  23. I equally love the books and the series. One amplifies the other. Both help to deepen the understanding of these characters while playing out the narrative somewhat differently. Having said that, I do hope though that whatever straying that is done within the series will remain within the parameters of each character and their relationship to each other. So if we see more of Geillie, Laoghaire or whoever, it just adds dimension and credibility to them.

  24. 1743 or 2015? We can build spacecraft but we still don’t know how to treat each other with dignity and respect.

  25. After several viewings 🙂 I do agree with most comments on the change in Jamie’s attitude – the worst being while collecting the rents – but the wake-up talk to Claire and then Jenny got him back on track. I very much missed their converation after she comes back from the stones – I’m still waiting for what I think in the most important thing he ever says to her – It’s the two of us now !!! and wish she would have added a little more to her ILY ! and maybe due to time we don’t see that Claire and Jenny become very close – E113 ? – Claire remembers her a ‘sister’. The short Inside Outlander Ron does address Jamie’s behavior. Has anyone been listening to the pod casts ?? Interesting to listen to the Ron & writer discuss I mute and CC and listen. And of course BJR just becomes more evil everytime. Not looking forward to Wentworth 🙁

  26. This was not my favorite episode by any means. I rematch all previous episodes but won’t bother with this one. I agree they made jamie out to be someone he wasn’t in the book. He would never demand lairds bedroom. Should have been much more done with seen when claire decides to stay. That was such a great part of the book. Will have a hard time watching wentworth. Hope they don’t show too much.

  27. Black Jack’s penis? Seriously? Yikes!

  28. Why the character assassination of Jamie? I’m thinking they are applying 21st century views of relationships and who people are now to these people in the 18th century.

    No truer words were spoken. This adaptation is turning into a dog’s breakfast. It is a pitiful shame that such a magnificent story written by Diana Gabaldon is being brutally murdered.

  29. My earlier comment said I thought the episode dark and foreboding. After watching it a second time (I know…get a life!) and fastforwarding all the BJR scenes (sorry Tobias!) I think I liked it better. There were lighthearted moments (airplanes, drunk Jamie) and at least they did include the ILY scene. Loved Ian (he and his son Ian are favs of mine from the books); such a sweetie.

    The same writer did the wedding episode. It could not have been easy to follow last week’s powerhouse episode with its major plot developments…it was really the high point of the book. It’s sorta all downhill from there…everyone get your cushion ready (to hide behind) and your drink of choice…

  30. I agree Jamie did not demand the Laird’s room but when Jenny insisted he took it but his tone was not how I saw Jamie acting at all. We have to not look at that through 21st century eyes appearance meant alot in the 18th century another reason Jamie had to talk to Claire about not being disrespectful to him in-front of anyone because it would weaken him as laird. In today’s world you can be a terrible person cheat, lie steal and still not lose your importance we make excuses for the behavior or just ignore it. In Jamie and Jenny’s era it meant everything to be a good person. I know Anne did this episode going to ask some questions as we live tweet tonight. I also want it is just the two of us soon. Ron if you keep leaving it on the cutting room floor please put it back you are doing an awesome job but this is like the no lies. You set the outlander world aflame with that one. More tender and gentle moments are needed with the family and between Claire and Jamie.

  31. Well said Joy. There are deleted scenes out there and they are the scenes I love the most. No lies is one of them. The story telling during the wedding, is another. I dislike intensely the 70s woman personna foisted on us as if we are expected to believe that is how a woman of the 40s would behave. Claire is a smart woman raised by a man and educated throughout the world but in this adaptation she is coming across as a flippant 70s cocky broad.

  32. Remember Jamie has very mixed feelings good and bad about coming back to Lallybroch.Love the way Jamie and Jenny go at each other . She has been laird and now feels pushed aside by Jamie who wants to try and walk in his father’s footsteps. Loved Jamie in the end of episode telling Claire when and why he wanted and loves her.Glad Claire told JAMIE She loves him cause she really does💖💖💙💙

  33. I enjoyed the episode although I was a little upset because Jamie was so bossy and impulsive as laird. Jamie sideways seemed wise beyond his years and compassionate as a person. I like the twist you put on it having Claire set him straight!

