*New* Clip From Episode 1×12 of Outlander “Lallybroch”   4 comments

Here’s a new clip from episode 1×12 of Outlander “Lallybroch” 


Click here or on the screencap to watch. 

4 responses to “*New* Clip From Episode 1×12 of Outlander “Lallybroch”

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  3. I already feel sorry for Jamie. Based on footage so far, he’s facing so many obstacles. DG’S book Claire was not one of them. I know DG has a way in 100 pages or more, fixing Jamie n Claire and I realize starz only has an hour but I do hope spirit if book was not changed by having Jamie and Claire conflicted at the only place they called home before Frasers ridge.

  4. What I get from the promos is not so much that Claire is causing a problem, it is more that Jamie is letting her know what the expectations are so that things don’t go sideways again. She appears to understand that any “discussion” occur behind closed doors to avoid conflict and raised eyebrows. What I do see is the tension between Claire and Jenny. Claire is rightfully concerned for Jamie’s safety until a pardon comes through and the public meeting of the tenants draws attention to his presence. As it turns out, she is right. Jenny is sizing up Claire and not yet convinced that her brother’s new wife can be trusted. Jenny is used to running things at Lallybroch and Claire’s arrival threatens her position as Lady of Lallybroch. This should be one hell of an episode. A battle between two strong women who love Jamie and are protective of him. Let the cat fight begin. Hide the breakables and sharp objects.

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