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Yesterday we did a poll asking you guys which episode of Outlander was your favourite (click here to see it). Ha! Ye dinna think we’d let you get away with it that easily did ye? Today’s poll is: Which Outlander episode is your least favourite so far?

I know, how rude of us right? Making you choose and all. We could add an option that says “None of the above” but where’s the fun in that? We like to make things tough for you guys once in a while 😉 

Please feel free to let us know why in the comments. It’s great to hear from you guys. 

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19 responses to “Poll of The Day: Which Outlander Episode Was Your Least Favourite So Far?

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  1. It went on far too long with BJR. I understand they were trying to give an accurate account of his character but they could have achieved it in much less time with less messing about (his sketching her for example).

  2. Both sides now

  3. WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much Frank in Both Sides Now- last episode before the break and Frank gets 60% of it with some made up/added pity story? I HATED it.

    • Definitely hated Both Sides Now. Too much time wasted on Frank, especially since it was our last episode before the break. We needed more Claire and Jamie character development. 10 minutes would have been more than enough to tell us all we needed to know about Frank.

  4. The Reckoning by a country mile. Missed. The. Mark.

    I thought the Garrison Commander was a cracker. Claire was brilliant in it.

  5. Have to go with “The Garrison Commander”. Watched the first time it was on but skip over it each time I’ve watched since. Would probably skip the scenes in this one even if it were Dougal telling Claire what happened as it was in the book. Second is “Both Sides Now”. Way too much time spent with Frank.

  6. None so sorry I’m not voting in this poll!

  7. I’m shocked that so many disliked The Garrison Commander! It’s one of my favorite episodes. It kept me riveted and glued to the screen in rapt anticipation of what would happen next. Tobias had me hooked on every nuance of his tone of voice and facial expression in playing this creepy character. I saw this episode before I read any of the books, so when he said that he could perhaps change and become a better man, I actually nearly believed him. I also enjoyed the interactions between the British army men, Dougal, Claire, and BJR.

    I also appreciated the fact that they managed to keep the suspense going even though the whole episode took place inside one room. It reminded me of 12 Angry Men (the original movie), one of the best movies of all time.

  8. It is hard to say anything negative about this fantastic series, but the one I suppose that upset me the worst was the one where Black Jack Randall hits Clare in the stomach and then commands his subordinate to kick her. I hated that sequence!

  9. The Garrison Commander only because of the flogging scene. I’ve only watched that ep maybe 3 times :p

  10. Each episode has something wonderful in it. Sorry but I can’t vote either.

  11. There isn’t a bad episode in Outlander, but wanted to comment on the two frontrunners in this poll. What I liked about Garrison Commander is that you really got into BJR’s head and saw things from his perspective and just how demented he is. He had me both riveted and revolted and Claire’s responses were wonderful. If we think the flogging scene was hard to watch then Wentworth Prison will be one that will have you “hiding behind the cushions”. I really like the concept of Both Sides Now showing that Frank also had a potential for violence and was after all in Army Intelligence in WWII. I loved the parallel time at the stones too. I agree, that perhaps too much of the limited time was spent on Frank, but Tobias Menzies playing both roles in one episode was brilliant.

  12. no vote from me LOVE them all not as much all but love them all.

  13. There’s no such thing. 😉 The Garrison Commander was a hard watch sometimes, but it was still a good episode.

  14. I voted on the Garrison Commander as my least favourite — not because it was not done well, it was just a difficult topic to watch (also not looking forward to Jamie’s time at the fort). It was not easy to choose a ‘least favourite’ as every episode has been fantastic!

  15. Yeah, I mean, they’re all great, but 1×08 for lack of Jamie x Claire development – We needed that to feel the strong connection they have, which I REALLY missed come The Reckoning, because watching that – it was just hard for me to feel WHY they were so passionate in that episode. And even now that 1×11 has aired, I’m stuck (especially my hubs who has never read the books) wondering why they care so much about each other?? They have hardly expanded their relationship and connection more than the sex scenes (I’m not prudishly saying those aren’t important, but we need more CHARACTER connection).
    In short, I feel like the slide away from Jamie x Claire and deeper character development started at Both Sides Now, and hasn’t been able to live up to the build up.
    I think book readers still get it, but maybe not just TV viewers.

  16. Definitely The Devil’s Mark. The stones scene was one I was most looking forward to. Instead they dragged out the stupid trial and shortchanged us on the stones scene. And the “On your feet, soldier” line??? Ugh so cheesy!! Book version is kick ass, and I’m sad they ruined it. (especially by not having Jamie see her going through the stone…) Ugh, that’s all.

  17. Way too much time spent on BJR. We know he’s a deranged pervert just from watching him flog Jamie – could have spent some more time as Jenni said above – character development of Jamie and Claire and they’re burgeoning relationship. I’m a book reader and have immensely enjoyed the tv production. My favorite in love couple now have faces! I hope Starz signs up for more seasons – looking forward to Voyager. They also could’ve spent more time on the scene at the stones instead of all that time at the trial. Ned Gowan was great! All the actors are without a doubt. Laoghire is the teen you love to hate – the actress is doing her job well!

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