  34. I like seeing how Ian holds the key to managing both Frasers. And imparts ha wisdom to her. I also noted a little jealously on Janet’s towards Claire. Finally the I love you’s

  35. There were highs and lows in this episode, but since I ‘ve only watched it twice, I’m going to reserve my opinion. I did like the mill scene. Close call! I’m glad that Jamie told Claire he loves her, though it would have been nice to see more emotion from Claire’s confession. Hated the BJR “trip to hell” flashbacks! Realize they were necessary, but very upsetting to see that SOB again!
    The hour flew by! Going to be a long week before the next episode.

  36. Please, let this be more. I have been waiting for world wide awareness. Please make it so!

  37. Black Jack Randall is becoming more vile than Hannibal Lector or Batman’s Joker. The scene when he was trying to rape Jenny and he couldn’t was superb. She just kept laughing at him and he just kept slapping her. Now we know why he likes Jaime so much. This episode was pretty intense amongst the family members until they finally sorted it all out. Hate to see Jamie captured again. He never catches a break.

  38. I don’t like the last 2 ep , too much changed and they feel comfortable in lallybroch but only fight , no definitivamente no me ha gustado el rumbo de los escritores volver a las mismas escenas de los latigazos en varios episodios es muy repetitivo y no aporta mas a lo que ya hemos visto que lastima que pierda la escencia .

  39. I did like the episode. I think everyone is working hard and doing a fabulous job, can’t imagine what a hard job you all have. I do feel that an hour is not enough, though, many scene seem to be cut short, or rushed through.. I felt the same about last weeks too. The only scene that should have been shorter was BJR , did not have to see that much of him. I know we are lucky the show is even being done, and to bad you are getting all the negative feed back. Hope you get just as much or MORE positive comments. Look forward to many more season.

  40. I did watch the episode a couple of times. I totally loved the beautiful views of Scotland! I think they did a good job bringing this to the small screen. There is so much dialogue in Diana’s books, and they have to keep this moving forward. This episode shows Jaime’s attempts to fill his father’s shoes and not being true to himself. I loved the scene between him and Jenny at their father’s grave. I loved Claire rolling him out of bed to give him what for! I think they did a lot of things right. I hated seeing BJR again, knowing what is coming, I am cringing already! Good job to all the actors and everyone involved for bringing this story to life!,

  41. I really can’t stand this continuation of downplaying Jamie’s character. So far, the second half of this season is really pissing me off. Jenny’s character, though played very well, was bitchier than ever and too OOC, at least for the first book. Loved the scene by the mill, though, but was quite disappointed that they didn’t try to recreate the beautiful scene from the book when Jamie reveals his main reason for marrying Clair. I had high hopes they would. Last but no least – is Jenny’s dress wasn’t supposed to be already torn/ruined as she was dragged back home by BJR?

  42. Was so disappointed that the “last reason” scene from the book was cut short! Even if they couldn’t film the whole scene, the dialog – or at the very least “So you married me for love?” – should have stayed. I feel this second half of the season has too much to cover to leave room for the details we love so much and that truly portray the essence of Jamie and Claire.

  43. I’m frankly getting tired of reading the same types of comments…”it’s not like the book!!!” I have read the books and I see the differences, but still am very much enjoying the series. To quote Claire in one of the episodes, ” You’re all acting like a bunch of cry babies”!! Why can’t the series just be enjoyed for what it has to offer?! It’s an ADAPTATION of the books!!! It can’t and shouldn’t be the same! I think the acting, the writing, the sets, costumes etc, are phenomenal!! As far as Jamie’s character, I believe everyone seems to be putting Jamie up on a pedestal. He isn’t perfect and his flaws are coming out since he is back in the old family roles and facing old wounds…so difficult to portray everyone’s character/storyline in the span of an hour long timeframe. JHRC already!

