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As most of you know, Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake this morning. Parts of the country are devastated and the death toll is rising as I type these words. Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Nepal right now. To try to help any way we can, we’ve made a list of certified charities that are currently accepting donations for Nepal.

Sadly in times of great need, some people create “fake charities” and take advantage of others. So please be careful which charity you donate to. All charities listed below are legit.

If you donate, please keep your receipt. We will be doing a giveaway. 

We’re also providing phone numbers and websites for people searching for loved ones.

  • Google Person Finder: Click here
  • International Committee of The Red Cross Person Finder: Click here
  • Facebook Safety Check: Click here 
  • Canadians can call the Canadian Government at: 1-800-387-3124
  • Americans can call the Embassy at: 1-888-407-4747
  • U.S. Citizens in Nepal in need are urged to call the embassy: +977 1 423 4068
  • British people can call the Embassy at: +44 (0) 207 008 0000
  • People in India can call: 1070/ 080-22340676/22032582/22353980
  • MEA 24 hour control room for queries : +91 11 2301 2113 / +91 11 2301 4104 / +91 11 2301 7905

After the jump you’ll find information on the above-listed charities

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies ( As well as The American Red Cross, The Canadian Redcross, The British Redcross and all other Red Cross Chapters)

The American Red Cross’ primary focus during the initial response of an emergency is feeding, sheltering and supplying any other basic needs.


This nonprofit disaster relief organization delivers medicine, medical supplies and aid to people in crisis around the world. Donations will go toward medicine and medical supplies and for expenses for providing that medical aid.


This humanitarian organization’s main focus is to fight global poverty, specifically by empowering marginalized women and girls. Money will go toward food, water and sanitation, shelter and emergency health response.

Direct Relief International

Direct Relief provides medical attention to those in need on an ongoing basis and in emergencies. Monetary donations go toward medical aid, supplies and equipment in Nepal.

Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)

The humanitarian organization delivers medical care to people caught in crisis.

International Medical Corps

This emergency response agency focuses on health in emergency situations. Monetary donations go toward purchasing medical supplies, medicine and emergency kits and transporting these supplies.

Mercy Corps

The organization provides humanitarian assistance and economic opportunities in the world’s toughest places, specifically those dealing with poverty, conflict and instability. Money will go toward immediate humanitarian needs in Nepal, which may include, food, water and temporary shelter.

Save the Children

The independent organization focuses on children in need in the U.S. globally through programs for health and nutrition, child protection and education. Donations will go toward purchasing relief items, such as hygiene kits, family kits (pots, pans, food preparation items) and tarps.


The national committee for UNICEF is responsible for the organization’s fundraising. UNICEF uses the money for health care, clean water, nutrition, education and emergency relief.

World Food Programme

The food assistance agency’s main focus is to fight hunger worldwide. The organization is working to bring food to Nepal

Global Giving

All donations to this fund will support earthquake recovery and relief efforts in Nepal. Initially, the fund will help first responders meet survivors’ immediate needs for food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter. Once initial relief work is complete, this fund will transition to support longer-term recovery efforts run by local, vetted local organizations.

World Vision Australia 

Your donation will help provide people in Nepal with access to clean water, food, shelter and basic goods after a massive earthquake devastated the country.

Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse is responding to a catastrophic earthquake that struck Nepal. We will be providing relief items such as shelter materials, clean water supplies, and hygiene and cooking kits

Humane Society International

When disaster strikes, HSI supports relief efforts to provide animals with life-saving rescue, emergency shelter, food, water, and veterinary care.

The Sir Edmund Hillary Fund

The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation along with others will be helping to raise funds to directly send over for the ongoing efforts to rebuild the areas affected by this terrible event. Help them help the Sherpas.

Orphan Gift

Help restore these orphanages and give any support needed on the ground during this disaster. 100% of all donations go directly to relief efforts and the children effected by the disaster.

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  2. Thank you for supplying this information and helping us keep things in perspective. Using that info, I was able to donate to a worthy cause without wondering if it would ever reach its intended destination. I’m also glad you didn’t set up a “fund” but instead, directed us where to go AND gave us a choice! You guys are my “go to” website… thanks so much!

    • You’re very welcome! We would never create a fund because it’s people’s choices who and which organization they donate to. Everyone has their preferences. However, do keep your receipt. We’ll be doing a giveaway for people who have donated. 🙂

  3. Another organization that is helping is Catholic Relief Services, They have a very good reputation for helping after natural disasters. Thank you for putting this together and putting it out there. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Great info. Thanks for caring.

    Sharon Anderson
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