    • I agree 100% with what you just said. I don’t like people picking apart the show because it’s not just like the books. It was never going to be just like the books, Ron never promised it would be just like the books. Is it still an absolutely superb show? Hell yes. I enjoy the show so much just as I enjoyed the books. They’re two amazing mediums involving characters we love. Be happy with everything we get.

    • Oh, grow up. If you’re getting tired of the comments, stop reading them! But please do not attempt to shut other people up just because you don’t like reading opinions that are not consistent with yours. If the comments seems repetitive it’s just because many people feels the same way. Everyone is entitled to express themselves and just because you don’t like reading it, it doesn’t mean others have to stop expressing what they feel. And if the show is not about the books then what is it about? hmmm? I understand there is a need of certain adaptation but the books should be the main guidelines! How nice for you to not be bothered by it.

      • Everyone, of course, is entitled to their opinions. I only feel bad for all those working hard to make this as entertaining and as honorable to the books, adaptation as they can. I find it ironic that even the author, Diana Gabaldon is more open minded about the way the series has been “translated” from her books to the screen, than her fans. I read her forum responses and she repeatedly reminds them, “the book is the book, and the show is the show”! If anyone has the right to become emotional or impassioned about the ways her writing has been adapted to this series, it’s DG! And from everything I have read, DG is very pleased with the way the series has, so far, accomplished this…Nothing personal!

      • Thank you Michalk67. Erin and sws22, you certainly have the right to express your opinion but try to be more constructive and not rude. I love the books and have LOVED the show. I don’t think I am the only book lover that ends up just a little disappointed when a favorite scene is included but rewritten. If the original dialogue could just as easily have been left in and it still works in the scene, why change it? Why NOT give a nod to the book lovers?

        • Thanks, Lacy for reminding me to keep things civilized! My intent was not to ruffle feathers or to be rude, only to say how difficult it must be to try to please everyone…when trying to honorably adapt such a beloved book into a completely different medium where the same methods could never be employed to entertain and still remain within a 59 minute time slot. A _huge_ undertaking and I hate that all the time, effort and love that must go into that process, is possibly deflated by, what sounds like criticism.

      • I was definitely not intending to be rude, and I was definitely not telling people to “shut up” in any way Michalk67. But there’s a certain extent of how much content from the books can actually be included in the show and how precise it’s shown. I understand everyone has there own opinions, and clearly SSW22 and I agree. However, that does certainly not mean I want to stop people from expressing their opinion. If you didn’t like the episode because of whatever reason, okay. I’m not going to try and change your opinion. Just putting my own out there as well. And as a reminder, we encourage respectful conversation on this site. Myself or any of the other members would never intentionally be rude to anyone. And I will continue to read the comments because that’s kind of part of the job of co-owning the site.

    • Heard complainers are being called Poutlanders… I AM happy to see the book come to life; everyone’s doing a fantastic job. I just think a lot of ppl have favorite scenes & lines from the book that we’d been anticipating, that’s all.

  44. Sorry to disagree with you Lacy, but…I do! While there are certainly rude comments above (cough Michalk67, Saorsa cough) SSW22 and Erin’s comments were not offensive sounding to me at all! Let’s try to remember that we’re all fans of the material which is why we are interested and engaged in it. If we didn’t love the books and the show we wouldn’t be writing comments here; we would be indifferent. I love both the book series and the tv adaptation; any criticism I make (and I’ve criticized parts of Diana’s books as well…) is from a desire for the story to be told the best way possible.

    • Agree 100% and that’s what I was pointing out. Since the point of this site/discussion is to say how we felt about the episode (I thought, anyway), being labeled a “crybaby” or someone who is “picking apart the show” did not read constructive or inclusive. (ok – enough about that…). So, to further your comment about telling the story in the best way possible, here is an easy example of what I meant by “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In ep 111 when Jamie runs in to save Claire at the witch trial and says “I swore an oath…to protect this woman,” the writer said in the podcast that she’d change that original line from (sorry can’t remember it exactly but…) “I swore an oath before the alter of God to protect this woman…” to “I swore an Oath in this church to protect this woman…” DG asked her to change it back because the original was too important i.e. she and the fans would miss it. And the writer changed it back. That’s an example of a change that wasn’t an adaptation, it was just a re-write. My vote (not that I have one) is, if RM and the writers are going to “stay true to the books” as far and they can to please both DG and lots of book fans, use original dialogue when (note this:) it is easily done and it works in the scene – just like this one sentence DG wanted. I felt the same way about the ending scene in ep 111 after the stones and the “I love you” scene at the end of ep 112. To me and many others, both those scenes fell a bit flat – meaning the emotion the dialogue evoked, while sweet, did not evoke (in us) the emotion that the original writing did. Of course I know that the writers can’t use all the dialog all the time, but I think there is certain dialogue from key scenes that supports the foundation of the love story, why Claire made the right decision, and supports Claire’s realization that she made the right decision. That dialogue doesn’t need rewriting just for the sake of a rewrite, when the original would have worked just fine. Heck, 95% of ep 112 was an adaptation i.e. lots of changes from the book. I loved it all and could see that the differences were needed to move the story points along in the allotted time and highlight points that the writers wanted to give more weight to. All lovely, all funny, all great. But for those key emotional scenes that show us the bond between J&C… if they’re going to include the scene in the show and.where.it.works, DG will IMHO always say it best.

      [So here’s a story … this weekend H gets up and says “I’m going for donuts!” and we all cheered and give orders. My daughter asks for chocolate with sprinkles. H brings chocolate, no sprinkles. Daughter scarfs her donut. She loves it. But later, she put her head on my shoulder and whispered that she really missed the sprinkles. Well, same with me. I LOVE the Outlander show but man, I really want the sprinkles.]

      • Lacy:
        Love, love, love your analogy! Who doesn’t want sprinkles on their donuts!? I think I was backpedaling a bit from my original comment above where I came down hard on the show being different from the book. After I wrote it I thought about how difficult it must be to turn a single book into 16 one-hour episodes of tv, each with its own story arc. Outlander the book was not written with 16 story arcs! So in future ima gonna try (!) to cut the show writers some slack. And hopefully the writers will, when possible, throw some sprinkles our way.

  45. I very much enjoyed this episode. Mostly because its the kind of the last happy episode for the rest of the season (not to say that there wont be any more good moments in the other episodes). For me, i always watch the epsiode twice so that I can form a complete opinion about it. I completey understand why Jamie was acting the way he was acting. And i think some forget of his circumstances. He’s young, he has a great many things to deal with already in his life that keep following him, hes newly married, hes coming home after a long period of being absent, hes nervous/scarred about what expectm and hes nervous about seeing his sister, considering what happened the last time they saw each other. Plus, hes a new Laird. Aaaaaand he just discovered his wife is from the future!! Dude has alot on his shoulders. He could have acted alot worse. I understand why they portrayed him that way. ( I would have broken down and cryed in the corner, personally) .But Claire set him straight, so its all good! I absolutley adored Laura and Stevens portrayal of Jenny and Ian. I tweeted this last night, but i’ll say it again. We have an embarassment of riches with the casting of actors in this show. NONE of them has dissapointed me. Even the animals are awesome!! And its understandable why Jenny has more ‘tude in the show. She’s been running Lallybroch since her father died. And then Jamie shows up and is automatically Laird. Would you go down without atleast some snarky comments? I know I wouldn’t. But they both realize how they’ve been acting to each to each and apologize. That was such a sweet scene. My eyes got misty for a sec, not gonna lie. AAAAAAAANd i loved the opening of the Scottish countryside!! it never gets old to see its mountains, and grassy hills. OH and the BJR and Jenny scene made me nervous, and made my eyes bug out. Tobias is an amazing actor. Ok. Im done. ( and YES i read ALL the books. and YES its understandable why they make the certain changes that they make. Have faith in the show. It hasnt failed us yet).

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